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Ice Breaker Questions For Dating

It’s always a challenge to keep the conversation going on a date except for some naturally talented people.

Here we have compiled some of the best ice breaker questions for dating guys, girls, and couples.

You can utilize these icebreaker questions to get to know someone whether meeting on a first date or second time.

Just make sure you are not shooting these icebreaker questions for dating in one go, let your date get comfortable with you first.

Also, here we have handpicked dating app icebreakers questions for dating whether you are a teen or adult, including funny, inappropriate, good, hilarious, and flirty questions to ask your date.

Pick the ideal questions to ask that you feel comfortable asking him or her on your date.

Enjoy these online dating icebreakers!

Funny Ice Breaker Questions For Dating 2024

These icebreaker funny questions to ask for dating are suitable for a smooth conversation. Moreover, nothing can beat making a person laugh with funny icebreakers on dating when you meet new people at parties, pubs, or while traveling.

Funny Icebreaker Questions For Dating

“If you had to swap your legs with the legs of any other animal, which animal would you choose?”

“What’s the strangest gift you’ve ever received?”

“What’s your favorite joke to tell?”

“If you had to eat a crayon, what color would you choose?”

“What’s the worst idea you’ve ever had?”

“What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever gotten?”

“What’s your favorite meme or viral video?”

“What are you hilariously bad at?”

“What’s your favorite useless fact?”

“What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given?”

“Who was your childhood actor crush?”

“What is the strangest family tradition you have?”

“What’s the funniest pick up line you know?”

“What is your funniest talent?”

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“Tell me about your first kiss.”

“What about your first time?”

“What is your favorite smell?”

“What was your nickname(s) as a child?”

“If you have an itch in your nose, in your butt, and on your eye, which one do you scratch first?”

“Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”

“What is your guilty pleasure?”

“Would you rather live in a tree or underground?”

“What type of coffee would you describe yourself as?”

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“If you could be immortal, which age would you like to stay forever?”

“If you were a wrestler, what would your entrance song be?”

“Do you prefer chocolate or candy?”

“What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?”

“What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?”

“What’s your funniest moment in life?”

“When were you most embarrassed?”

“Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person?”

“What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever dreamed?”

“Who was your first celebrity crush?”

“What are you embarrassed to admit you’re afraid of?”

“Have you ever pulled any good pranks?”

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“If you could be a cartoon, which would you be?”

“What is your go-to karaoke song?”

“What would your DJ name be?”

“What’s the worst joke you’ve ever heard?”

“Have you ever drunk texted someone?”

“What’s your favorite website?”

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“Which celebrity do you wish was your BFF?”

Good Icebreaker Questions For Dating Apps Like Tinder 2024

Dating is simple now, thanks to these dating apps, however, you still need to have a conversation without being boring to determine if you want to meet in real life. These ice breakers for dating apps like tinder, bumble, etc can be useful.

Good Icebreaker Questions For Dating Apps

“Hey! How’s your week going so far? Want to grab a drink to decompress?”

“What’s your favorite thing to do on weekends?”

“Do you know your enneagram type?”

“What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?”

“If you had to pick one song to listen to for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?”

“OMG, I love [insert TV show they mentioned in their bio here]! Who is your fav character?”

“So, do you think you could be my trainer at the gym sometime?” [If their bio says they love to workout.]

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“Describe yourself in one GIF. I’ll go first: [insert cute and funny GIF here].”

“What’s your guilty pleasure TV show? I’m obsessed with “Love Island.”

“If the world were going to end tomorrow, what would you absolutely have to eat before it all went down?”

“Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? What was it about?”

“Dream job if money didn’t matter?”

“Dogs or cats? And yes, there is a right answer.”

“If you could switch lives with one person for a day, who would it be?”

“How do you take your coffee?”

“Rank the three worst movies of all time.”

“Wanna play kill, f*ck, marry?”

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“If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would you pick and what would you ask them?”

“What would you tell yourself five years ago?”

Hilarious Ice Breaker First Date Questions 2024

Here are dating icebreaker questions for the first date that are extremely hilarious to make your love interest laugh. Pick suitable ice breaker questions for dating to fit the mood or situation well.

Hilarious First Date Questions

“What is one thing that makes you unique?”

“What are two of the things you are proud of in life?”

“What are the most random facts about you?”

“What is your dream destination?”

“What is one thing that bugs you?”

“What are the top 3 movies you’ve watched?”

“Who is the most interesting person you’ve met?”

“What do you do during your free time?”

“What is the title of the last book you read?”

“Do you prefer indoor or outdoor dates?”

“What is the riskiest adventure you have been on?”

