19 Why Don’t I Have A Boyfriend? Reasons & Best Ways To Fix 2021

Reasons Why Don't I Have A Boyfriend
19 Why Don’t I Have A Boyfriend? Reasons & Best Ways To Fix 2021

Are you looking for an answer to a question why don’t I have a boyfriend? Don’t worry, I have managed to find 19 possible reasons and the best ways to get you into a successful relationship.

If you’re trying hard to get a boyfriend and struggling to make an emotional connection with guys you’re meeting then read this relationship advice to get a border idea about relationship problems and their effective fix.

Well, if you’re one of the girls who keep doubting themselves and low on confidence when it comes to dating, here are the possible answers.

You’re Too Picky Or Have High Standards

How To get A Boyfriend Easily
You’re Too Picky Or Have High Standards
  • Having a type when it comes to preferences for the guys can help to date the wrong kind of guy.
  • However, there are many other guys there who would make a perfect partner who may not fit your expectations completely or not at all.
  • So, while you’ve been single for some time, a good idea would be to try to think about the type of guy you want to date. Then, come up with a few other ideas of guys you could date.
  • In many cases, the best relationships have entirely different personalities in them! Moreover, dating outside your type have many benefits. ​

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You Don’t Know Where To Meet New Guys

  • In order to be in a relationship with a guy, you need to meet him first. You can meet guys anywhere while you’re out.
  • Moreover, you don’t have to be at the club or at a party for a relationship. You can try it at your work or at a grocery shop. Opportunities are limitless! ​
  • Most important, be yourself and relax when you find a love interest. You can start with a casual hello for a conversation. Doesn’t matter where you are, go out and start looking for guys.

You Don’t Have Good Communication Skills

  • Relationships without communication do not last long so, make sure that you and your potential boyfriend can communicate effectively.
  • Communication is two-way therefore practice this skill with your friends to be more calm, honest, and a good listener while talking.

Never Tried Dating Apps and Websites

Never Tried Dating Apps and Websites
Never Tried Dating Apps and Websites
  • Dating apps and websites can be good or bad, depending on how you use them.
  • Dating apps can do wonders because you can easily contact infinite guys in your locality with the same interests.
  • You can get to choose from a variety of guys because dating apps are very popular and growing which is even better.
  • For a starter, you can try Tinder, one of the most popular apps right now.

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​You Haven’t Asked Your Friends Help For Advice

  • Your friends can be helpful in making connections because it’s very convenient and safe to meet someone through your friends.
  • Moreover, you can take help from your friends on essential elements of getting into a relationship like communication or flirting skills.
  • Friends are usually reliable but use your best judgment about the advice and evaluate it before moving forward.

​You’re Stuck Or Too Invested In A Past Relationship

  • No guy wants to hear about your past relationships and your ex-boyfriends because you won’t emotionally connect with him.
  • Talking about your old boyfriend to a new guy is not a good approach for a new relationship because he will be insecure when you’re still into your ex.
  • Take your time getting over your ex, but don’t let it interfere with your current relationship.
  • If you are incapable of doing so, you’re simply not ready to date again and more likely you will miss out on some solid opportunities. ​
  • Get over asap to start dating again.

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​You’re Coming On Too Strong Or Too Desperate

​You’re Coming On Too Strong
​You’re Coming On Too Strong
  • Desperation can never help you get into a serious relationship. Either you’ll attract the wrong guys or push away good guys.
  • If the above is true, this can be a possible reason why you don’t have a boyfriend.
    • Common signs of desperation:
    • Asking too many questions.
    • Available anytime to go out
    • ​Talk a lot without giving him a break from talking.
  • All you really need to do is go slow, take a step back to appear less desperate.

​You Don’t Know How to Flirt Or Lacking This Skill

  • Most girls can’t get a boyfriend because they simply don’t know how to flirt with guys successfully. To hint to someone that you’re interested in them flirting becomes crucial.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re hot or not, if you can flirt, you can be attractive to most guys you meet.
  • Moreover, flirting can help you spice up things later in a relationship to show your partner that you are still interested.
  • You should practice flirting by simply talk to yourself when you’re alone and practice what you want to say. Or you can take help your online videos on YouTube as well.

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​You Are Not Relaxed Enough

​You Are Not Relaxed For A Boyfriend
​You Are Not Relaxed For A Boyfriend
  • It is important to relax and to be yourself when meeting new people especially guys. Otherwise, you would appear uncomfortable or nervous and that may turn him away.
  • If you’re trying to date someone, confidence is crucial, when you are relaxed, you will appear confident, really valuable.
  • However, if you find it difficult to relax around guys, then a good way is to spend time in large groups or with guys. Over time, you’ll gain confidence.

