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I’m Vikram, the person behind this website. An engineer by profession and blogger from the heart. I Live in Delhi.

I love solo traveling and maybe that is the reason I wanted to do something I enjoy and at the time, I can travel without worrying about finances.

Therefore, I thought of starting a blog and in 2019 this blog happened. Initially, it was more of a Hobby but then I started enjoying blogging and now I do it full time.

Mostly, I gather info from the experts and share it on this blog to help people who are looking for tips on flirting, dating, relationship improvement advice, and many more.

This is my story…..what’s yours….do let me know by contacting me.

You can write to me with any advice or query.

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I hope you enjoy articles on this blog as much as I enjoy writing them.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me.