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How To Talk To Your Crush

A million-dollar question, how to talk to your crush without being awkward?šŸ¤“

Starting a conversation with your crush can get really tricky, especially if you’re the shy kind.

And learning to say the right things to your crush over text is important because that’s how your crush will turn into your boyfriend/girlfriend. 

Good communication skill is very much important to a successful relationship.

Although a good conversation doesn’t guarantee you the fact that your crush will fall back on you, it doesn’t harm to try your best.

But, remember not to push it very much.

It’s important to prepare yourself with things to talk about with your crush so that you don’t forget at the right time. 

Therefore, below I’ve gathered some of the best tips on how to start a conversation with your crush and some things to talk to your crush about. 

Ask them how they’re doing

  • Asking about someone’s how about is always the best icebreaker to start a conversation.
  • It shows your genuine care and increases their trust in you.
  • And that may lead to longer conversations if they trust you.

Ask for favor

  • Asking for a favor is a sign that you trust the person and respect their opinion.
  • This is flattering and will make your crush feel important.
  • And this one conversation will make a rapport between you two, so you can ask for more favors in the future.

Reply to their status

  • Give a positive reply to their status, it shows that you appreciate their effort. 
  • Appreciation develops faith in one another, and having faith will pave the way to more conversations.

Share memes

  • Everyone loves to laugh, and memes are the best medium to achieve that goal.
  • But keep in mind to only share decent memes like flirty, dirty, romantic, etc but nothing creepy.

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Talk about a shared interest

  • If you and your crush have common interests, then it’s like icing on the cake for you. 
  • Talking about common interests can impress your crush, and interest them to talk to you. 

Ask for suggestions

  • Asking your crush for suggestions indicates that you value and respect their opinion. 
  • And people love being valued and respected and would love to give you back with sweet conversation.

Offer him/her help

  • If you’re in a position to help your crush, then catch the moment my friend. 
  • People love helping people, especially if they’re on the receiving side. 

Introduce yourself

  • The common way is to introduce yourself to your crush to initiate a conversation over text or in person.
  • That’ll get them to tell you who they are to break the ice.
  • Moreover, you can use a lot of follow-up questions to ask for a long conversation.
  • But, remember not to get too pushy.

10 Sneaky Ways To Make Your Crush Like You Back

Source: TheThings Celebrity

Be honest

  • There’s no substitute for honesty, go ahead and tell your crush how you feel, be a teenager or adult.
  • If it works, then you have yourself a girlfriend/boyfriend. If not, then you can be friends.

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Share something interesting

  • This is another fun way to start a conversation, share interesting news, or fact, to get started with. 
  • But, remember to keep following up with more questions to keep going. 

Give compliments

  • Complimenting your crush can boost their mood and interest in talking to you. 
  • But, make sure to give decent compliments which are not creepy, because that’ll only push them away.

Be curious

  • Be curious, ask them about their interests and hobbies, people love when the conversation is about them. 
  • Don’t be very inquisitive, keep it shallow, and ask more questions, show them you’re curious about them.

Make the conversation about them

  • People love it when the conversation is about them.
  • So, make sure to make it all about them, talk about their interests, hobbies, goals and etc.

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Ask about their day or life in general

  • Ask how they’re doing in general, how is life to show you care and are compassionate. 
  • If they’re going through a tough time, give them your shoulder to lean on, that’ll develop trust and take your relationship further.

Bring up a past experience

  • If you and your crush share some mutual experience in the past, then that’s one of the ways to start a conversation with your crush.
  • Bringing up old memories can make them feel nostalgic and that might lead to meeting each other again.

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Talk about a mutual friend

  • If you both know each other and share mutual friends, then you can talk about them. 
  • Ask how your mutual friends are or what they are doing to start a conversation.

3 Ways to Talk to Your Crush (And NOT Be Awkward) video

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These are some of the best topics to talk about with your crush when the time is right. 

Sometimes the conversations that come naturally to you are the best, so make sure to improvise and use your own imagination. 

It is also important to respect and value your crush, and not push it very hard if they reject or are not interested. 

Flirting Texts To Send Your Female Crush

 These are some of the texts you can send your girl crush over text or phone. 

  • You get my heart racing.
  • Your text makes me the happiest person on earth.
  • I wish wish I could see you right now.
  • You’re beautiful, inside out.
  • You drive me crazy.
  • What would I do without you?
  • Hey, Cures! 
  • How’re you doing, love?
  • Can’t believe you’re still single.
  • You deserve the world.
  • You have a beautiful smile.
  • You live in my head rent free.
  • I’m distracted by you šŸ˜‰
  • What’s up, beautiful?
  • Good Morning, beaut.
  • Let’s go on a movie date?
  • Good night, dream about me. šŸ˜‰
  • I smile like an idiot thinking about you.
  • You’ll always have a place in my heart.
  • Never change yourself for anyone (:
  • I’m so lucky to have a friend like you.

Flirting Texts To Send Your Male Crush

Here are some texts to send your guy crush online and without being shy. 

  • Hey, handsome.
  • I like your beard šŸ˜‰
  • I like you without your beard, it brightens your face.
  • I get shy around you.
  • I dressed up to see you.
  • Wish we could meet eachother.
  • Let’s go for a long drive on your bike?
  • I dreamt of you last night.
  • Your texts make me chuckle.
  • I’ve been waiting for your text the whole day.
  • Don’t you miss me?
  • I could talk to you forever
  • Let’s grab a coffe together.
  • Wanna go on a movie date?
  • Let’s go watch the sunset?
  • You’re one of the best persons I’ve ever met.
  • You’ve a beautiful heart.
  • You’re very kind, and I love you for that.
  • You’re such a cutie.
  • I wish I could suck out all the sadness out of you.
  • I’m single, in case you were wondering.
  • What would I ever do without you.
  • You’re a sweetheart. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to talk to your crush for the first time?

    Ans. You can introduce yourself, give them a compliment, ask for a favor, offer them help and etc.

  2. How to talk to your crush in person?

    Ans. Greet them with a “hello”, ask for their consent before talking, give them a Compliment, ask for a favor, etc.

  3. How to talk to your crush on the phone?

    Ans. Call them to ask for their help with some work, ask about a friend, ask them about their how about, etc.Ā 

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