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How To Fix A Relationship That's Falling Apart

Whether you aregoing through turmoil or in a broken relationship/marriage.

This is the right place to know how to fix a relationship with your partner (husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend.

As the famous Author, R. Joseph Owles says ” There is nothing so broken that love can’t fix it” 

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and a little down sometimes shouldn’t be the end of your relationship.

Unless you have discovered your partner is cheating or you’re in a toxic relationship

In this article, I have compiled some of the best relationship advice from relationship experts on how to fix a relationship that’s falling apart. 

How To Fix A Relationship That’s Falling Apart In General

How To Fix A Relationship In General

These are some basic advice from relationship experts to fix your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Sometimes it’s not that hard to rebuild a broken relationship with the help of communication, expressing love, apologizing, etc.

Therefore, here are some of the simplest ways to fix your relationship that is falling apart.

Improve your communication skills

  • In relationships, communication helps in understanding each other and allows you to share your experiences.
  • That way, you fulfill each other’s needs and connect more deeply in the relationship.

Love him/her regardless

  • S/he might not be perfect, might have some faults in them but that shouldn’t stop you from loving them any less.
  • Regardless of their faults, tell them their faults, try to correct them, and love them as well. 

Be a good listener

  • Listening to your partner shows that you’re attentive to what they say, you care for them and respect them as well.
  • Therefore, be a good listener and give your undivided attention to them.


  • Apologizing to one another is the healthiest trait in a relationship.
  • It shows that you’re ready to keep aside your ego for the sake of your relationship.
  • If done correctly, an apology can heal a ruined relationship.

Accept if you’re at fault

  • If you’ve broken their trust, if there’s a case of infidelity or cheating then it’s important you took full responsibility for it.
  • Accepting and rectifying your faults is how you fix a relationship that is falling apart.

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Show compassion

  • By being compassionate, you can know if your partner is going through a tough time and you can be there for them throughout. 
  • Compassion comes with a great deal of unconditional love, sympathy, and a willingness to help others in need.

Be loyal

  • Trust and commitment are the secrets behind a happy relationship and it leads to well-being.
  • Being loyal is needed to fix a relationship after cheating and lying. That’s what benefits a relationship.

How To Fix A Long Distance Broken Relationship

How To Fix A Long Distance Relationship

It’s hard to make long-distance relationships work, therefore, here are some of the best ways to fix a long distance relationship.

Communicate over the phone or via video calls

  • Be it virtual or physical, communication is foremost in a relationship, and is the best medicine to fix a relationship over text/phone. 
  • In a long distance, try doing it over video calls or phone calls, to understand your bf/gf better. 

Plan visits

  • While video calling helps in clear and effective communication, visiting him/her every now and then helps in keeping the relationship healthy.
  • You can surprise each other, or plan the visit according to each other’s calendars.

Go on Virtual Dates

  • Go on this date as you would do in real-life dating.
  • Dress up, cook something good, decorate your room, and be on a virtual date.
  • This shows that the distance doesn’t matter, you are still ready to put effort into your significant other.

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Do an online counseling

  • If your relationship is going through regular turmoil, and nothing helps, you should seek professional help. 
  • Do online counseling for a long-distance, that’ll help in how to fix a relationship after constant fighting, cheating, or lying.

Lower your expectations

  • As they say “Expectations hurt” so lower your expectations, everyone is different, some might show you less but love you more.
  • Learn to start giving things freely without expecting anything in return.

How To Fix A Relationship When You’re Living Together

how to fix a relationship when you live together

Here are some of the best ways to fix a relationship when living together and falling apart.

Marriage/couple counselor

  • If there have been constant fights, and everything you do to help, doesn’t work, then this is the time to take professional help.
  • A marriage/couple counselor would listen to both the party and give you the best solutions to fix the relationship.

Give them time and space 

  • Too much of anything is bad, if you or your partner has had enough of this relationship, then they need space and time.
  • Giving space in a relationship helps in maintaining individuality, it helps with emotions and mental health.

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Go on dates

  • Going on dinners and dates in a broken relationship helps in reigniting the lost romance, and fuels the fires of love.
  • You need to spend quality time together and make efforts to spice things up in your relationship to kill the vacuum built over time between both of you.


