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Truth Or Drink Sleepover Questions
Truth Or Drink Dirty Questions For Adults

Are you looking for sleepover truth or drink questions dirty edition to play with your friends, crush, or partner?

One of the best questions to ask in a drinking game (truth or shot questions) is to get a chance to reveal some secrets and get to know friends, crushes, or people you’re playing with.

The best way to play this drinking game questions is by writing these truth or drink questions on index cards and shuffling them up.

Moreover, these are ideal for truth and dare drinking question games.

Pick your favorite truth or drink questions for a sleepover with friends or your crush. Enjoy!

You can try these questions to ask that can help you with dirty, flirty, and romantic questions.

Great Truth Questions For Adults | Friends | Couples | 2024

Finding dirty truth about a partner (couples) can be easy but with a new friend or love interest because you never know what might offend them. Therefore start with these truth questions for adults and if you find him or her comfortable then you can move to sip or spill questions later.

Truth Sleepover Questions For Adults
truth or drink questions couples

“What’s your “number?”

“What’s the shortest amount of time you’ve known someone before h00king up?”

“Where is the grossest place you’ve ever h00ked up?”

“How far have you gone in public?”

What’s the biggest age gap you’ve had with a partner?”

“What’s your longest dry spell?”

“How many people in this room would you be willing to h00k up with?”

“Who is the most inappropriate person you’ve ever had a crush on?”

“Have you ever dirty texted?”

“What’s the dirtiest text you’ve ever received?”

“What conditions are necessary for h00king up on a first date?”

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“What h00k-up scene from a movie or TV show would you like to recreate?”

“How far are you willing to go with a cute stranger that you’ll never see again?”

“If you could cheat and no one would ever, ever find out, would you?”

“Have you ever read your bae’s texts over their shoulder?”

“If you could read all your partner’s texts with others, would you?”

“Do you secretly want the password for your bae’s phone?”

“Would you h00k up with your high school crush today?”

Gender Neutral Dirty Truth Or Drink Questions | Sleepover | 2024

If people you are playing this game are comfortable with r rated dirty questions then you can try these dirty truth or drink questions to ask a guy or a girl crush, friend, or anyone. Pick suitable dirty truth questions for sleepovers or anytime.

Dirty Truth Or Drink Sleepover Questions
Truth Or Drink Sleepover Questions Rated R

“What’s your most embarrassing fantasy?”

“What kind of r-rated do you search for?”

“Have you ever joined any app associated with risky behavior?”

“What’s the dirtiest picture you’ve ever sent?”

“What’s the dirtiest text you’ve sent?”

“What’s the most outrageous thing you can remember doing while “under the influence?”

“Have you ever asked for a dirty pic?”

“What’s your magic number now, and what do you wish it was?”

“What do you like to be called in b3d?”

“What’s your favorite body part on a girl/guy?”

“Describe the most embarrassing time you got turned 0N.”

“What is your strangest off-limits crush?”

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“Have you ever sl3pt with someone from work?”

“Have you ever done IT at work?”

“Do you like telling your partner what to do, or do you prefer to be told what to do?”

“Have you ever walked in on your parents?”

Juicy R Rated Dirty Truth Or Drink Questions For Couples 2024

These truth or drink questions for adults couple can be extremely useful to spark or make things hot and heavy in your relationship. Make a list of suitable r rated truth or drink dirty questions for him or her at a sleepover.

Dirty Truth Or Drink Sleepover Questions For Couples
Truth Or Drink Questions For Couples

“Did you ever two-time while being in a committed relationship?”

“At which age did you have your first kiss and with whom?”

“Did you ever stalk your ex?”

“Tell something dirty you were always afraid to express.”

“Will you allow me to check the browsing history on your mobile?”

“Were you ever attracted to someone of the same gender?”

“Have you ever had a crush on your best friend’s spouse?”

“Did you ever accidentally send a wrong intimate message to your colleague?”

“Did you ever break up with an ex right before their birthday to avoid buying them a birthday gift?”

“Did you ever have a tinder profile?”

“Does the scent of my perfume excite you?”

“Have you ever sent an inappropriate selfie to your ex?”

“What kind of food turns you 0n?”

“Describe your first int*mate experience.”

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“What is one thing about our physical affection that you miss when I’m not around?”

“Name two of your dirty guilty pleasures.”

“Would you mind entertaining somebody for M0NEY?”

