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Who Knows Me Better Questions

How well do you know me questions?

If you are looking to play a fun game with your friends, family, partner, etc then here are some of the best Who knows me better questions.

All you need is at least two people to play this game andchallenge each other with questions about who knows me better.

Bookmark this article to access these questions to ask your girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, friends, sister, cousin, etc.

To play this game, take a sheet of paper and write the names of the players on it.

On the sheet of paper, you count how many correct answers each player has got. Every player has to answer every question.

Moreover, these questions are the best way to start a conversation as well as an icebreaker to know someone.

Take a look below and pick suitable questions to ask and have a fun time. Enjoy!

Funny Who Knows Me Better Questions To Ask 2024

Here are who knows me better questions funny version. Take a look and pick suitable funny questions to ask your friends, family, partner, crush, or others.

Funny Who Knows Me Better Questions

“Would I rather eat a bar of chocolate or a bag of chips in one sitting?”

“What was the most embarrassing moment in my life?”

“What was the most illegal thing I’ve ever done?”

“Would I ever go on a blind date?”

“Which Disney character am I?”

“What always distracts me while learning?”

“What is something that I look really stupid doing?”

“What always makes me smile?”

“Which word do I say way too often?”

“What is one thing I hate?”

“What kind of superhero would I be?”

“What is my most embarrassing childhood memory?”

“If I were an animal, what would I be?”

“What meal could I eat every day?”

“What alcoholic drink best describes my personality and why?”

“What would the exact opposite of me be like?”

“When was the last time that I peed in my pants?”

“Have I ever had a crush on an animated character?”

“Have I kissed anybody in the last five days?”

“What strange habit did I have as a kid?”

“What is one thing I love?”

“Would I rather date a stupid or ugly person?”

“What’s my most annoying habit?”

“What childish thing do I still enjoy?”

Good Who Knows Me Best Questions 2024

Good Who Knows Me Better Questions

“Who is my hero?”

“If I could live anywhere, where would it be?”

“What is my biggest fear?”

“What is my favorite family vacation?”

“What really makes me angry?”

“What motivates me to work hard?”

“What is my proudest accomplishment?”

“What is my child’s proudest accomplishment?”

“What is my favorite book to read?”

“What makes me laugh the most?”

“What was the last movie I went to? What did I think?”

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“If I could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?”

“Would I rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car?”

“What two radio stations do I listen to in the car the most?”

“Which would I rather do: wash dishes, mow the lawn, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the house?”

“Who is my favorite author?”

Hard Who Knows Me Best Questions 2024

Hard Who Knows Me Better Questions

“What do I consider to be the most important invention of my lifetime, and why?”

“What is the greatest song ever written that I like?”

“What is the oddest product I’ve ever come across?”

“What has been the most beautiful compliment I’ve ever received?”

“What’s the saddest film I’ve ever seen?”

“What is my favorite part of the day to unwind?”

“What’s the funniest book and movie I’ve ever seen? And what is my favorite book?”

“What is the best meal I’ve ever had?”

“What has been the hottest spot I’ve ever visited?”

“What is the most beautiful natural thing I have ever observed?”

“What was the most recent movie I saw? What were my thoughts on it?”

“When I was younger, what did I want to be?”

“What do I want your child to be when he or she grows up?”

“What would I do if I had the freedom to do anything for a day?”

“What is my favorite sport or game to watch and participate in?”

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“Which do I prefer: riding a bike, horseback riding, or driving a car?”

“What would I perform at a Karaoke party?”

“Which two radio stations do I listen to the most in my car?”

“What would I eat if I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life?”

“Have you ever been called by a nickname? If yes, what exactly is it?”

“Do you like or dislike surprises? Why do I think that is?”

“Would I rather play a game, see a relative, watch a movie, or read in the evening?”

“Which would I prefer to visit: Hawaii or Alaska, and why?”

“Would I like to win the lottery or have the ideal job? And why is that?”

“If I were stuck on a deserted island, who would I want to be with?”

“What would I do all day if money were no object?”

“Which year would I visit if you could travel back in time?”

“Do I own numerous pairs of shoes?”

“What superpowers would I have if I were a superhero?”

Juicy Who Knows Me Better Quiz 2024

Juicy Who Knows Me Better Questions

“Have I ever talked on the phone while doing it?”

“Have I ever used food for 4play?”

“Have I ever flirted using dirty jokes?”

“Do I like to play a dirty truth or dare game?”

“Have I ever had s*x in a car?”

“When I had it on the kitchen table?”

“What are my hidden kinky fantasies?”

Questions For Who Knows Me Better Boyfriend/Girlfriend 2024

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Have I ever kissed anyone of the same gender romantically?

“Which parts of my body have birthmarks?”

“When did you and I kiss for the first time in a public place?”

“Which part of your body can I never get enough of?”

“What are my favorite three things about you?”

“When and where was our first photo together taken?”

