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Signs You And Your Crush Are Compatible

How to know if you and your crush are compatible?

If you are unsure and looking for signs you and your crush are compatible then this is the right place.

When you’re unsure if your crush is the best thing ever or not, always difficult to recognize due to the butterflies when you see them.

Therefore, here are 20 relationship advice from experts on the signs you and your crush are compatible with to help you pick the right person for you.

I hope these signs help you find the obvious red flags that many people ignore the most and go for the looks and feelings in the initial dating phase.

Take a look at these compatibility tests to know before going forward with your crush.

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You feel comfortable around your crush

  • If you both are highly compatible then you’ll get along well and feel like friends when together.
  • It’s always a good sign for a healthy relationship not to be afraid or ashamed of revealing your true self to each other.

It’s easy to be yourself with your crush

  • It’s a great sign when you can tell anything to your love interest because they are not judgemental or critical generally.
  • When you are genuinely compatible with your crush, you can easily open up with each other without any worries telling about your past, future goals, and things that matter to you.
  • Otherwise, if you feel insecure or self-conscious to please the other person, this is a red flag.

You have common values

  • Matching basic values with your crush is one of the most important signs to be compatible and for the longevity of a relationship.
  • Check for the opinions or views on things that matter to you: morals, life goals, money, kids, or faith.
  • According to Adina Mahalli, there’s no compatibility if your love interest wants to have many children but you can’t stand the sight of kids.

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You like and respect each other

  • An instant spark with someone is not enough but respect for each other is required for compatibility.
  • Therefore, for a solid life partner, your crush should have good character or be a good person.

Your friends and family like your partner

  • Nobody knows what’s best for you better than you but don’t ignore your family and friends’ opinions.
  • According to Dr. Kathy Nickerson, people who care for you will share their honest opinion with you about your partner’s compatibility in terms of character and behavior.

The same sense of humor

  • Other than trust, honesty, and respect, sharing the same sense of humor is the most important thing in any relationship.
  • If you can’t make each other laugh then you won’t connect because laughter can help in hard times.
  • Sharing the same sense of humor says a lot about your compatibility in general and is important for a comforting relationship.

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You understand each other well

  • Healthy and productive communication is very important for any successful relationship.
  • If your love interest gets you naturally, good for healthy communication as well as it feels good to be understood.
  • Moreover, with the right person, you don’t have to explain your feelings and thoughts to another person, nothing can beat that.
  • This is one of the best signs if you are wondering ‘am i compatible with my crush or not’.

There is a natural chemistry between you

  • Natural chemistry is a great sign that you and your crush are compatible and it has nothing to do with passion or s*x.
  • It’s a kind of chemistry where you both fit well and can have conversations without making any effort.
  • When you are compatible and have natural chemistry, it will be easy to laugh and you’ll feel great in each other’s company or presence.

You have common interests

  • Nobody wants to spend time with someone you don’t share things you enjoy.
  • Similarities form a strong foundation of natural connection and comfort.
  • Therefore, having a common interest is really important for turning a crush into something real.
  • Some of the common interests you can look for: are music taste, enjoying the same sports, and exploring the same interests.

They crush on you, Too

  • Look for the signs of whether your crush is also interested in you or not because to check compatibility you need to know what your crush is into.
  • There is a special kind of look when you are around when someone is really into you, direct, deep, and powerful.
  • The natural power of attraction and desire will be there and that really is half the battle when both crush on each other.

You both constantly text each other

  • This is a good sign to know because you’ll start to play an annoying little game of who will text first.
  • However, if you and your crush have been texting each other constantly long enough, then that’s a game-changer as it shows, you and your crush are very much into each other.

According to a study published on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, Why does time seem to fly when we’re having fun? when a person is enjoying what they’re doing, time goes by quicker enjoying the moment.

Time flies quickly with your crush

  • When your time goes by quicker with your crush around doing random stuff like chatting or talking on the phone then there is something.
  • If this is happening regularly for both of you and your crush, then you can be sure that there is mutual satisfaction.
  • This is really one of the important signs you and your crush are compatible with each other.

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Your crush is the first who likes your every post on social media

  • This is a great sign of you and your crush likes each other when your crush is liking everything you posting on your social media and you are liking everything your crush is posting.
  • This indicates that you and your crush are constantly thinking as well as sharing the same level of affection for each other.

You both geek out on same stuff

  • Whether it’s a new web series on Netflix or a new book series that came out, if you both have common interests and can talk about continuously is a good sign.
  • In fact, having common interests is really important for any relationship growth to determine if you are compatible or not.

Similar lifestyle choices

  • To determine the compatibility, lifestyle choices are really important like is your crush religious, vegan/vegetarian, sporty, etc are some of them.
  • If you and your crush have different lifestyle preferences, these choices won’t go after the honeymoon phase is over.
  • So make sure you understand the choices of your crush and you have to find the real compatibility for relationship growth.

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Both share the same political viewpoints

  • Generally, as you grow, your interest gets more and more political.
  • Therefore, make sure you and your crush share the same political views or you can handle it if you don’t have the same interest.
  • Sometimes, small political view differences can lead to a fight with your partner when a certain politician made you look like a loser.
  • You need to avoid awkward moments due to different political views.

You get into silly fight

  • According to Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, a relationship expert, 7 Signs Your Relationship Is Better Than You May Realize, Fighting with your partner means your crush is definitely into you.
  • However, this is true to a level, a fight here and there is fine but not regular, something like thrice a week fights are not ok.
  • Moreover, there will be fights and issues, and if you both can work through them maturely will help you achieve personal growth and healing.

You can compromise for your crush

  • All relationships have conflicts and arguments but fixing them calmly is a good sign you and your crush are compatible.
  • Compromise is an important part of any successful relationship, especially after a fight.
  • If you know how to move past the differences and come up with a compromise that works for both makes a couple highly fit.

You feel connected with your crush as a friend & like their personality

  • For a romantic relationship, friendship is the foundation to grow your partnership in the real world. says the relationship coach Sam Owen.
  • Whether you both are romantically involved or not, you would still enjoy the vibes when you hang out.
  • Their characteristics and imperfections will be charming, which affect your affection for them.

Your crush seems interested & asks a lot of questions

  • Physical attraction is important for intimacy and the main reason why you are drawn towards someone but not the main focus in a compatible match.
  • It’s a good compatibility sign when your crush is genuinely curious and ask you a lot of questions to know you better and your interests, values, and preference.
  • However, it doesn’t guarantee compatibility but is essential in the early stage of connection.

There go the 20 signs you and your crush are compatible with the relationship experts.

I hope these compatibility signs will help you with your queries about how to see if you and your crush are compatible.

Moreover, check out this relationship advice to take your relationship to the next level.

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