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What To Talk About On A First Date

A First Date, huh? That’s exciting. But, it can also get a bit uncomfortable and intimidating, wouldn’t you agree? 

The thing that I’ve always been scared of before going on a first date is, what to talk about on a first date? What sort of questions to ask on a first date? And what not to talk about on a first date.

What if I run out of things to say? What if I sound boring and ruin all of this?

I’m sure, many of us would have the same fear. 

Here are what to talk about on a first date topics

But, hey, I got you. Below, I have mentioned some of the first date conversation topics you can use as a conversation starter

Talk about your family

  • Talking about the kind of families you’re from helps in knowing the kind of upbringing you two have had. 
  • The knowledge of which will help you two to understand each other better, but hey remember to only share the least and not everything.

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Talk about your friends

  • “A man is known by the company he keeps.” Yup, you wanna know what kind of a person your date is?
  • Know about their friends on the first date with a guy or girl.

Discuss your hobbies

  • Knowing about each other’s hobbies is important because that’s how you get to know your partner more.
  • Whether it’s the first date of college or otherwise, a person’s hobbies can tell a lot about them, so pay attention. 

Talk about your expectations

  • Before getting further attached to a person, both of you should be clear about the kind of boy/girl you want.
  • And, if one of you can’t offer as the other person expects, then you can be clear from the beginning without hurting each other later. 

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Talk about what excites you

  • We all have things we get excited about.
  • Therefore, knowing what excites your partner can come in handy when you try to surprise them in the future.

Discuss your goals & ambitions

  • This is one of the good things to talk about on a first date with someone you already know.
  • Discussing one’s goals and ambitions shows how committed a person is. 
  • And, commitment is what matters the most if you plan to be in a long term relationship with the person. 

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Talk about your favorite food

  • Food is the most common factor when you go on dates, and talking about it can put you up for a second date.
  • It can also help you when you try to surprise your partner by taking them to their favorite restaurants on special occasions.

Learn about the kind of ideology they follow

  • Ideology matters, because it tells the kind of things your date believes in, and the kind of people they respect.
  • A wrong ideology is on of the biggest red flags in a relationship.

Talk about your daily routine

  • This will let you know everything your partner does in a day, and when is s/he free for a chat. 
  • Might seem unimportant but it matters to know how your partner spends his/her day after meeting online.

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What makes them laugh

  • When you ask a person what makes them happy and laugh, it shows them that you care and it increases their interest in you.
  • You can also remember this to cheer them up when they’re going through a tough time.
  • A good way to have engaging conversation with someone you met online on tinder or in person before.

I’ve mentioned some of the best first-date conversation topics for you. I hope this was of some help, and you have an amazing first date. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you talk about on a date with a guy?

    Ans. Talk to them about your family, friends, hobbies, goals, etc. And ask them about their interests. 

  2. What should you not talk about on a first date?

    Ans. Do not talk about exes, finances, religion, s*x, etc, these things are a person’s private matter and should only be revealed when you make a deeper connection.

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