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How To Get Over A Friendship Breakup

How to stop obsessing over a lost friendship or a friendship breakup? Yup, there’s a thing like that.

I agree that we don’t discuss friendship breakups as much as we discuss relationship breakups, but it’s pretty much real, and it hurts pretty bad.

Friends are the ones who stand by us through thick and thin, see us in our worst, and make us get back up.

It’s hard to imagine a life without friends, it’s like living without a body organ.

This is how to get over a friendship breakup or stop obsessing over a lost friendship

Friends are irreplaceable, and an indispensable part of our life, so when we lose them, we lose ourselves.

So, how to accept that a friendship is over and how long does it take to get over a friendship breakup?

The answer is not very simple.

Whether it’s a mutual breakup or not, it takes time and patience.

Learn from the below relationship advice on how to get over friendship breakups or stop obsessing over a lost friendship.

Take time to grieve 

  • Give yourself enough time to grieveand process thechallenging period of friendship.
  • It’s not easy going through a friendship breakup, sometimes it hurts more than a love breakup. 

Talk to your other friends

  • You lost a friend, an important friendship, but don’t keep all your pain to yourself, it’ll eat you up from the inside. 
  • A Swedish Proverb goes, “Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow.
  • Talk it out, and share your pain with your friends, they’ll understand you, and give you a shoulder to lean on.

Get a closure (if possible)

  • If you’ve no idea what led to this breakup, talk to your friend and try to understand.
  • To deal with the breakup of a friendship, the right communication can do wonders.

Solve the feud if possible

  • Friendship breakups hurt more, therefore, if the feud is solvable, then do try to solve it by communicating. 
  • Friends stand by you through thick and thin, a little feud shouldn’t be the end of a friendship.

Control your anger

  • If they did you wrong and you’re angry, wait till you calm down to react.
  • Otherwise, it’ll hurt more over a lost friendship.
  • Oftentimes we regret the actions we take in anger. They might worsen things.

Make new friend/s

  • One failed or broken friendship shouldn’t break your belief in Friendships.
  • Make new friends, and learn from your past, it’ll introduce you to so many new perspectives.

Get back to your hobbies

  • Developing new hobbies is the best way to stop obsessing over a lost friendship.
  • After a breakup, express your grief through hobbies, writing, singing, etc., and be happy.
  • It keeps your mind distracted and gets over a best friend who hurt you.

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Acknowledge the toxicity

  • You need to acknowledge if your friend was toxic and wronged you and let them go. 
  • When your friend can’t respect you, don’t deserve a place in your life. 

Talk to a therapist

  • If it was a bad breakup and you are getting anxiety attacks, you must consult a therapist.
  • Sometimes, accepting that a friendship is over can be hard.
  • Therefore, a professional can guide you in the right direction with their suggestions.

Give it sometime

  • As they say, time heals everything, so give it some time after a breakup.
  • Be patient, and keep yourself distracted (sleepovers with other friends, dating, etc).

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Don’t overthink

  • Overthinking worsens everything, even the small things (grief, friendship breakup, etc.) take a big shape. 
  • Therefore, control your mind, eat, sleep, and engage yourself in physical activities to stay healthy.


  • Forgiveness makes you a bigger person and gives you peace.
  • Forgive yourself and your friend, that’s how you get over separation from a friend who hurt you.

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Here I have made some suggestions to overcome a friendship breakup to help you know how long it takes to get over it.

I hope these easy ways how to get over friendship breakups help ease the process and protect you from hurting more and that you get over it soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. How do you move on from a friendship? 

    Ans. By accepting the fact that not every friendship is forever, and by giving yourself some time to process. 

  2. Q. How to Get over a best friend who hurt you?

    Ans. Acknowledge that you’re hurting, talk to your friends, practice self care, and talk to a therapist if necessary.

  3. Q. How to accept that a friendship is over?

    Ans. By giving yourself some time to acknowledge the fact that it’s over, by talking to your friends and family. 

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