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“Your favorite non-alcoholic and alcoholic drink?”

“Are you a religious person?”

“What’s your favorite restaurant?”

“Do you have any pets?”

“What international brand do you prize most?”

“How many siblings do you have?”

“What have you always wanted to become?”

“Are you a morning person or the exact opposite?”

“What genre of movies do you enjoy watching?”

“Who is your best author?”

“Which Television series have you never gotten over?”

“If you had all the time and money, what would be your hobbies?”

“If you were to stay up all night, what would you be doing?”

“What is your perception of the perfect vacation?”

“What are you best known for in your family?”

“Who is your inspiration musically?”

“What would your perfect day be like?”

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“What is the best and worst thing that has happened to you this year?”

“What is your best way to unwind?”

“What country would you never like to visit?”

Extremely Flirty Icebreaker Questions For Couples 2024

If you need flirty icebreaker questions for couples these are the best questions you can ask your love interest. Take a look and pick the suitable icebreaker questions for dating couples.

Flirty Icebreaker Questions For Couples

“Do you know you drive me a little crazy?”

“Wanna go somewhere quiet?”

“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

“Would you like to go out with me again?”

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“What’s behind that beautiful smile of yours?”

“You do realize you’re amazing, right?”

“What makes you tick?”

“Where can I get eyes like yours?”

“What’s your type?”

“Is it too soon to tell you how great it feels being around you?”

“What are you thinking about now?”

“Do you think you could fall in love today?”

“What would it take to know you more?”

“You make me happy. Can I return the favor?”

“How much deeper do you want me to fall for you?”

“Wanna go for an adventure together?”

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“How much longer will it take you to notice me noticing you?”

“Your atoms like my atoms, what great chemistry?”

“Are you usually this fun to be with?”

“Did I just catch you checking me out?”

“Are you feeling adventurous tonight?”

“Where should we go after this?”

“Are you ready to fall in love?”

“Do you feel butterflies like I do?”

“You know you’re the most beautiful person in the room, right?”

“Do you want to know a secret?”

“You don’t seem to realize how amazing you are, do you?”

“Are you a hopeless romantic?”

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“Do you have plans for the rest of your life? Or should I help you make them?”

“What kind of hugs do you like most?”

21 Inappropriate Ice Breaker Questions For Dating Online 2024

Sometimes asking inappropriate things can be good ice breaker questions for dating if you know what you are doing. Pick the suitable dirty dating icebreaker questions and enjoy.

21 Inappropriate Ice Breaker Questions
21 Inappropriate Ice Breaker Questions

“Is there anyone who saw you n@ked accidentally? What was their reaction?”

“What was your age when you shared your first French kiss? Was it any good?”

“If we got really drunk, do you think we would end up doing something really funny?”

“What’s your opinion about your kissing abilities?”

“What is the biggest turn-on for you?”

“What do you like most about the opposite gender (physically)?”

“Name the kinkiest request you have ever got from your partner? Did you oblige?”

“Do you enjoy talking dirty or naughty?”

“Have you ever had a crush on your best friend but never told him/her about it?”

“Have you ever had an extra-marital affair?”

“Are you okay with relation outside marriage?”

“Can a marriage survive without love?”

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“What qualities don’t you want in your life partner?”

“Live-in relation or marriage, what is your take on relation?”

“How do you want your dream date to be like?”

“How many relations have you had till now?”

“If stuck in a lift with Kim Kardashian, what would you do?”

“When did you first have a crush?”

“What is the one thing which you can never forget about your first night?”

“What attracts you to the opposite gender?”

“Can I keep staring at you?”

Funny Speed Dating Icebreaker Questions 2024

Funny Speed Dating Icebreaker Questions

“How do you handle a bad hair day?”

“Do you get scared watching scary movies?”

“What is the bad chat line you use when texting?”

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“Which animated character would you most like to kiss?”

“What is your weirdest fantasy?”

“What illegal thing do you want to do in life?”

“What is the best thing about being single?”

“Who do you think is more romantic, men or women?”

“What is the pickup line you use most often?”

“What do you think makes a guy/girl look attractive?”

“What do you think is the difference between romance and love?”

“Would you mind if I brought my mother/father on our next date?”

“What is the dumbest question you were asked?”

“How good are you at flirting?”

“Do you want me to flirt with you on our next date?”

“What is your crazy fantasy on a date?”

To start the conversation as well as give your date an evening to remember with these right dating questions for an ice breaker.

Also, you should use these ice breakers to learn about your date without being mechanical.

Try not to ask many questions but focus on a meaningful conversation with your date. It’s always helpful to spark interest to get a call for a second date. Enjoy!

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