25 Obvious Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You 2021

Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You
25 Obvious Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You 2021

If you have a male friend who you think is looking for a romantic relationship but you are looking for the signs that your guy friend is falling for you then you are at the right place.

All it takes 7 seconds for a guy to fall in love and it makes guy friends even more susceptible to have feelings for you if both are spending the time together.

I have compiled this relationship advice with 25 signs your male friend has feelings for you to look out for. Read, remember and analyze them.

There is a famous saying and I assume you must have heard that men and women can’t be friends when it comes to relationships.

However, there are some study shows that the above statement is not true but things can get complicated when both friends want a different thing, other than friendship.

I’m sure you might have a different stand on this topic but in reality, you might wonder and ask yourself this question, Does my guy friend have feelings for me?

If you’re looking for the answer to the above questions then there is a good chance your guy friend might be looking to get out of the friendzone and take it one step further.

Besides, if you are starting to like him and want to know whether your feelings are one-sided. Or maybe there are signs you are noticing but not sure.

Look for the signs below to help you identify your guy friend’s feelings for you are more than friendship or not.

1. Your Instinct Tells You So Or You Have A Feeling

You Have A Feeling Your Guy Friend Likes You
You Have A Feeling Your Guy Friend Likes You
  • Honestly, this is the most important sign of whether he has feelings for you to not.
  • What does your gut instinct say? It’s time to trust and follow your instinct because you know him better than anyone else.

2. You Had Some Intense Or Charged Moments

  • As per the study, guys fall in love in less than 7 seconds, so, when you spend a lot of time together, these moments happen.
  • If you feel like he is in love with you when you feel the intimacy building up while sitting close and urge to get closer. Trust your heart.

3. He’s More Touchy Or Wants To Be Physically Close To You

  • If he is in love then it’s going to be hard for him to control therefore look for the obvious signs.
  • Either he’ll desire to be close physically or try to make contact with you, which can be casual or accidental.
  • Or, if he is holding your hand or hugging a little longer, then he is not missing any chance to tease to feel the intimacy.

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4. Your Friends Feel Or Picked up Something Is Going On

Your Female Friends Feel Your Guy Friend Loves You
Your Female Friends Feel Your Guy Friend Loves You
  • If your female friends suggesting or pointing out that there is something between you and your male friend, don’t neglect them.
  • You might not be noticing but somebody around you observes that the way he looks at you or he is trying to come close.
  • Friends and people around you can be a great help to notice if someone has a soft spot for you.

5. He Is Always There Helping Hands For You

  • You meant more than a friend for him if your male friend is always available to help and make you feel comfortable.
  • It is a great sign that he is trying his best to make sure you notice a potential love partner in him.

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6. He Remembers Little Things You Say Or Do

  • If your guy friend has a crush on you then you’ll notice him remembering little things about you with extra details that you might have forgotten.
  • Moreover, he is in love with you if he remembers information about you that is not important.

7. His Love Life Is A Secret & Doesn’t Talk

His Love Life Is A Secret
His Love Life Is A Secret
  • If a guy loves you then he won’t discuss his love life and it’s even more evident if you are friends with him for a longer period of time without having any idea about his love life.
  • Or, you have never met his girlfriend, which leads to him being single because he is waiting for you to have the same feelings for him.

8. He Looks With Passion Or Love In His Eyes At You

  • Pay attention to the way he looks at you because it can reveal his feelings about you.
  • If you catch him sneaking at you with passion in his eyes when you are not looking at him, but he always avoids eye contact. He clearly loves you.

9. He’s Jealous Or Doesn’t Like Anyone You Date

  • When your male friend has feelings for you, he won’t accept you in a relationship with someone else.
  • He’ll feel jealous and criticize whenever your boyfriend’s topic comes up like your boyfriend is not suitable for you or you deserve better, etc.
  • This all leads to him desires you for himself.

10. Treats You Different From His Other Friends: Flirty Behavior

Flirty Behavior
Flirty Behavior
  • When your guy friend loves you, his body language will be different and he will treat to differently than his other female friends.
  • Pay attention if he gives you special treatment so you might consider him for a potential relationship. This can be a hint that he is deeply in love with you.

