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How To Start A Conversation

If you are wondering how to start a conversation with a crush guy or girl or a stranger online or over text? then, I might have something for you. 

Being a conversation starter is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Best ways how to start a conversation with a guy/girl

Most people tend to get nervous around their crush or a new friend, and they don’t get how to start a conversation online or face to face.

Below, I have mentioned some of the best Icebreakers to start a conversation online or over text.

Also, these topics to talk about with a guy or a girl can help you keep a convo going. All the best!

Pass a compliment

Ask a doubt

  • Requesting help is another sweet way to start a conversation with a guy/girl, it makes the person feel important. 
  • And it shows that they’re helpful, which encourages them to chitchat. 

Talk about a common interest

  • If you want to talk to someone you already know, then talk about something that you both are interested in.
  • Talking about their interests can give them a good impression of you, and interest them to talk to you more.

Ask for suggestions

  • Seeking other people’s suggestions shows that you value them and respect their opinion. 
  • And people love being valued and respected and would love to come back with a sweet conversation.

Offer to help

  • If you’re in a position to help someone you want to talk to, then grab the moment with both hands. 
  • People love generous people, especially those who are genuinely concerned.

Ask how they are doing

  • Asking how a person is doing is one of the most genuine ways to initiate a conversation on tinder or similar apps.
  • It shows them that the person cares.
  • And people like to be cared for, and develop faith in those who show genuine care.

Share something interesting

  • This is another fun way to start a conversation, you can share an interesting fact or news to get started. 
  • But, remember to keep following up, after the conversation starts.

Talk about a mutual friend

  • If you both know each other and share mutual friends, then you can talk about them. 
  • Ask how your mutual friends are or what are they up to, to start a conversation.

Ask about their hobbies

  • Show genuine interest, and ask them what they love to do during their leisure.
  • Bonding over hobbies is very sweet, it brings up many questions to continue the conversation for a long.

Share a meme 

  • Everyone loves to laugh, and memes are the best medium to achieve that goal.
  • But keep in mind to only share decent memes. 

Give movie/book/song suggestions

  • To start a good conversation with a girl/boy or a stranger, give them some interesting suggestions from movies, books, songs, etc.
  • But, make sure to keep the list short and interesting, so that they come back for more.

Ask for movie/book/song suggestions

  • Not only give suggestions, but you should ask them as well.
  • Being asked for suggestions shows that they have good taste. 
  • And it’ll flatter them enough to keep suggesting you in the future as well. 

Ask for their favor

  • Asking for favors is another effective conversation starter, it makes the other person feel important and valuable.
  • It’ll help them build faith in you, and they might come back to follow up with you regarding the same.

Ask for their birthday

  • Show them that you’re curious, and you want to know about them, especially women like their birthdays remembered.
  • If you can do that, that will make them feel very special and a good way for small talk.

Bring up a shared experience

  • If you want to talk to someone you already share experiences with, then you can always find something to talk about.
  • Just make sure to not bring up anything which is embarrassing for them or you.

Ask about their pet peeve

  • Show your interest, and let them know you’re curious about them.
  • Knowing about their pet peeve can make you avoid doing that as well.

Talk about their strengths

  • Talk about their strengths, and things that empower them and make them confident. 
  • You can try and encourage them further to do well in life, that will show that you’re a well-wisher.

These are some of the best ways to start a conversation over texting or in real life with a stranger or a guy/girl.

I hope it is of some help to you and gives you enough courage to go ahead and start the conversation. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What is a good way to start a conversation?

    Passing compliments, asking for a favor, asking how the person is doing, and offering help are some of the good ways to start a genuine conversation.

  2. How do you start a conversation with your crush?

    Ask them for their life update, their interests and hobbies, and ask for their birthday and ambitions in life.