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Is he/she cheating on you? What are the physical signs your partner is cheating?

It’s essential to know how to tell if your girlfriend/boyfriend or partner is cheating.

And the worse thing is not knowing whether it’s happening or not. I know it’s a terrible feeling, but you’re not alone.

In this article, I have compiled 28 sure physical signs your girlfriend/boyfriend or married partner is likely cheating on you.

If you have a doubt on your boyfriend/girlfriend or partner is cheating, after these 28 sure points on the trait of a cheating partner, you’ll be able to get to the truth.

Warning: Be careful while trying to track down proof because that can lead to an ugly spot. Sometimes you’d be tempted to start invading his/her privacy.

So, here are some of the very important don’t’s:

  • Scanning phone or emails on their back.
  • Listening while your partner is on calls.
  • Searching through browser history.
  • Interrogating him/her.
  • Cross-examining their friends.

If the evidence is there, you’ll get to them, look for signs of cheating elsewhere.

#Check out these guaranteed signs of cheating from below

Here I’ve gathered 28 experts’ relationship advice to tell if your girlfriend or boyfriend or partner is cheating.

However, non of these signs offer absolute proof of cheating but if this is happening in your relationship then it’s time to start worrying.

1. Constantly seems distracted

Sure Physical Signs Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Is Cheating
Sure Physical Signs Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Is Cheating
  • Your partner is not attentive and barely looks you in the eye these days. You have to repeat things because he/she not listening.
  • If your partner is cheating on you, you’ll find him/her disconnected from your relationship.
  • Constantly distracted even when sitting beside you, the mind is somewhere else…or, with someone else.

2. Paying more attention to the appearance but not for you

  • For instance, losing weight at the gym or buying a new wardrobe, and not putting much effort into a night out, something is definitely not right.
  • This is one of the common signs your girlfriend is cheating or boyfriend.

3. Doesn’t invite you out with friends

  • If your partner suddenly spends more time with friends, you might be right to be concerned.
  • If he/she is insisting that you stay home and watch the game while your partner meeting with friends but not inviting you.

4. Making all new friends (circle) Or talking about a new friend

Making All New Friends (circle) Or Talks About A New Friend
Sure Physical Signs Your Partner Is Cheating In A Relationship
  • He/she hangs around with a new strange best friend of the opposite gender a lot, even more than they spend time with you.
  • It’s time to worry when your partner is going out with a whole new group suddenly.

5. Claims his/her friend in need, won’t explain the situation

  • Suddenly your partner’s friend is in need often but not sharing the detail of a friend or situation, time to find out yourself whether it’s true or not.

6. Talk about the future in a different way

  • If your partner has stopped using “we” about the future but talks about things “I” wants to do solo, that’s not a good sign.
  • If he/she isn’t adding you to the plans, there’s a good reason for that.

7. Become obsessed with privacy, especially Mobile/PC

Obsessed With Her Privacy
Physical Signs Your Partner Is Cheating In A Relationship
  • Pays a lot of attention to the phone and being secretive with their phone or computer.
  • If your partner is cheating, they’ll likely communicate using electronic devices with a new partner to keep these communications secret.
  • Or, you might notice that your partner is deleting messages a lot if you share a device, this might also be a sign of cheating.
  • Many people are caught cheating because of what is on their computers or cell phones like secret texts, emails, or strange websites.

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8. Avoiding calls when you are around

  • He/she doesn’t respond to certain phone calls when you’re around or look strangely panicked when the phone rings.
  • Trying to avoid taking any suspicious calls or texts in your presence is a sign of cheating.
  • If he/she having an affair, your partner will get defensive and insulted or say update the latest selfie pic.

9. Change in affection and losing physical interest

Change In Affection And Losing Physical Interested
Change In Affection And Losing Physical Interested
  • If it’s getting more difficult to get him/her interested physically. This can be a sign of infidelity.
  • Doesn’t want to cuddle and kiss you without any passion or withhold kissing and affection.
  • Pull away when you kiss her, show no interest in intimacy, or intimacy fading in your relationship.

10. Won’t say where He/She’s been or going

  • Stops asking you to go out and do special things together. Your bf/gf just doesn’t have the time for you like before.
  • Huge blocks of time your bf/gf is secretive about. They won’t tell you where they have been.
  • Flat tires, dead batteries, traffic jams, spending extra time at the gym, and similar excuses for being late or absent altogether might also signal infidelity.

11. Always working

  • Suddenly changes in schedule, working overtime all the time and encouraging you to spend time with other people.
  • The easiest way to divert your inquiries all into work. This has all the sound of a reasonable excuse until you dig a little bit deeper.
  • If your partner comes home and jumps right into a long shower, they may be washing away any evidence of cheating.

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12. Doesn’t make time for you anymore

  • If a fun relationship is suddenly so cold you need a sweater, your partner isn’t looking to spend time, it might be his/her days up with the company of others.
  • When you ask for some time together, he/she may get angry and call you needy, a defense to keep you at bay.

13. Rejected your marriage proposal

Rejected Your Marriage Proposal Is A Sure Sign Your Partner Is Cheating
Rejected Your Marriage Proposal Is A Sure Sign Your Partner Is Cheating
  • You proposed and it was a HARD NO on his/her end. While you may be shocked by the response but there may be bigger reasons for that.
  • As per experts, it could be a sign of cheating girlfriend/boyfriend if a person has doubts about moving in or getting married.

