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This Or That Questions To Ask A Girl Or Guy

If you are looking for this or that questions or similar to would you rather game questions for couples, friends, students, etc then you found the right place.

These are the best this or that questions to ask a girl or guy list whether you are a couple, friends, or acquaintances.

Playing a fun question game with your friends or partner can let you have an exciting conversation.

However, sometimes it can be hard to come up with questions that suit the situation or mood and that can be challenging.

Therefore, here are some of the best this or that would you rather questions to have a fun time with your friends or partner.

Some of the section below includes questions that are dirty, flirty, and funny to play a this or that game according to the situation or mood.

Moreover, you can use these this or that game questions to ask over text or face to face as well.

Take a look and pick suitable questions for the game that is similar to would you rather questions and yes or no questions.

This Or That Questions For Adults 2024

“Marry a bright person in this world or marry the hottest person in this world?”

“Marry someone who doesn’t love you or someone who you don’t love?”

“Staying single for the rest of your life or be forced into a marriage arranged by your parents?”

“Dumped by someone or dump someone else?”

“Have your naked photo shared to all people that know you or run naked in the entire street?”

“Be embarrassed or be afraid?”

“Cooking or being cooked for?”

“Play or standup show?”

“Roommates or live alone?”

“Attend a party or host a party?”

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“Espresso or drip coffee?”

“Hot coffee or iced coffee?”

“Red wine or white wine?”

“Salad or sandwich?”

This Or That Questions For Students | Little Funny 2024

“English or Math?”

“Gym or Art?”

“Science or History?”

“Group work or solo work?”

“Art projects or science projects?”

“Forget your pencil or forget a notebook?”

“Teacher reads your text message aloud or teacher tells the whole class your grade?”

“Pen or pencil?”

“Physical planners or digital planners?”

“Save as you go, or save at the end?”

“Spelling bee or math bee?”

“Big class or small class?”

“Chemistry or biology?”

“Geometry or algebra?”

“Cheerleader or mascot?”

“Prom or homecoming?”

“College or high school?”

Hard This Or That Questions 2024

“Smartest person in the world or richest person in the world?”

“Save 100 strangers or one loved one?”

“See the future or change the past?”

“Sight or sound?”

“Logic or emotion?”

“Words or actions?”

“Passion or stability?”

“Predictability or excitement?”

“Growth or security?”

“Money or love?”

“Success or happiness?”

“Apathy or obsession?”

“Skill or popularity?”

“Cherished or respected?”

“Intense pain for ten minutes or dull pain for one day?”

“Happy endings or sad endings?”

“False hope or unnecessary anxiety?”

“Massive success by accident or modest success on purpose?”

“Regret or doubt?”

“Underestimated or overestimated?”

“No company or bad company?”

“Painful truth or comforting lie?”

“Pause time or rewind time?”

“Free travel for one year or free lodging for five years?”

“Second chance at love or second chance for your career?”

This Or That Questions To Ask A Guy 2024

“Cheat or be cheated on?”

“Someone tells you the brutal truth or have them lie to protect your feelings?”

“All the chats on your phone leak or all the photos?”

“Be happy, wealthy, or healthy?”

“Forgive or forget?”

“Take a vow of silence or a vow of celibacy for your entire life?”

“Get stuck in an elevator with your ex or with your partner and their ex?”

“Be criticized or ignored?”

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“Marry someone who doesn’t love you or marry someone you do not love?”

“Kiss every person you meet or never kiss your partner again?”

This Or That Questions For Girl 2024

“Breakfast in bed or a midnight snack?”

“Read a romantic novel together or watch a romantic movie together?”

“Slow dance with your partner or dance to a fast beat?”

“Write a love letter or get a love letter 💌?”

“Give up dates or kisses?”

“An unbalanced relationship where you love them more or they love you more?”

“Be with a jealous partner or a distant one?”

“Meet the love of your life in high school or at the age of 30?”

“Outlive your partner or have them outlive you?”

“You out-earn your partner or have them out-earn you?”

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“Have a skin that changes color based on your emotions or tattoos that appear all over your body whenever you are dishonest?”

“Have quintuplets or have no kids?”

“Have a spouse that chews loudly or spits when they talk?”

“Find out your partner hates dogs or that they cheated on their ex?”

“Date someone with their ex’s name tattooed on their chest or date someone whose ex lives next door?”

Dirty This Or That Questions 2024

“Group wedding or group s*x?”

“B**bs or b*tts?”

“Hugs or kisses?”

“Legs or thighs?”

“Licking or s*cking?”

“S*x in the car or in the hallway?”

“S*x on the first date or on the first day at school?”

“S*x or cuddling?”

“S*x with your crush or with your ex?”

“Be in one committed relationship or have several partners?”

“Date someone who dates/ has dated men and women, or just men/women?”

“Be with someone who has had lots of partners or no partners before you?”

“Be with someone you can’t trust or someone you do trust but don’t love?”

“Never fall in love or never have children?”

“Have s*x without love or love without s*x?”

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“Spend all day or all night together?”

“Never have food again or never have s*x again?”

“Have s*x inside or outside?”

“Be with a quiet or passionate lover?”

