16: How To Flirt Over Text With A Guy & Girl Over Text 2024

How To Flirt Over Text With A Guy Or A Girl

How to flirt over text with someone?

It used to be hard to flirt 15-20 years back either you need to call or meet someone to make it happen.

Now, it’s all at your fingertips to let your crush/partner know you’re into them by sending quick text messages with a couple of emojis.

However, it’s an art to flirt over text because you need to make your intentions clear in your flirty dirty quotes while still maintaining some curiosity with confidence without coming on too strong.

If you are wondering how to flirt over text with a guy or a girl then this is the right place to get started.

How To Flirt Over Text With A Guy Or A Girl Without Coming On Too Strong

These tips on how to flirt over text without coming on too strong will help you to break the ice and win over someone you just matched on a dating app.

Or, to take intimacy to the next level with a partner or crush you’ve already met or gone out with a few times.

Timing is everything:

You should know what a guy or a girl doing before you want to flirt because it’s not the time to send a steamy text when your partner or crush is out to lunch with the family, or in a meeting with the boss.

If you’re not sure, send a simple text asking “Hey, you busy?” to know if it’s a good time.

Compliments are always welcomed:

Sincere compliments to a girl or a guy will help you have the desired effect.

Therefore, making sure to text for flirting with your crush or partner are the things that you honestly like most.

Take it slow:

When it comes to flirting over text, start your conversation that indicates you’re ready to play without unveiling too much.

For example, you can send a naughty selfie with a message of “Hey you” to grab their attention to help you make your intentions clear.

Similar to making love(s*x), you start with a warm-up, so treat flirting over texts the same way and gradually build it from there.

Be bold about how much you like them:

Being bold can help you make an instant impression on a guy or a girl therefore don’t hide your feelings when flirting over text with a girl or a guy.

Be a little naughty but not too far from the comfort zone:

Doing things you are comfortable is always makes it easy to flirt because your can text is as simple as a “can’t wait to see/love you tonight’ or you can bold with a n*de selfie.

But sometimes starting with something little uncomfortable all you need to make things hot and heavy instantly.

Start with dirty talk to give a heads up before sending a n*de

Start with R-rated lines and then a few more before sending a n*de photo to make sure the photo doesn’t pop on the lock screen.

Because you don’t want to embarrass him or her and let them look at it when no one is around.

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Use emoji code:

You can use emojis to express your naughty intentions without saying a word.

Knowing emoji code can help you flirt over texts without exposing your intentions in public.

Draw from your own personal experiences:

You can spice things up quickly by using a hottish moment from the past.

Send a text like “I love the way you look at me” or naughtier times to help you create the fantasy and build tension.

But don’t be afraid to open up about your fantasies, as well:

If you are unable to talk about the things you want to try in bed when he/she is right in front of you then the perfect way to be flirty is using text messages to put your fantasies out there.

Be more specific in your flirty dirty intentions:

You need to be more specific when trying to flirt over text in your sexy details because it’s better for a guy or a girl to be able to imagine what’s in your mind.

As result, it’ll be easier to keep the flirty conversation going over text.

Ask flirty dirty questions:

Ask flirty dirty questions (guys or girls) that are not completely on point to help you to leave plenty of room for fantasy, while the conversation moves forward.

For example:

“What do you think of this?” [send a naughty picture ]

“What would we be doing if we were together right now?”

Get ready with follow-up questions:

This is most important to have a flirty conversation over text to come up with at least five to seven sexy leading questions prior to your flirting chat.

These planned questions will help you move things quickly as well as limit awkwardness.

Include flirty voice messages:

Including the voice recordings in between flirty texts to make the convo as natural as possible. because sexy voices seem more humorous.

Close your eyes and imagine your partner/crush doing all the naughty things to you that you love.

Record the sounds and send them to a girl or a guy with confidence.

Use indirect words when referring to something naughty:

Using mild words or expressions in place of medical terms for intimate acts and body parts sounds more sensual when the other person reads them back.

Prepare a vocabulary in advance to make the conversation more fluent for hot moments.

Memes and GIFs are good for flirting too:

You can include flirty memes and gifs in context to love-making in your texts to add more comfort to the conversation without being original.

Have fun:

Flirt over text is a form of teasing and at the same time fantasies about the mischievous moments where you hold the power, therefore, have fun with it!


I hope you have found these tips helpful on how to flirt over text with a crush guy, girl, or girlfriend/boyfriend.

Moreover, here are some useful questions to ask, ice breakers, and conversation starters to help you make a list of follow-up questions and chat-up topics over text for smooth flirting with guys or girls as well as a girlfriend or boyfriend.

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