30+ Best Place To Meet Single Women You Never Expected & How To Approach 2024

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Best Place To Meet Single Women

Where to meet single women?

Are you wondering what are the ultimate hotspots or the best place to meet single women in my area?

Here are some simple and never expected tips.

According to many studies, over 70 percent of couples will hook up through online dating sites.

However, there are still easier ways to find single women than you have expected other than online platforms (btw online dating works too).

Look for places where these ladies have interests, values, and hobbies in common otherwise your chances are pretty slim.

Moreover, for healthy relationships, common interest helps, therefore it’s important to find a girl who really gets you.

Therefore, take a look below where I have shared some of the best places to meet single women or meet local women of any age and start a conversation.

Dating Sites & Apps

Dating Sites & Apps

This is an obvious tip to change your dating situation from single to double.

There are a lot of completely free dating sites and apps to help you meet new people.

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You can easily find local single women as well as narrow down your choices like age, appearance, education, religion, interests, etc.

Some of the oldest and my favorites are Tinder, Match, and Zoosk to help you filter your preferences.

Dating apps are one of the best places to meet 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years old women.

Most importantly, these dating sites don’t cost anything to join, search, or flirt.

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Try these questions and pick up lines to help you smooth the conversation.

Adult Learning Classes

It’s an easy and effective way to meet a single lady even if you graduated from school years ago, you can still take classes.

You’re never too old to start learning and never too old to meet new people.

Search online for some adult classes in your city that are interesting like painting, cooking, photography, guitar, etc.

It’s easy to talk to women in these classes because you already have a topic to discuss.

You can start a conversation with questions like why they wanted to sign up, what strategies they used to get that photo, or whatever the case may be.

Volunteering Or Teaching

Volunteering Or Teaching

Volunteering gives you a chance to make a difference as well as help you connect with women with the same philanthropic spirit.

There are a lot of different organizations you can find in your city, and yes, you’ll meet plenty of single women through them.

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If you’re unsure, sites like VolunteerMatch.org and GreatNonprofits.org can help you find a cause you may be interested in.

Or, think outside the box.

Organize a self-defense class, teaching tech skills, or even photography, cooking, and graphic design classes for female groups.

This can be really helpful and the best place to meet single women.

Intramural Games/Sports

Intramural Games/Sports

If health is your top priority and love exercising, intramural sports can help you find single women.

Stay active to meet compatible women 20 years old or above 30, 40, or even 50.

If you feel shy or nervous about being one on one with her then try to make it a group thing to make it comfortable.

However, a lot of the options (Intramural Sports) are based on age, therefore, make sure you’re in the right group.

Night Clubs, Parties & Bars

Clubs, parties, and bars are not going out of fashion anytime soon because it’s been one of the best places to meet singles for centuries.

Sometimes a little liquid courage in your system with friends makes it less awkward going up to a pretty woman.

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Don’t act shy or awkward otherwise, you may actually repel women.

Festivals, Comedy Shows, Carnivals & Concerts

If you attend festivals and concerts regularly, there is a high chance to meet single women who like the same music as you.

When you have a common interest, it’s a good sign for a relationship.

However, it doesn’t just have to be a concert, you can go to a comedy show to meet a new person you like.

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Buy her a drink later and ask her what she thought to start a smooth conversation.

Gym Or Physical Activity Classes

IMO, a gym is not the best place to meet single ladies.

However, there is still a potential to find or meet single girls if you can read the signals and make your move in a friendly.

Don’t approach her when she’s in the middle of a run on the treadmill and sweating, she’s got her headphones in, she’s deadlifting, etc.

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It’s good to chitchat with her when she is stretching next to you and gives you a smile or a hello.

As per an article published in Psychology Today, using body language cues in dating can help you read how well the conversation is going.

Yoga Classes

Not many men attend yoga classes, therefore, you might become the center of attention, around gorgeous women.

However, it’s still worth attending for your physical and mental well-being even if you don’t find the right woman in a yoga class.

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If you looking for a place where you can meet white ladies, then this you place to go to.

Friend’s Event

Is your couch the best place to meet single women? Probably not.

Then, go to places like birthday parties, a wedding, or simply an intimate get-together event filled with strangers, one of the best ways to get a potential girlfriend.

Moreover, if a single woman is a friend of a friend, then you both have something in common.

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This means she’s probably a great match.

Public Parks

One of the best places to meet single women that you generally ignore near you is parks.

Take a walk, jog, go for a run, or read a book, and if there’s a girl you think you might like, approach and make conversation.

To avoid looking like a creep, make the conversation sound natural and not forced.

However, the best way to pick up a girl while in the park is by walking with your dog, they are key to any girl’s heart.


A wedding is a night-long party on which you don’t have to spend a single dollar.

That’s why weddings are the best place where you can meet single ladies.

Therefore, if any of you have a friend who is getting married soon, then it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet someone.

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According to research, many women who’re at the reception are there for the same reason as you.

Remember, women are more likely to talk to you if you look like you are having a good time.

Pro Tip: Ask your friends about the single women they’ve invited to ensure you know which girl is worth your time and plan your move.

Goto Speed Dating Events

Speed dating events are one the best places to meet singles.

These dating events are usually organized with the intent of helping men and women to meet quickly and efficiently.

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These speed dating events can be useful therefore, don’t miss it if you get the chance to attend one.

Group Dance Classes

You can meet new girls naturally in group dance classes whether you are a good dancer on not.

Especially, dances like salsa, tango, and swing where you need to be close and personal with your dancing partner.

And the best part of these dance classes is that it’s almost like speed dating.

