11 Things: What Is Considered Cheating In A Relationship 2024

What Is Considered Cheating in a Relationship
What is cheating in a relationship

Cheating is the worst thing that one human can do to another. It emotionally damages the person who is being cheated on.

Now, what is considered cheating in a relationship, or how to identify it?

How do you know if you are being cheated on or crossing that fine line between very friendly and cheating?

Cheating is being disloyal to your partner emotionally or physically and getting attached to another person while you already share an intimate relationship with your partner.

What Is Considered Cheating in a Relationship?

Honestly, there is no universal rule, and different people might have different versions of cheating in their minds.

The level of cheating depends on how much comfort and understanding, the partners have with each other.

These easy to identify obvious signs of cheating are submitted by relationship experts on online/offline media.

Therefore, below are some common behaviors and actions (texting, kissing, dating, etc.) that tell if your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating in a romantic relationship.

Getting Emotionally Involved

  • This is when someone gets emotionally attached to someone, maybe more than their partner.
  • It might not have any physical intimacy, but it can involve a very deep connection and understanding while the level of connection deteriorates with their partner.
  • Your partner should be the one you connect so deeply with, and if that is not the case then it is pretty sure that something is wrong.
  • Moreover, emotional cheating is what leads to physical intimacy, do not take it lightly, especiallyin a long-distance relationship.

Long conversation

  • If he/she talks to someone new (crush) more than you, from Good Morning to Good Night, something is wrong.
  • Constant messaging is not wrong but if it is non-stop and done in a flirty way then it is worrisome, and you should confront him/her about it.

Frequent lying

  • If you find your partner lying about things, like staying late at work or hiding phone or laptop passwords from you then there may be something up.
  • Be it a love affair or any sort of relationship, if you lie to someone to be with someone else, it is considered cheating.

Flirting with others

  • If he/she is over-friendly with someone else while already in a committed relationship, it can raise many questions.
  • Spending a significant amount of time with someone, almost always on call or text, or making each other blush is one of the obvious signs of cheating in a relationship.
  • Flirting itself might not count as cheating but when it goes on for some time, it is very likely to give rise to a relationship that will be considered cheating.

Getting obsessed with another person

  • If you suddenly find a change in his/her behavior like talking about a particular person way more than usual, so much so that it gets annoying and unbearable for you.
  • Not only that, but buying them gifts, calling them home way more than usual, and meeting them too often outside as well.
  • It’s a red flag when you confront him/her about what is going on and he/she blames it on you for doubting.

Hiding your relationship

  • Hiding about your relationship with your family and relatives is one thing, but if you find them hiding it randomly while talking to a girl or boy, that is very suspicious.
  • They hide it because they want to show the other person that they are available. And that other person might develop feelings for them without actually knowing the whole truth.

Money Infidelity

  • If you are married or in an advanced level of your relationship where you share your finances with each other, and probably have a shared bank account between you two for a while.
  • And, all of a sudden you find them transactions money without asking for your consent and making lame excuses for it later on.
  • They could be transactions that money to their recent crush or love interest. This is one of the most common things that are considered cheating in a relationship.

Obsession with Objects

  • This might not be a known way or some might not even consider it cheating and betrayal, maybe not with another human being.
  • Obsession with objects is when you get obsessed with material things more than you are with your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • This might be the newest hobby like gaming, gambling, or p*rn*graphy.
  • Giving material hobbies more priority than their significant other is considered cheating in a relationship.


  • When he/she is romantically attracted to someone for a short span but for that brief time, emotionally and intimately attracted towards them.
  • Your partner won’t see anything else, may not realize that it’s just a passing phase of exchanging compliments and sympathies, and won’t last long.
  • Often desires come from seeing a reflection of your partner in someone else and that’s what makes your partner attracted to others.


  • This is the most obvious sign of cheating when getting physically attracted to someone without investing himself/herself emotionally.
  • Most of the time it might happen when you are drunk, out of the heat of the moment, or intentionally.
  • These sorts of people might come up and make excuses like ” it was just lusting” or ” they didn’t mean it” but don’t get affected by their words.

Lack of clarity

  • This type of cheating is most widely seen in today’s teenagers, who like to play around a lot.
  • Won’t commit to you fully, give a name to the relationship, or label it but won’t break away from it either.
  • In addition to that, they would go fooling around with others and when confronted they would simply say they are not committed to you.
  • Don’t be a toy to these sorts of people, identify the signs and run for your life.

Last Words

Getting cheated on orcheated on someone is the most brutal thing in any relationship, especially romantic ones.

If you find yourself getting cheated on then don’t waste another second, just get away from it.

Move out, talk to your friends, and if it gets any worse then take some professional help to heal from it.

And, if you find yourself cheating on someone then the only thing you can do is apologize to your partner and give them enough space to heal from it.

Hopefully, these signs of what’s considered cheating in a relationship have shed some light on your doubts or confusion.

You can check out this relationship advice for a girlfriend as we as advice for a boyfriend for a better long-term relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is lying considered cheating in a relationship?

    Yes, it is. Although it depends on the context in which you are being lied to. If the person is lying to you just so she or he could put someone else above you, then definitely it is.

  2. Is it cheating if you are not official?

    Yes, if you have committed to someone personally then doing it officially doesn’t matter. And, so it shall be counted as cheating.

  3. Why do people cheat in a relationship instead of ending it first?

    More often it is because it’s hard to break up with someone you are attached to for so long, or they might not be very sure about the new person in their life, and so they don’t want to lose their partner either.

  4. Why do people cheat on their partners?

    Because they fall out of love with them while falling for someone else, could be because of lust and infatuation too.

  5. What is considered cheating with your husband?

    More than emotional investments, husbands are more worried about their wives getting physically attracted to other men.
    So, if you find yourself getting romantically attracted to other men then it is time you put a stop to meeting and conversing with that man, it can affect your marriage.

  6. What is considered cheating with your wife?

    Talking and spending more time with another woman way more than need be, and being flirty with her more often, is considered cheating on your wife.
    Also, if you get emotionally attached to another woman more than your wife, get attracted, and she might consider it cheating too.
    The best way to avoid this is by not giving in to the temptation and by spending more fun time with your wife.

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