“What is the most recent gift I gave you?”

“What is my favorite thing to see you in?”

“What’s my dream date night?”

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“Be honest, who do you think is better with financial stuff, you or me?”

“What did I most enjoy about our first date?”

“What is my ideal romantic getaway?”

“Am I the jealous type and do you wish it wasn’t so?”

“Is there an ex that I consider a friend at this point?”

“Whose marriage do I admire the most?”

“Does the idea of divorce scare me?”

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Couples 2024

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Couples

“What’s my favorite TV Show?”

“Who is my best friend?”

“What’s my favorite ice cream flavor?”

“Who is my celebrity crush?”

“What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me?”

“What’s my favorite color?”

“What’s my biggest pet peeve?”

“What’s my favorite subject in school?”

“What position do I sleep in?”

“How many siblings do I have?”

“What’s my favorite movie?”

“How do I feel about your parents?”

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“What is my favorite meal of the day?”

“What’s my favorite restaurant?”

“Did I play any sports in college?”

“What outfit do I feel sexiest in?”

“Where do I love being kissed, other than on the lips?”

“Where is my favorite place to kiss you besides the lips?”

“How many serious relationships have I had before meeting you?”

“How long did my longest relationship last?”

“What’s the story behind my absolute worst date ever?”

“Was I ever cheated on or the one who cheated?”

“In what ways do I show you that I love you?”

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Parents 2024

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Parents

“What position do I sleep in?”

“Have I ever walked in my sleep?”

“If someone isn’t feeling well, what is my advice?”

“Do I have any tattoos, and when did I get them?”

“When I’m in a bad mood, is it easy to tell?”

“What household chores do I struggle with?”

“Have I ever stolen anything?”

“Am I a good driver?”

“Would I change my name if I could?”

“What time do I usually wake up?”

“Who do people say I look like in our family?”

“Which family member would I haunt first if I were a ghost?”

“What was my favorite thing to do growing up?”

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“What is my favorite childhood memory?”

“What was my favorite flavor of ice cream growing up?”

“What is the weirdest Halloween costume I’ve ever worn?”

“What was my favorite book as a kid?”

“What was my first job as a kid or teenager?”

“Which family member was I most likely to hang out with growing up?”

“Whom did I look up to as a kid?”

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Friends Quiz 2024

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Best Friend Or Friends

“How many people am I friends with?”

“What’s something you know about me that no one else does?”

“Would I rather go out or stay at home?”

“Who was the person I was last in a relationship with?”

“Name the person I was most in love with.”

“What’s my favorite outfit to wear?”

“What is my least favorite color?”

“What do my parents say about me?”

“What was my last post on social media?”

“Which girl/guy at school am I most like?”

“What’s my least favorite activity to do?”

“Who is my current celebrity crush?”

Who was my crush five years ago?

“What does love mean for me?”

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“How do I spend a usual Saturday night?”

“How did I lose my v*rginity?”

“Who is the man/woman of my dreams?”

“What’s the story behind my first kiss?”

“Would I ever kiss someone on the first date?”

“How old was I when I started dating?”

“Have I ever cheated on someone?”

“Do I have any siblings? What are their names?”

“What’s the length of my longest romantic relationship?”

“Who was my first real love?”

“Who was my first crush?”

“How did my last relationship end?”

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Family Quiz 2024

Here are some of the best who knows me better questions for family questions to help you know your family members better and deeper. Pick a suitable who knows me best questions for family.

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Family

Who is my favorite actress?

“How much money do I earn?”

“When do I usually brush my teeth?”

“Do I prefer jeans or sweatpants?”

“How’s my favorite weather like?”

“What was my favorite toy as a child?”

“What took me way too long to figure out?”

“How could I save the world?”

“What are my hidden talents?”

“Have I ever been in a fight?”

“Do I prefer rain or snow?”

“Which is my favorite sport?”

“How tall am I?”

“Who’s my best friend?”

“What was my favorite TV show as a child?”

“What is my favorite restaurant?”

“What is my favorite season?”

“Do I believe in aliens?”

“Who was my first best friend?”

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Cousins 2024

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Cousins

“How and when did we both meet?”

“What’s my favorite memory together?”

“Describe each other in three words.”

“What’s our favorite make-up brand?”

“What is my dream job?”

“Who takes longer to get ready?”

“Favorite film we’ve seen together and why?”

“What was the last thing I bought?”

“Do I sing in the shower?”

“Who is best looking?”

“Am I a good cook?”

“What time do I get up?”

“Any nickname?”

“Blackberry or iPhone?”

“Pants or dresses?”

“Favorite animal?”

“Have I ever liked one of your friends?”

“Complete this statement: “My cousin is…”

I hope these questions for who knows me better are a fun activity to play with friends, family, parents, couple, partners, etc.

Moreover, check out these questions to ask, conversation starter, and icebreaker questions to get more ideas for different moods or situations.

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