14. You’ve caught your partner’s Lies

  • It might be hard to trust anyway if you have already caught a person telling you lies about who he/she is with, or where your partner has been.
  • Usually, there are signs of a cheating partner, trust your heart, and you will be able to learn the answer quickly.

15. Gets mad when you ask questions

  • He/She’ll be angry when you start asking questions about what is going on if your partner is cheating on you.
  • One of the guaranteed signs of a cheating partner.

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16. Seems cranky or nervous

  • Due to guilt about their actions, your partner will make you feel bad for the way you are.
  • Easily annoyed and angry with you and keeps picking fights for no reason.

17. Suddenly started new hobbies and interests

  • When someone falls in love, they start to inspire by what their love interest is interested in and they try their best to learn about it.

18. Doesn’t make eye contact anymore and avoids you

Avoiding You
  • Is he/she going to bed early or later to avoid talking with you? There’s really no reason to avoid you being around other than you make him/her feel uncomfortable or guilty.

19. Complaints about you or your relationship

  • If your partner complains a lot about you or gives you signs that you are not attractive anymore, it’s not a good sign for your relationship.

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20. Avoids you in public displays of affection

  • He/she may turn away publicly when you try to kiss on the cheek or step back when you go in for a hug which used to be no problem.

21. Picks fight more often or looking for reasons to complain

  • Constant nagging about you don’t dress well, clean up, or you are still in that dead-end job.
  • Arguing over silly matters will become frequent.

22. Has trouble saying “I Love You” or issues with expressing love

  • If he/she looks a little nauseous when it comes to saying “I love you,” probably doesn’t mean it, watch if your partner tries to avoid saying the words–by or just ignoring them.

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23. Not speaking directly anymore

  • If you have lost direct communication then a relationship can’t function. Whether it’s serious issues or small everyday topics, there’s certainly a reason if not being direct with you.

24. Suddenly lost caring nature

  • Your partner no longer seems to care about your desires and stops making an effort to help the relationship survive.
  • You used to get gifts often like a T-shirt, a box of handkerchiefs or a fancy belt. But not even care anymore.

25. Flirting with others in your presence

  • Your partner flirting with others like your friends or colleagues around you means that he/she does not respect your sentiments.
  • This is definitely one of the most alarming cheating partner signs or one of the signs he/she cheated in the past.

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26. Keeps hinting that he/she wants a breakup

  • Even though your partner cannot directly say their affair but you can see subtle hints that he/she wants to break up.
  • One of the obvious physical signs he/she’s cheating.

27. Your family & friends don’t matter to him/her or spending less time

  • People close to you are no longer important because you have lost importance in their life.
  • Lost feelings = guaranteed cheating partner signs.
  • Since guilty of being in a relationship with someone else he/she will avoid meeting your family and friends at all costs.

28. You have been unfaithful in the past

  • If you have had an affair in the past and got caught in the act, your dishonesty must have left behind some scars.
  • This can be a reason for infidelity to get revenge on you and keep giving you hints about it.
  • You can notice the physical signs of your wife/husband cheating because they wants you to.

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So… is he/she cheating or using me?

How many of the signs of cheating did you see? If the number is high then chances are that your partner is cheated on you.

Whether your partner is cheating or not from the above findings, your relationship lacks trust and emotional connection. If there’s a problem, either fix it or get ready for separation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Guaranteed signs of cheating?

    According to phycology today, here are guaranteed signs to tell if your partner has cheated?
    1. Improved looks.
    2. Suddenly phone or computer behavior changed.
    3. Unreachable.
    4. Changed in physical intimacy.
    5. Suddenly needs to work late frequently.
    6. Partner’s friends seem nervous around you.
    7. Unexplained expenses on your partner’s credit cards.
    8. Fading emotional intimacy.
    9. When confront, your partner avoids it.
    10. Stressed or upset all the time.
    11. Avoid eye contact.
    12. Your partner has a history of cheating.

  2. How can you physically tell if your boyfriend is cheating?

    1. Your friends notice the change in him.
    2. You’re not invited to work anymore.
    3. Suddenly become over-conscious.
    4. Gets irritated quickly now.
    5. Passionate than ever in bed.
    6. Don’t talk anymore.
    7. He starts to shower the minute he comes home.

  3. How do you spot a cheater?

    1. Cheaters are really good at lying at the little.
    2. They blame you for accusing them of cheating.
    3. They have a history of cheating.
    4. Changed online activity.
    5. Protective of their phone.
    6. Check out other people around you.

  4. How can you tell if someone is guilty of cheating?

    1. Throwing their own guilt on to you.
    2. Changed in looks and grooming patterns.
    3. Constant mood swings.
    4. Pouring you with Gifts without any occasion.
    5. Saying ‘I love you’ is getting lesser.
    6. Cheaters keep changing the stories.
    7. Their friends are uncomfortable around you.
    8. Sudden expensive gift is one of the cheating guilt signs.

  5. Uncommon Signs of cheating?

    1. More intimate than normal.
    2. More romantic.
    3. Hotter/well-groomed all of a sudden.
    4. Changed in general behavior.

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