“Have a s*xy shower or a s*xy bath?”

“A long kiss or a short pec?”

“Play-fight or role play?”

This Or That Questions For Friends 2024

“Call first thing in the morning or call in the middle of the night?”

“Photos or videos?”

“Social media message or text message?”

“Group hangout or one-on-one hangout?”

“Share food or don’t share food?”

“Instagram or Twitter?”

“Shopping online or shopping in-store?”

“Tattoos or piercings?”

“Store-bought or homemade?”

“Plans or surprises?”

“Books or movies?”

“Roller coasters or water slides?”

“Letter or emails?”

“Android or iPhone?”

“Brand name or generic?”

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“Bargain or top-shelf?”

“Loud or quiet?”

“Protagonist or sidekick?”

“Girl friends or guy friends?”

“Animals or people?”

“Weekends or holidays?”

“Day or night?”

“Watch sports or play sports?”

“Driving fast or driving slow?”

This Or That Questions For Couples 2024

“Dogs or cats?”

“Big family or small family?”

“Big wedding or small wedding?”

“Night out or night in?”

“Coffee date or cocktail date?”

“Calling or texting?”

“Expensive gift or homemade gift?”

“Sleeping with the bedroom door closed or open?”

“Talking or listening?”

“Walk slow or walk fast?”

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“Looks or personality?”

“Clean as you cook or clean up at the end?”

“Exercise together or watch a movie together?”

“Scream at each other or give each other the silent treatment?”

“Go out for date night or do date night at home?”

“Have a kiss every day or a hug every day?”

“Go on a fun date or be given an expensive gift?”

“Tell a lie for a good reason or tell the truth for a bad reason?”

“Have your heart broken or be the heartbreaker?”

“Have more time or more money?”

“Love your partner more or have them love you more?”

“Be a leader or a follower?”

Romantic This Or That Questions For Couples 2024

“Hold my hand or put your arm around my waist?”

“Kiss in public or kiss in private?”

“Go watch a movie or go watch the sunset?”

“Kiss on the cheek or kiss on the forehead?”

“Peck on the lips or French kiss?”

“Cuddle under the stars or cuddle under a blanket?”

“Go to a photo booth or take silly selfies?”

“I cook you breakfast in bed or a candlelit dinner?”

“Sing to me or play me a song on guitar?”

“Go skinny dipping or dive in fully-clothed?”

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“Draw pictures in the sand or make pictures out of clouds?”

“Take a shower with me or a bath with me?”

“Talk to me on the phone or through text messages?”

“Pass notes or send text messages?”

“Kiss on the first date or wait a few dates?”

“Get smacked on the b*tt or kissed on the cheek?”

“See me in a bathing suit or in lingerie?”

“Cuddle with me or make out?”

“Buy a card or make a card?”

“Write a love letter or write a poem?”

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“Receive a love letter or receive a poem?”

“Watch a romantic comedy with me or go shopping with me?”

“Get a pedicure with me or get a massage with me?”

“Receive a gift bought from the store or a gift made by hand?”

Fun This Or That Questions For Couples 2024

“Bumper cars or roller coasters?”

“Gummy bears or gummy worms?”

“Check dad’s or mom’s internet history?”

“Treasure or trash?”

“Barefoot or socks?”

“Sleep in the snow or dance in the rain?”

“Salty cake or sweet noodles?”

“Rice with sauce or cream with toast?”

“Long nose or long tooth?”

“Lose one finger or gain two fingers?”

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“Free Wi-Fi or unlimited coffee?”

“Get or give gifts?”

“Kiss a jellyfish or cobra?”

“Superpower of invisibility or ultimate strength?”

“No sweets again or no spicy food again?”

“Be a king or a politician?”

“Sweaty underarms or tangled hair?”

“Have three ears or 12 fingers?”

“Mom scolding you in public or dad not talking to you?”

“Be a monkey for a week or a robot for a month?”

This Or That Questions For Boyfriend Or Girlfriend 2024

“Stay in or go out for a date?”

“Get up early or stay up late?”

“Ask for help or figure it out yourself?”

“Be rich and famous or just rich?”

“Spend the day inside or outside?”

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“Watch a comedy movie or a horror movie?”

“Lose the ability to hear or lose the ability to walk?”

“Take a vow of celibacy or take a vow of silence?”

“Go to a bar, a club, a house party, or just stay home?”

“Be in a bad relationship for the rest of your life or have no SO for the rest of your life?”

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“Wear comfortable clothes or fashionable clothes?”

“Not shower for a week or not brush your teeth for a week?”

“Live in a hot or cold region?”

“Stay indoors and chill with your girlfriend/boyfriend or go out with friends?”

“Know everything about something or something about everything?”

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“Marry a rich girl/guy or the girl/guy you love?”

“Be funny or good-looking?”

“Itchy all the time or smelly all the time?”

“Be a dead hero or a living coward?”

“Read minds or control minds?”

“Receive a phone call or a video call?”

“Watch a comedy or horror movie?”

I hope these this or that questions are helpful to have a fun time with your girlfriend, boyfriend, crush, or friends.

Moreover, check out even more conversational questions that can be a really helpful resource for an interesting and engaging talk with your partner or friends.

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