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Dirty Would You Rather Questions
Would You Rather Questions Dirty

If you are looking to increase the fun and double it up as a great dirty question game then these are the best dirty would you rather questions to ask your girlfriend, boyfriend, crush, friend, couple, or someone new!

Moreover, not only you can play dirty would you rather game with friends and couples but it’s a great game for someone new to get to know him or her as well!

Also, you can spice things up on a first date with dirty would you rather questions generator if your date is comfortable answering to make a girl/guy laugh and shocked!

Therefore, I have compiled these ultimate lists of dirty questions to play flirty would you rather game.

Take a look and pick the fitting flirty would you rather dirty questions and enjoy!

Ultimate Dirty Would You Rather Questions For Girls & Guys 2022

Here are the best juicy would you rather questions for dirty intentions to a guy or a girl on date night, at a party, sleepover, etc to know each other desires or for fun. Pick your favorite would you rather dirty questions to ask him or her.

“Whip or be whipped?”

“Dominate or be dominated?”

“Have a cupboard full of s*x toys or kinky outfits?”

“Sleep with someone on the first date or wait for six months?”

“Have unbelievable s*x that lasts ten minutes or average s*x that lasts an hour?”

“Your partner be kinky or romantic?”

“Have it while the light on or the light off?”

“Have s*x in the shower or on the kitchen table?”

“Cuddle up in front of a fireplace, or light your fire in bed?”

“Wrestle n*ked in a pool of Jello or chocolate pudding?”

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“Make whoopee in your parents’ bed or at a mattress store?”

“Accidentally send a dirty text to your boss or a s*xy voicemail to your mom?”

“Talk dirty to me over the phone or through text/picture messages?”

“Make love at the movies or in the back seat of my car?”

“Make love on a beach or in a Jacuzzi?”

“Lose your sense of feeling during love or lose your sense of taste?”

“Tease with hot wax or with ice cubes?”

“Play teacher’s pets or play doctor?”

“Get a massage with peanut butter or maple syrup?”

“French kiss Betty White or Miley Cyrus?”

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“Take a body shot off of me or me take a body shot off of you?”

“Walk in on your parents making love, or have them walk in on you?”

“Be caught in the act by a cop or your in-laws?”

“Do it in 32° weather or in 100° weather?”

“Take a bubble bath or a steamy shower?”

“Cuddle in the morning or at night?”

“Be on top or on the bottom?”

“Be n*ked once in public or be a “never-n*de”?”

“Have a hickey or give a hickey?”

“Walk in on your best friend n*ked, or have your best friend walk in on you n*ked?”

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“Have a n*ked picture of you become an internet meme or be caught on camera n*ked during a live newscast?”

“Make love with your celebrity crush or get paid $5,000?”

“Sleep with your partner’s siblings or your best friend’s sibling?”

“Have average s*x every day for the rest of your life or great s*x once a year for the rest of your life?”

“Have s*x with a new person every year or one person for the rest of your life?”

“See your parents have s*x or have your parents watch you have s*x?”

“Get a job promotion or sleep with your hot colleague?”

“Receive a s*xy text message or a s*xy n*de photo?”

“Be caught having s*x at your workplace or have your boss knowingly watch you have s*x?”

“Have with your clothes on for a year or never see your partner fully n*ked again?”

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“Have really adventurous s*x or romantic for the rest of your life?”

“Kiss someone in the dark or make out in a public setting?”

“Have in a car or in a tent?”

“Receive an erotic letter or send a dirty text message?”

“Have one partner or multiple partners?”

“Have s*x with my best friend, or with your best friend?”

“Bring another person in bed or cheat on me?”

“Do romantic things or try out some new kinky ideas?”

“End a first date with s*x or with a passionate kiss?”

“Be caught cheating or catch your spouse cheating?”

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“Pay or be paid to have s*x?”

“Do it in a public place or in your parents’ house?”

“Do it against the wall or on the bed?”

“Be handcuffed or blindfolded?”

“Do it with protection or without?”

“Be kissed on the lips over and over or be kissed all over?”

“Be woken up with breakfast in bed or very romantic and sensual morning s*x that ends with a powerful climax?”

“Have a premature climax or never climax at all?”

“Have s*x that lasts for 3 minutes or one that lasts for 3 hours nonstop?”

“Talk in a romantic way and laugh together for hours prior to s*x or we cuddle quietly for hours before doing it?”

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“Get a blow*ob right before bed or be woken up by it?”

“Have s*x at specified times or be surprised by it randomly?”

“Play the maid or a romantic s*xy doctor?”

“Do it in extreme cold or extreme heat?”

“Want a bad boy/naughty girl or nice guy/ proper lady?”