  • Cuddling is another way to bring each other closer, it creates s*xual satisfaction and nons*xual intimacy.
  • It releases feel-good hormones, which provide comfort and slowly but surely help you fix a relationship.

How To Fix A Relationship After A Huge Fight

How To Fix A Relationship After A Huge Fight

If you are unable to fix your relationship after a bad fight then here are some easy to get over a big fight in a relationship.


  • A positive compromise means to give up on something in order to reach a place of understanding with your partner. 
  • It shows that you choose your partner over your ego and brings you closer to your partner.

Eat your anger

  • Anger can leave long-lasting scars behind and make you say things you don’t mean when you’re in a bad mood. 
  • Therefore, it’s important to bury your anger and communicate about the things that upset you otherwise it can ruin your relationship.

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Show empathy

  • It’s the mechanism that helps in understanding and bonding with your partner. 
  • Empathy makes you not say anything hurtful to your partner, and it helps in furthering intimacy and building trust. 

Agree To Disagreement

  • If you both cannot always be on the same page about things, you can choose to agree to disagree.
  • It just means you respect their point of view (POV) without agreeing to it.


  • When you forgive your partner, you stop holding grudges, you stop thinking about retaliation and anger.
  • Forgiving helps in enriching the relationship and strengthens intimacy after cheating and lying.

How To Fix A Relationship If You’re Bored

How To Fix A Relationship If You're Bored

It’s normal to get bored in a relationship however, you can use these simple ways to spice things up in your relationship to rebuild the connection.

Do Chores Together

  • According to a study published in Daily Mail Online, doing household chores together with your partner helps in forming a happy relationship. 
  • In fact, it’s one of the factors which help the relationship work that’s falling apart or after a huge fight. 

Go on adventures together

  • Adventure doesn’t always have to be traveling, it can simply mean doing something new and challenging. 
  • Adventures need you both to work together to get success, a great way to change a boring relationship.

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Flirt with each other like teenagers

  • If you’re bored because of the same old routine, then go back to how you started.
  • Flirt with each other as if you’ve just met to make your partner feel important, and needed.
  • Flirting over text or face-to-face can help you both spice things up and fuel intimacy.

Surprise each other

  • A partner who surprises is considered very thoughtful.
  • It also indicates that you make efforts to take care of their needs and do everything to make them happy.

How To Know If A Relationship Needs Fixing? 

How To Know If A Relationship Needs Fixing

Lack of communication

  • Lack of communication is a threat to the existence of the relationship itself, it makes one feel unheard, unloved, and unwanted.
  • It gives rise to misunderstandings and constant fighting, therefore, communicate with your partner to fix a relationship.

Frequent Fights with each other

  • Although arguing with your partner is normal, if it gets frequent, then it’s toxic. 
  • And, toxicity can eat up a relationship to the core till there is nothing left.

Absence of physical intimacy

  • S*x not only helps you feel relaxed but also helps in connecting to your partner emotionally and romantically.
  • The absence ofphysical intimacy indicates something is wrong and eventually leads to a boring relationship.

Increase in blame games

  • Blame games are when one of you always plays the victim and accuses the other person. 
  • It is manipulative and harmful, and it leads to a broken relationship.

If you’re always crying

  • Crying once in a while might be okay, but if it’s regular then you need to ask yourself what’s wrong.
  • Regular crying means you’re indulged in a toxic relationship that doesn’t have anything healthy to offer.

Before fixing a relationship you first need to acknowledge the fact that there’s something wrong with the relationship.

And, in order to do that, you need to have an open mind and should be free of biases. 

I hope these points on how to fix a relationship with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner are helpful.

Utilize the information in your relationship to lead a healthy relationship that is falling apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How To Fix A Relationship After A Breakup?

    Ans. Acknowledge your mistake if any, compromise, try to under your partner, go for counseling, and forgive. These are some of the ways to fix a relationship after a breakup.

  2. How To Fix A Relationship With Your Mom?

    Ans. Try to listen to what she has to say, be compassionate, eat your anger, compromise, be sympathetic, communicate and forgive. 

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