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​You’re High Maintenance Girl

  • If you expect too much from a guy, that relationship won’t last because unwanted demands lead to frequent fights and that ends everything.
  • High maintenance girlfriend, a big turn-off for guys because he’s not going to want to date a demanding or high maintenance girl. ​
  • However, to resolve this issue, for starters you can become independent and rely on yourself before you start dating, a great way to get into a relationship.

You’re Don’t Know Or Into Dating Pool

  • Do you wonder why don’t I have a boyfriend? to change your relationship status, you need to make efforts, don’t expect someone will appear from nowhere.
  • Life is not a romantic movie, you have to look for him to have him in your life because he won’t knock on your door, bump you on the street or shopping malls.
  • You need to step outside to meet people. Surely there will be guys who hit on you. Take your chances and see what they have to offer but not with everyone.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, you’ll surely notice some guys that can be boyfriend material.

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You’re Socially Too Shy Or Introvert

You’re Socially Too Shy Around Guys
You’re Socially Too Shy Around Guys
  • Dating has changed and continues to change.
  • To find a successful relationship, you need to send the right vibe, either by flirting or making moves towards the opposite gender.
  • For starters, you can try these pick-up lines on a guy you like, or ice breaker questions to start the conversation.
  • Remember: if you are single means ready to mingle and there is no reason to be shy. Get out and meet new people, your Mr. Right will come along.

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You’re Not A Good Girlfriend Material

  • Either you are unable to express your qualities, or maybe your attitude is wrong.
  • Just the same way girls, guys too have a set of standards. Either you are too available or not available at all.
  • However, if realize you’re not girlfriend material, doesn’t mean it’s an end of a tunnel or you have no chance.
  • You need nobody’s help but yours, there is no pill or guide to make you likable to men instantly.
  • On the contrary, it’s just a heads up to get the best out of your looks and personality and to
  • Just work on some self-improvement to attract positive vibes around you.

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You End Up With Wrong Kind Of Guys

You End Up With Wrong Kind Of Guys
  • For a healthy and happy relationship, simply stop going after players, they’ll only play games with you because these kinds of guys are masters in breaking hearts.
  • These types of men drain you emotionally because you cannot expect them to commit and be faithful.
  • You are in charge therefore, you decide who’s going to get a chance in your life and who’s to go away.
  • It’s very simple, change the kind of guys you date and see what happens.

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You’re Comfortable With Your Current Relationship Status

  • Could be a primary cause of your question of why don’t I have a boyfriend?
  • You’re enjoying your singlehood too much, love your peace, or you might think that a boyfriend is unnecessary stress.
  • If you’re not ready for romance in your life or do not want to share your life with anyone then ignore others and keep on rocking your single life!

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You Don’t Want A Boyfriend

You Don’t Want A Boyfriend
You Don’t Want A Boyfriend
  • You are enjoying your independence, success, traveling, and time with your pets
  • However, due to social pressure, feel lonely, or don’t want to miss out therefore you are looking for a guy.
  • You need to ask yourself, can you make efforts and willing to put in the time required for a successful relationship or not. The choice is yours.

You Don’t Know How To Get Into The Dating

  • Most women does these two mistakes when trying to find a partner:
  • Either they go around bars and clubs, hoping to meet someone there or they want a boyfriend who would stay at home on Friday nights watching Amazon Prime or Netflix.
  • Moreover, if you can’t recognize when a guy is flirting or just being nice then your chances of finding a potential boyfriend are extremely low.
  • You can sign up for a gym, a club, or a volunteer group, and agree to go on blind dates once in a while, you may not find a guy you’re looking for but you can find a potential boyfriend.

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You Feel That You’re Undeserving Or Self-Esteem

  • Self-worth and self-esteem are as important as any other point discussed here.
  • If you think you’re undeserving of romance or drawn towards low self-esteem people then you need to change the way you think of yourself.
  • Appreciate what you have and what you can offer the world. Keep your thoughts on good things to inspire you daily.

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You’re Too Hard On Yourself

  • You need to become the kind of girl to attract a certain kind of guy by becoming your best self to find the best life partner that suits you.


I hope you have found this list useful. If so, don’t forget to share with friends on social platforms because they might be wondering why I don’t have a boyfriend.

Hopefully, after going through these 19 potential reasons for your query why don’t I have a boyfriend, you no longer have to deal with being single.

These tips can be useful if you prepare yourself for a relationship if you aren’t there yet!

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