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How To Know If A Guy Is Flirting With You

Are you confused if a guy is flirting with you?

Flirting can be confusing and I agree sometimes it’s hard to tell if a guy is flirting with you or not. 

It’s very difficult to tell, look for signs a guy is flirting with you or is being friendly.

But flirting always brings with it a bit of a romantic essence, whereas friendliness is completely platonic. 

Best ways how to know if a guy is flirting with you?

So, here is the relationship advice for the signs on how to know if a guy is flirting with you. 

If you catch him staring At You

  • When every time you look at him and find him looking at you, that’s enough reason he’s crazy about you. 
  • It means he can’t have enough of you, and he wants you to know that he loves you

He maintains eye contact

  • Eyes contact can be a powerful flirting technique, an easy way to find out if he’s flirting with you.
  • If a guy finds you interesting and potentially attractive, he’ll look at you and smile or give you glances every now and then.
  • It’s a good indicator that a guy is interested in you.

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He’s touchy or doesn’t hesitate to touch you while talking

  • Touching is a playful way of flirting, one of the best ways to know if a guy really likes you and flirting.
  • Some of the common signs of a guy flirting, touching your arm while making a point, taking your hand into his, or rubbing your back while smiling at you.

He moves his body closer to yours

  • If a guy really likes you, naturally he wants to be physically closer to you, a good sign of romantic intention.
  • Therefore, if he moves closer e.g. placed his chair closer to yours and leans in, then it’s a good sign that he is getting ready to flirt.
  • However, in some situations being physically close to someone is not intentional like sitting in a car.

He’s nervous around you

  • Even thinking about a crush gives us jitters, and men are no exception.
  • If you find him acting shy, sweaty, and stuttering while talking, you’ll know he’s nervous and interested in you.

He teases you

  • It’s one of the oldest tricks in men’s flirting books. If they’re interested, they’ll end up teasing you.
  • His playful teasing may include, pulling your hair and cheeks, nicknames to call you, and making fun of you.

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He compliments you very often

  • Compliments are a huge sign of flirting men give.
  • If you find him complimenting you for every little thing online or face to face then he’s flirting with you for sure.
  • Sometimes, he might exaggerate it in his nervousness. 

He treats you better than other women

  • If he’s looking at you when there are other girls around, it shows he likes. 
  • Or, he only gives you compliments, pays attention to you in front of other girls, he’s into you deeply.

He gets self-conscious or acts weird around you

  • Another sign of flirting, he isn’t sure how to conduct himself around you.
  • He might act weird because he’s constantly afraid that he’ll mess things up.

He’s outspoken

  • He might be the one who doesn’t keep things hidden. 
  • If he comes out confesses his true feelings to you, then it’s an obvious sign that he likes you.

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He likes almost all your social media posts

  • He never misses anything you post on any platform, he’s always the first one to like and comment.
  • Probably he has turned on his notification for your posts, sweet right?

He initiates the conversation more often

  • If he’s almost always the conversation starter, always making an effort to talk to you.
  • Bringing in new topics and trying to know you better, then he’s definitely head over heels for you.

He tries his best to impress you

  • One of the obvious signs of flirting is when he tries to impress you by doing the things you like. 
  • He’d remember what you like, and make an extra effort to do those things infront of you.

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He makes you laugh

  • When a guy likes you, he will try to be charming so that you’re impressed.
  • Therefore, he’ll try to make you laugh, he may not be funny but you gotta give it to him for his effort.
  • Btw, it’s a good compatiblity sign.

He’s happy and smile around you

  • If a guy’s smile is genuine from his mouth to eyes, that’s a sign that he’s happy to be around you.
  • He’s flirting with you when he’s smiling at you and you can notice a few other signs with it.

He makes you his priority

  • If he makes time for you and always there for you whenever you need him, he really likes you.
  • Also, you’re his top most priority, and he doesn’t put anyone above you, then he’s the one for you IMO. 

He makes excuses to meet you

  • If he likes you he’s always trying to find excuses to meet you.
  • Be it for college work, or office, he always has an excuse up his sleeve to meet you.

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He remembers every detail about you

  • The sweetest flirting gesture is when he remembers every little detail about you.
  • Things you shared with him ages ago, about your friends, family, your childhood etc.

He overshares with you

  • Oversharing while flirting is often due to nervousness. 
  • And/or he wants to trust you, and wants you to trust him in return.

These are some of the signs for how to know if a guy is flirting with you in school/college, at the workplace, or through online dating apps. Hope it helps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If a guy flirts with me then what does it mean?

    Ans. It means that the guy doesn’t just want to be friends, he wants a romantic relationship with you 

  2. How to know if a guy is flirting with you over text?

    Ans. If he replies fast, and always initiates the conversation with you. 

  3. What are workplace flirting signs?

    Ans. If s/he always comes to and leaves the office together with you, always offers to help, takes you out for lunch, etc.

  4. What are the signs of flirting from a woman?

    Ans. She shoots glances, she’s nervous around you, gives you awkward compliments, and remembers little details about you. 

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