15 Best Am I In Love With Him/Her Or Obsessed Signs 2024

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Am I In Love With Him/Her Or Obsessed Signs

If you are wondering with a question whether am i in love with him or her or obsessed then this is the right place for you to find out.

Sometimes, it can be hard to differentiate between true love, affection, and physical attraction because feelings are complicated.

Going forward with your feelings, make sure you know if those butterflies are real or just a crush.

According to Chloe Carmichael, a NewYork based relationship therapist and author of 10 commandments of dating,

“A crush is often an idealized, fantasy-like version of someone but love is more than that.”

Sometimes you are in love with the idea of this person and other times you are really be falling for him/her.

To help you find out whether your feelings for her or him are real or not, here we’ve compiled some of the easiest but helpful signs to find out am I in love with my boyfriend, girlfriend, or crush or not.

Take a look at the relationship advice below and understand yourself about being in love psychology. Enjoy!

You’re feeling connection and it doesn’t fade

  • According to Irina Fierstein, LCSW, this is an obvious sign that he or she is more than a crush when your feelings get stronger and deeper but don’t fade over time but get stronger.
  • Basically, it’s quite possible that you’re in love if you’ve been feeling this way for a special guy or girl for a long time.

Your full attention on him/her

  • According to Sadie Allison, Ph.D., if you are in love, chances are high that you give them your complete attention.
  • Yo’ll find it really comfortable and focused in the conversations or keeping eye contacts.

You can talk about anything when together

  • Allison say, when you crush on a guy or girl, generally won’t share deeper stuff but when it comes to love those conversations can be deeper because you are interested in knowing more about him or her.
  • Therefore, When you are love, you wanna know about their dreams and passions, background, family, and upbringing.

Making plans is easy

  • If you are thinking about a future with them that comes naturally, you’ll find it easy to plan ahead.
  • Moreover, he/she will be completely involved in your life, an easy sign to know if am I in love or obsessed.

Trust and open with each other

  • Allison says trust is the foundation of any relationship, especially intimate relationships.
  • If you find yourself opening up with him/her and comfortable when it comes to sharing than you normally do, it’s an obvious sign that you might be in love.

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Not interested in dating anymore with others

  • Generally, when you find your true love, you’ll lose interest in dating other people.
  • When you are in love and your feeling is getting deeper then you’ll be starting to feel losing interest in your former crush.

Routines are super fun

  • If you are finding grocery shopping or stopping for gas interesting when you’re with your love interest then that’s a sign of being in love.
  • You’ll find his/her company alone is pleasant enough to make you happy like doing simple things together: running, cooking, etc.

You want them to meet your family

  • This could be a really good sign that this person is more than a crush and you love him/her or obsessed if you are dying to introduce this person to your family.
  • Moreover, when you feel you would be comfortable having this person around your parents, family members, or friends is the best sign you are in love especially if you’re keen on inviting them to holidays.

Helping them is a priority for you

  • If you are always ready and interested to help this person with everyday situations or partnering up to volunteer together.
  • Also, the initial spark is important for intimate relationships but you need to be more involved.

Physical attraction is true

  • When you are in love, you are going to be attracted to your love interest but an intimate connection is important in any long-term relationship to keep the romance growing
  • However, some up and down are always going to impact your love-making drive, but when in love, you’ll be attracted to each other.

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Making out isn’t everything

  • Waiting to get physical is also a good sign of you in love because it helps in knowing your love interest.
  • Generally, getting physical too early can confuse emotions for intimacy.
  • In short, if you’ve waited to make physical relation, it’s a sign that you’re in love and invested deeper.

Care about their interests/hobbies

  • According to Carmichael, if you are getting new hobbies or interests because your love interest like it too. Like you’ve never tried surfing, but your he/she loves surfing.
  • Moreover, it’s love when you’re learning about their interests even you may not notice.

You still love them after the initial flame gone

  • One of the oblivious signs you’re in love is that you still love and think about him/her and care, after the initial spark.
  • In short, you still want to spend time with this person and you feel special.

You miss for real when not around them

  • This is another best sign when you miss this person for real. And when you say, I miss you, you don’t just say it to get physical or boost your feeling but you mean it 110%.
  • You can feel missing this person when they’re gone or not around you and happier with them around even if you’re both just sitting together and not talking.

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Your Ex is a past story

  • Sometimes you compare and feel your love interest is not as good as your ex or something missing.
  • But when you’re in love you don’t think or compare your love intrest with your ex.


I hope you have found this article on am i in love or obsessed with her or him useful and now you are able to understand whether you are in love or not.

Moreover, you check out some of the best relationship advice to help you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing a suitable partner to grow old with.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I know if I am in love?

    The purest form of love is to care for someone and when you are in love, it makes you enjoy every moment without worrying about anything.

  2. Do I love him or am I in love with him?

    When you love the way he treats you and makes you feel about yourself, and being genuine, then by all means you are in love with him.

    Just love him and don’t wonder whether you “love” him or not. Whether he fits your definition of love or not.

    In short, if a man who genuinely treats you in a way that you love deserves your love.

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