“Bring food into the bedroom or props?”

“Get a tattoo with my name in a secret spot or get matching tattoos?”

“Get spanked or do the spanking?”

“Make-love in an elevator or the back of a taxicab?”

“Make love three times a day for two months straight or not make love for a month?”

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“Give a lap dance or get one?”

“Be blindfolded or have me wear the blindfold?”

“Always initiate s*x or have a “needing” partner?

“Have your hair pulled or your back scratched?”

“Have another 10 years with your partner or a one-night stand with your celebrity crush?”

Dirty Would You Rather Questions For Couples 2022

Here are would you rather questions dirty for couples to ask each other to spice things up to get in the mood.

“Get a dirty good morning text or a dirty good night text?”

“Shower together or apart?”

“Know my romantic fantasy or tell me yours?”

“Kiss me in public or kiss me in private?”

“Be cheated on by a partner, or cheat on a partner?”

“Never wear underclothes again or never wear socks again?”

“Have your naughty search history published or never be able to get excited watching a naughty movie?”

“Go to the grocery store in your underclothes or go to the beach n*de?”

“Have your partner dirty talk or be completely silent during s*x?”

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“On top or underneath?”

“Spend all day or all night together?”

“Never have food again or never have s*x again?”

“Have a long kiss or a short pec?”

“Kiss all night or cuddle all night?”

“Make love on a beach or in a Jacuzzi?”

“Find a video of me with someone else or just the photos?”

“We do it more in the winter or is summer?”

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“I will be in control in bed or we give each other time to show their prowess?”

“Tie your partner or have your partner tie you up?”

“Do it with your significant other all day or do it all night?”

“Have more 4play with your partner or more love with your partner?”

Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend 2022

These are juicy questions to play dirty would you rather game with your girlfriend and spice things quickly.

“Would you rather have perfect b**bs or a perfect b*tt?”

“Your boyfriend has length or girth?”

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“Be teased with feathers of ice cubes?”

“Date a rich playboy or poor cool kid?”

“Be surprised in bed or always know what’s coming?”

“Hated by everyone but me or loved by everyone but me?”

“Give a golden shower or receive one?”

“Cheat on your partner or catch him cheating?”

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“Your in-laws or a cop caught you having s*x?”

“Be with a romantic guy or a kinky guy?”

“Have a boyfriend or a friend with benefit?”

“Be pinned against the wall during s*x or be pinned on the floor?”

“Make love under the stars or under the rain?”

Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend 2022

These spicy would you rather questions for boyfriend to express your dirty intentions. Enjoy!

“Cuddle every day or shower together every day?”

“I will be flirty or funny?”

“Your girlfriend has a big bottom or big bust?”

“Watch your girlfriend touch herself or have her watch you touch yourself?”

“Date a girl with a perfect body or a girl who’s great in bed?”

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“Give a golden shower or receive one?”

“Have a h*ckey or give a girl h*ckey?”

“Be h*rny all the time or only on one day per year?”

“Be with a romantic girl or a kinky girl?”

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“Have a girlfriend or a friend with benefit?”

Dirty Would You Rather Questions For Best Friend 2022

Here are some of the best would you rather questions dirty for friends to have a fun time knowing dirty secrets about them.

“Have fluorescent pubic hair or extra-long pubic hair?”

“Have s*x with Queen Elizabeth or Hillary Clinton?”

“Have with your doctor or your boss?”

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“Be with a quiet or passionate lover?”

“Have a partner who is a saint or someone who is super freaky?”

“Date someone with good looks or someone with more money?”

“Date someone of the same gender as you, opposite gender or either?”

“Watch a girl on a girl or guy on a guy video to get turned 0N?”

“Be in a committed relationship or be friends with benefits?”

“Make out with someone at a nightclub or at a funeral?”

“Have a quickie or an all-night escapade?”

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“Scream the wrong name or have your partner accidentally scream the wrong name in bed?”

“Be in a loveless marriage or a s*xless marriage?”

“F**k your high school crush or your celebrity crush?”

Dirty Would You Rather Questions For Your Crush 2022

These inappropriate questions to play would you rather game with your girl crush or guy crush. Enjoy!

“A one-night stand with a stranger or with a distant blood relation?”

“Be really good at s*x or be really good at 4play?”

“Be chained or be blindfolded?”

“Have a high body count or be with someone that has a high body count?”

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“Have it against the wall or on the floor?”

“French kiss your favorite model or french kiss your favorite actor?”

“Fool around with your partner all day or all night?”

Dirty Would You Rather Questions For Adults (video) 2022

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I hope these dirty would you rather questions help you know your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, or crush.

Moreover, you can make your own variant of the dirty question game inspired by these dirty game questions.

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