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Red Flags In A Relationship

We are always told to be aware of the people who show us Red Flags.

But what are those Red Flags in a relationship? How do you identify them?

When you are in love, the romance and the excitement can blind you, and may not see those red flags in your relationship.

According To Experts: Red Flags In A Relationship

As psychotherapist Annette Nuñez, M.S., Ph.D. explained to mindbodygreen, red flags “give you a funny feeling that something isn’t right.” and something you should always keep an eye on.

Some red flags are more dangerous than others, as psychotherapist and relationship expert Ken Page, LCSW, said, they can range from “proceed with caution” to “absolutely don’t go there,” according to the severity of their behavior.

Here I have compiles some of the common toxic signs to help you identify red flags to be aware of in a relationship.


  • If your partner is addicted to alcohol or drugs which impacts his/her professional and personal life, that might end up affecting you.
  • Moreover, they might end up harming you while under substance influence, a clear sign of a red flag.


  • If your partner is someone who demonstrates violence to you or others, is a huge red flag.
  • It shows that they still haven’t figured out how to channel their anger.
  • This could also mean that they lack empathy for others.

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Regular jealousy and distrust

  • Another big red flag is when your partner consistently doubts you.
  • If your partner controls where you go and what you do, which steals you of your basic individual rights.

Intimidating Nature

  • An intimidating spouse or partner is someone who controls every move you make, from what you eat to what you wear.
  • This suggests that a person has some deep unsolved issues, and they want you to act on their terms.

Frequent Lying

  • If your partner lies about every little and big thing, is not the right person to build a relationship with.
  • This frequent lying might lead to cheating or financial infidelity, and these are the signs of an unhealthy relationship.

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Non-Compromising Nature

  • If your partner does not compromise at all and you are the one to always do it, then you might end up being used, hurt, resentful and exhausted.
  • To have a healthy relationship, it is important to consider each other’s needs.
  • Otherwise, it’s early red flags in a relationship, and you should be aware of them.

Unwillingness To Communicate

  • A partner who’s not interested to have a conversation will never understand you or your emotions and will end up hurting you.
  • Healthy communication is the foundation of any relationship and it is the bare minimum, if not then that’s a huge red flag there.


  • Egocentric people tend to make everything about them, and won’t acknowledge your existence.
  • They are usually the ones with a superiority complex, and they lack empathy.
  • A huge red flag because you won’t be seen with them.


  • Gaslighting is a type of manipulation that is used to maintain control over you.
  • When a person always plays the victim and blames everything on you, that’s what gaslighting is.
  • Gaslighters will never understand you and will call you dramatic for showing emotions.

No Mutual Respect

  • Mutual respect is the foundation of any relationship.
  • If they fail to give you respect, they will end up humiliating you every time, in front of their friends and family, which may destroy your self-esteem.
  • If there is no respect, there shouldn’t be a relationship.


  • If they are obsessive/compulsive about you, they will stalk every move you make, you’ll always feel like under observation.
  • You will be deprived of your freedom.
  • Obsession gives rise to continuous doubting as well. Hence, is a big red flag.

Constant Criticism

  • If he or she always demeans you, passes comments, and makes you feel less of yourself, that counts as a red flag.
  • Constant criticism can kill your self-esteem and damage you emotionally.
  • They will always try and look for your faults, and never appreciate your good work, which eventually will affect your growth.

They Are Secretive

  • If you catch them keeping a lot of secrets then you should know that’s a physical sign of red flag.
  • Because they could be hiding some stuff about their past which might play an important role in your relationship.

They Keep Talking About Their Ex

  • If you find him/her talking excessively about their ex while in a romantic relationship with you, simply means they are still not fully over them.
  • If your partner is still not over his/her ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, they won’t give you full attention.
  • This is an easy red flag to identify in a relationship. Therefore, find someone who loves you fully because you deserve better.


  • Physical or emotional abuse is one of the most dangerous red flags of all.
  • You should be brave enough to acknowledge it and get out of it asap.
  • Abusive behavior can get serious and end in you being in a hospital.
  • It’s better to identify the toxic signs early and leave.

These are some of the most common red flags that I have gathered for you.

It is important for you to recognize them in their early stages and take necessary caution before it gets any serious.

Also talk to your friends, family, and professionals to get more clarity on these signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Red Flags in a relationship with a man?

    Red flags in a man are when he is being abusive, possessive, controlling, secretive, etc. These are the threat signs, should be recognized soon.

  2. Red flags in a relationship with a woman?

    Some of the red flags in women are when they are being mean, non-compromising, secretive, etc.

  3. Early red flags in a relationship?

    Your partner disrespects you, tries to control you, doubts you all the time, etc are some of the examples of early red flags which need to be acknowledged and taken care of soon.

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