11. He Asks You Lots Of Questions

  • If your male friend is asking questions about your life, pay attention.
  • If he is digging deeper into your life there is a good chance of him having feelings for you.

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12. His Social Media Explains Everything

  • If he always likes your social media posts regularly then it’s time to read the signs.
  • If he is not much into social media but now that has changed and he is liking or commenting on all your posts. His feelings for you have changed.

13. He’s Extremely Protective Of You

  • If he is going all out of his way to protect you, it’s a probable sign that you meant more than a friend to him.

14. Pays For Stuff Or His Credit Card Always Out For You

  • If your male friend is constantly paying the bill for you, then it means he is trying to show he cares.
  • He is screaming “I care for you” without saying a single word.

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15. He Initiates Contacts & Texts You Daily

  • Texting is easy and convenient without picking up a phone but it’s not normal to message one person constantly.
  • It’s loud and clear he in love if he is texting you about every little thing because he wants to share his life with you.

16. He Hangs Around You A Lot Often

  • Friends do enjoy each other’s company and love to hang out all the time however he’ll never want to leave if has feelings for you.
  • You will notice him being happy to come back to your apartment and watch romantic movies to spend more time with you.
  • And he’ll make sure all those moments last longer you are together.

17. He Insists You Hang Out With His Other Friends

  • There is a good chance of him having feelings for you if he’s invited you to his other friends because he wants you to be a part of his world or circle.

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18. He Trying To Makes You Laugh With A Lot Of Jokes

  • Humor is a great way for a man to impress a woman because when two people are having fun and laugh a lot together, a great sign of a successful relationship.
  • If you notice that he’s trying to impress you with humor or his jokes getting dirty to make you laugh the entire time you’re together because he wants sexy time with you!

19. Showers You With A Lot Of Heavy Compliments

  • Complimenting each other is a great way to flirt with your love interest and it says a lot he actively compliments you.
  • And, if he starts complimenting the way you look, something: I really love the way you look in that outfit, it’s more likely he really likes you.

20. He Talks About The Time You’re Spending Together

  • If your male friend is commenting about the time you are spending together then it’s a valid sign he has feelings for you.
  • If he commenting something like it’s fun to be around you, means he loves it when he’s with you.
  • It’s a characteristic of people who have a stronger romantic connection.

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21. Curious Asking Your Life & Future Plans

  • He is suddenly becoming curious about your future plans such as your thoughts on marriage or having a family.
  • Or, if he is taking interest in your future life plans means he wants to know if he can fit in with those plans, it’s not friendship for sure.
  • This all leads to the sign of him having feelings for you differently.

22. Now He Opens Up To You Often

  • If he sees you as an important person in his life and emotionally invested in you indicates that your guy friends have feelings for you more than a friend.

23. Sending Flirty & Romantic Texts When He’s Drunk

  • It’s a blessing in disguise, after a couple of drinks truth always comes out.
  • If he’s sending you flirty text messages or something romantic about you and him, then is a big sign he likes you.

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24. You Know The Moment Of Change In His Behavior

  • If there is a shift or change in his behavior, probably the way he started to look at you differently, says a lot about your male friend is loving you differently.

25. He Trying To Impress You Lately

  • It’s a pretty big sign if your guy friend suddenly making efforts like cracking jokes to make you laugh because he’s trying to impress you
  • And if things don’t go as he plans then you’ll find him awkward and shy.


I hope this article on 25 signs your male friend has feelings for you or not helped you figure out the truth.

If you are getting vibes from your male friend that he might be falling in love with you then look out for these signs to verify.

Everything is up to you. Do you also have feelings for him as a boyfriend? or Do you feel the same way about him?

If yes then ask yourself: is this relationship worth your friendship?

However, if you think you both are not suitable for each other as a couple then don’t do anything. Because it’ll end your friendship forever and he will not be your boyfriend or your friend.

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