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You’re paired up with new women learn a few steps, talk to your partner a bit, and then switch to a new partner constantly.

It’s very easy to talk to your current partner or continue the conversation with the women you danced with previously.

Solo Holidays

In my opinion, a holiday is a great way to meet new people (singles), especially when you engage in activities where you share interests with other participants.

It’s extremely romantic when you are on foreign soil and discover you share common interests with someone.

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If not love, you at least get a holiday out of it and Facebook and Instagram will never let you forget the date you met.

Networking Events: Business & Corporate

Business and corporate networking events are really useful when comes to meeting high-value, smart, and professional single women.

Next time when you go out to business networking events, socialize, and meet interesting women who are interested in you.

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Moreover, if there’s an attraction between you, things will happen naturally.


Whether your flight got delayed, long layover, or arrived at the airport too early.

You end up waiting around and that creates boredom.

Mostly, people at the airport looking for ways to kill time and talking is a great way to do it.

Starting a conversation is effortless because everyone around you has something in common before you even begin.

Having a conversation at an airport is one of the easiest things to do because people love to talk about their holiday adventures.


These days you can find a meetup group for anything near you.

From travelers to tech to dog walkers, hikers, knitting, and more.

Google, ‘meetup near me’ and you’ll find something that interests you.

Faith-Based Gathering

Whether you’re religious or not, if you join a church group you’ll get many invitations to these group events.

However, it’s not just Bible studies, you can attend parties, local gatherings, rather fun volunteer events, etc.


These church groups are massive and if you are able to make friends then they will lead to more friends, and more new women too 😉.

Animal Shelters & Adoption Centers

Animal shelters are a wonderful place to find a companion, especially dogs, man’s best friends.

And this can make you more attractive instantly in every woman’s eyes.

While helping the shelter you doing something good for the world and that can impress women with your kindness.

Or just spend your day at pet adoption shelters with another person chatting and playing with dogs, cats, and other animals

Generally, these recuse places host fundraising events, dog walks, and small gatherings and you can get an invite effortlessly.

Moreover, these events will get you to more people than you can imagine. Get ready!

Vintage/Antique Shops

It’s really hard not to find a girl shopping in an antique or vintage store because they are interior designer by heart.

Moreover, there are many things in these vintage shops of interest to start a conversation.

Coffee Shops & Cafe

There are 100s of coffee shops, therefore, don’t restrict yourself to Starbucks or Barista.

You can pick coffee places that are old, as well as things, that are peaceful.

You can find single women chatting with their friends in these kinds of coffee shops.

Local Grocery Stores

You can go to popular grocery stores or farmer’s markets where you can find girls.

Girls generally do grocery shopping on weekends because they work the whole week for long hours.

However, grocery stores are not very popular but you can still try your luck.

Famous Libraries and Bookstores

Due to the internet era, these libraries and bookstores are getting lower in numbers however there are still great places for you.

Surprisingly, there are many women of all ages who go to these bookstores and libraries to check out and read new books.

Movie Theaters

You can girls waiting in lines just like in the grocery stores, start a conversation by asking her what she’s seeing.

Moreover, to take a one step further, you can watch a women oriented movie to make your chances high.

You’ll be surrounded by women as soon as you walk into the theatre, hopefully, you can find women interested in talking about the movie.

Busy Laundromat

Not many but you’ll find a good percentage of college students and adults who don’t have their own washing machines and dryers.

Laundromats are one of the best places to find single women because these are the secret goldmines for picking up women.

You can find hundreds of women every week at laundromats, it’s a perfect opportunity to approach and start a small talk without seeming creepy.

For starters, you can try “I am so sorry, do you spare detergent.”

Poetry Or Fiction Readings:

It’s really easy to run into women if you go to a poetry or fiction reading.

There is a high chance of finding single women there of your same interest.

Moreover, there is a good chance women will find you charming because it shows you are sensitive and creative.


Beaches are one the best place to find single women, therefore if you live near a beach don’t miss your chance.

Beaches are a fun place to hang out, it’s highly possible you will run into women who are already having a good time.

It’s really easy to spark up a conversation and much easier when women are in good mood.

Moreover, you can engage yourself in activities you enjoy like volleyball, badminton, etc at the beach to find a girl with a similar interest.

Part Time Job

It’s one of the easiest places in the world to meet women, especially at a restaurant before.

Most of the girls are looking for things to do after they finish work makes it easy to make connections.

However, these part-time jobs suck generally.

Events In Neighborhood

These kinds of community events are good ways to expand your social circle and meet your neighbors.

Sometimes these get-togethers happen in restaurants on weekends and weekday nights.

Moreover, you can make your own community of a small group of people who has the same interest as you do.

Form a group of people who likes to play the same sport including you. There will be a handful of other residents who will join you including a lot of women.

This way, you will not only enjoy the game on the court with others but you’ll grow your social circle.

Fashion Shows/Events

The best part of fashion shows happens after the show.

You’ll get to mingle and talks with each other; most importantly you will meet plenty of women of all ages.

Look Around Right In Front Of YOU

Sometimes, a girl is in front of you but you are busy on your damn phone!

Look around, maybe the girl of your dreams is right in front of you.

Generally, your eyes are glued to the phone screen to notice her.

In reality, this probably happens hundreds of times every week when you are in a mall, subway, etc.


I hope these best place to meet single women are useful to find single girls in your area and help in your dating game.

Check out these relationship advice and dating tips to help you flirt with your partner or crush.

Moreover, take look at this huge list of questions to ask, icebreaker questions, small talk questions, and conversation starters for any situation.

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