“When was the longest time you have stayed in a bathroom and why?”

Funny Truth Or Drink Questions For Girls & Guys 2024

If you are looking for a fun time with your partner, friend or crush then these are good truth or drink questions you try and have a refreshing time.

Funny Truth Or Drink Sleepover Questions
Funny Truth Or Drink Sleepover Questions

“Would you rather go on a date at Burger King or Walmart?”

“Who do you think the person to your left should date?”

“Go around the room and smell everyone’s armpits to rate who in this room has the stinkiest armpits?”

“Whose Instagram account would you want to manage for a day and what would you do if you managed it?”

“If your crush had bad breath, would you offer them a mint or just stop liking them?”

“If gummy bears were healthy, would you eat a whole bowl of them for breakfast?”

“If your crush asked you to feel their hairy legs, would you do it?”

“What would you do if you found out your crush was a vegan but wore leather shoes?”

“If you could travel back in time, what prank would you play on your teenage parents?”

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“What prank would you want to play on your teacher/boss if you could get away with it?”

“If you wanted to make 0ut with someone at school, where would you do it?”

“Have you ever done anything to try to look cooler or more popular?”

“Have you ever been shushed at the movie theaters?”

“Who is hotter: Justin Bieber or your crush?”

“How many times a day do you think about quitting school and doing dirty work(or insert ur choice)?”

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“Would you wear your best friend’s used undergarments if you went camping and ran out?”

“If someone gave you $100 to pick your nose in public and eat it, would you do it?”

“Who in this room do you think is the most likely to end up in jail?”

Embarrassing Truth or Drink Sleepover Questions 2024

If you are looking for truth or drink questions spicy edition then these are suitable questions for embarrassing results.

Embarrassing Truth or Drink Sleepover Questions
Embarrassing Truth or Drink Sleepover Questions

“If you could have a dinner party with any 3 people, dead or alive, who would it be and why?”

“What is your biggest pet peeve?”

“If you could switch into any animal, what would it be?”

“If you had to eat a monkey, cat, or dog, which would you choose?”

“Who is your crush right now?”

“If you had to go on a date with one world political leader, who would it be?”

“Which celebrity do you hate and why?”

“What is your favorite part of your body?”

“When was the last time you cried and why?”

“What are you most self-conscious about yourself?”

“Of your last 20 social media posts, how many were selfies?”

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“Where is the weirdest place you have gone to the bathroom?”

“Tell us about the most awkward date you have been on.”

“What is the biggest lie you have told?”

“What is your most embarrassing story?”

“What was the last dirty thing you texted?”

Flirty Truth or Drink Questions Over Text 2024

Flirty Truth or Drink Sleepover Questions Over Text
Flirty Truth or Drink Sleepover Questions Over Text

“Would you choose someone with dreamy eyes over a great smile?”

“Where is the most romantic place for you?”

“What food do you think is sexy.”

“If you had the power to be the opposite gender for a day, what would you do first?”

“What’s a secret that you haven’t shared with anyone else?”

“If you can choose which place to go on a first date, where would it be?”

“Why do you find someone attractive?”

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“What is the one thing that you would never let your crush see you do?”

“Who do you have a crush on now?”

“What is your favorite part of a date night?”

“Would you go all the way with someone if you knew you would never see them again ever?”

“If you had to pick: Will you marry for money, power, or love?”

“It’s your last day on earth, who would you want to spend it with?”

“Tell me your biggest turn-on and turn-offs and why?”

“What’s your wildest fantasy that you wish to happen someday?”

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“Was your first kiss a good or bad experience?”

“If you had to streak or moon someone to save your life, would you do it?”

“Rate how much you like me, 10 being the highest.”

“What’s the wildest thing that you have done just to get someone’s attention?”

“Do you like love to be hot and heavy or sweet and gentle?”

“What’s the sexiest food for you?”

Couples Play Spicy Truth or Drink | Truth or Sip | Video

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Hopefully, these truth or drink sleepover questions are exciting and fun to play a drinking game with your friends or crush.

The fun level in this game depends on how comfortable you feel with the other players.

Moreover, if someone in the group doesn’t want to answer or like the question try another truth or drink question to keep the drinking game going. Don’t mess up your friendship just for a game!

Check out more ideas on questions to ask your partner, crush, or friends that are dirty, flirty, naughty, and sexy, or refer to the link below.

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