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How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

Now days flirting is getting easy, you can let your crush know your feelings by simply texting a message with a couple of emojis to keep a girl interested to keep her interested.

However,  hit on or flirting is an essential part of dating and it’s easier said than done knowing how to flirt with a girl over text, which not everyone is born with.

When you are trying to make an impression in the initial stage of a relationship you need to know your do’s and don’ts before anything else.

Moreover, whether you’re trying to win over a girl’s heart on a dating app, or looking for ways to take your relationship to the next level then this is the right place to speed your digital flirting game.

There are a lot of positives of flirting over text, one of them is that you can take your time to think of a perfect line to woo a girl before touching send button.

And, you can use these ways to flirty texts to let her know that you are thinking about her and it helps you start the conversation smoothly.

So, guys take a look below at 31 relationship advice to know how to flirt over text with a girl to make her feel you are interesting, funny, and overall, a blast to be with. Enjoy!

Have a great start for an initial first impression

  • Making a good impression initially when you are approaching a girl is important. Therefore, send her clever, romantic, and subtle text to express your feelings.
  • You can choose some flirty pickup lines for her to start a conversation. All in all, make sure you know how to flirt with a girl by text.

Check your vocabulary to win her heart

  • To make flirting smooth over text, use words carefully that take her heart.
  • Use simple and understandable flirty texts to woo her instantly and help you add romance and interest to your conversation.

Go slow initially to subtly flirt

  • In the initial stage of intimate relationships, you need to build a comfort level with her. Allow her to figure out what’s happening therefore give her space.
  • Your patience will make an impression of the sincere guy on her; otherwise, rushing things can be bad and she may block you.

Virtual hugs with flirty texts

  • Hugging emoji is the perfect way to express your intentions as well as safer for flirting. She will enjoy your gesture and wait to hear from you.
  • Moreover, you can use plenty of hugs as a sure-shot way to win your crush’s heart over text but avoid the bold emojis initially to maintain the excitement between you.

Send her short and sweet text messages

  • Avoid texting super long texts to her if you’re trying to be flirty because they are boring, the simpler the message, the better.
  • Try to grab her attention with short and sweet flirty texts (no more than two or three sentences) because short texts are smoother and help you talk naturally.
  • Also, text her either funny, clever, or sweet because flirting should never involve small talk about the weather.

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Try to stay positive as much as possible

  • You both should feel like you are in school when flirting over text or face to face.
  • So, avoid anything heavy or intense when flirting to retain the positive vibes and affection.

Compliment her often

  • Everybody loves compliments, especially girls and if you really want to know how to flirt with a girl over text then you must learn how to compliment a girl.
  • Girls appreciate receiving compliments on her appearance, character, successes, etc.
  • And, include things you genuinely like most about your crush, to make a genuine connection.

You must ask her flirty question

Flirty conversations over text without asking flirty questions are incomplete therefore ask her questions that you really wanna know. Below are some examples to get an idea.

  • Why are you so cute?
  • Do you miss me?
  • Do you like it when someone makes the first move?
  • Our first kiss is going to be epic, don’t you think?
  • What would you say if I asked you to come over?
  • Which emoji makes you think of me?
  • Have I told you that I want to kiss you today? Because I want to kiss you.
  • I like you. What are you going to do about it?
  • Want to have this conversation in person?

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Get personal while texting her

  • Do your best to make text messages as personal as possible whenever possible for better compatibility between the two of you.
  • To level up the flirting with a girl include her name in a message because she’ll be thrilled to see her name in a message which is good for intimate relationships.
  • Or, try a special nickname to make it feel like the two of you are sharing an inside joke.
  • And, include ‘us’ and ‘we’ in your flirty messages, a vibe that girls love.

Be mysterious/secret

  • Little mystery is always good for intimate relationships because it will make her feel like she’s chasing you not the other way.
  • Avoid too many secrets otherwise, she will get suspicious of your behavior.

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Try to tease her a little

  • To create intimacy high then you must include teasing into your texting which is a great flirting method over text without getting too serious.

Be suggestive/naughty

  • There is no flirting without being naughty in romantic relationships therefore try to send her naughty texts to keep things interesting.

Use nicknames for her

  • Using cute, romantic, and naughty nicknames while texting her makes a romantic bond stronger between a guy and a girl.
  • Try something personalized for the nicknames or something that defines her physical features.

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Build some connection

  • Finding a connection is all you need to get the romance flowing all over.
  • Also, asking direct questions can be helpful when you are reaching out to her other than flirty texts and engaging talk.
  • You can ask about her family, friends, school days, and favorite things. Maybe her ultimate goal could be to meet you in person.

Don’t be boring

  • You can’t be boring and predictable in flirting otherwise it’ll be really harmful to the relationship.
  • Rather, make sure your text messages are funny and interesting to keep the conversation flowing.
  • When you are unable to think or not in the mood to say anything fun or interesting, simply avoid texting her.

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You should know what to text a girl you’re flirting with

To know a girl better, you should know what to text a girl in the first place therefore, here are some examples you can start with.

Exchange/Send pictures

  • You can level up the romance and take it further by showing her your attractive photos.
  • It’ll be an attractive way to woo her to reach you in this digital age as well as help you send flirty vibes.
  • Therefore, send her photographs that will make her feel you are a hunk.

Talk about the last time you were together

  • It’s always recommended to talk about the last time you were together when it comes to flirting with her over text.
  • For example, Our last date was really fun, I can’t stop thinking about you, or you looked really cute last night.

Talk about the next time you’ll be together

  • Referring to the things you will be doing together in your next meeting is a good way to flirt with her.
  • For example, We should go on another date soon, I wish you were here next to me right now, or you’re going to love the outfit I wear tonight.

Never send two texts in a go

  • You do not need to text her one after another, generally, the girl does not want a quick response for half of the stuff you text.
  • Don’t worry if she doesn’t respond right away doesn’t mean she is not interested or doesn’t like you, maybe she’s busy doing something.
  • Let her read your text and wait for the reply before you send her another one, show her how patient you are.

Use emojis: girl’s favorite way of flirting

  • Sometimes, feelings or emotions are lost in translation, when it comes to expressing your affection to a girl.
  • Therefore, use emojis to communicate feelings but rely on emojis too much. Limit your emojis to 3-4 per conversation.

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Don’t make a girl forever wait to text her back

  • No one likes sitting around waiting for a response, especially girls, that can be really annoying and make them not want you more.
  • Making her wait probably makes her less interested in you because it will show you are not interested in her.
  • Just don’t try to play hard to get it because it won’t go well.

Avoid texting her when you’re drunk

  • It’s a no-brainer, if you are drunk, you won’t sound funny and clever to her if she’s sober.
  • Therefore, do not try to flirt with a girl over text when you’re drunk. It is a big turn-off for girls and awkward as well.

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Avoid one-word reply

  • Using only one or two words in reply showcases you as an incredibly boring and unenthusiastic guy.
  • Don’t be a man of few words when it comes to flirting over text with a girl and if you’re then this has to change to get success.
  • Texting won’t be fun for her with you because it’ll make a girl think you’re annoyed by her texts, and that could lead to her giving up on you.

Text her in the morning

  • If you text her after 9 pm usually means that you’re only interested in her for one thing and she’ll not be happy about it.
  • Moreover, texting her in the morning shows that you’re thinking about her as soon as you wake up and that’s enough flattered her.

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Texting at night is important but be aware

  • Generally, texting in the middle of the night only means one thing.
  • In the initial stage of your relationship if she’s not initiating late-night chat or texting then don’t do it.
  • Let the girl text you after hours, or just wait to text until the next morning and if your flirting is going well during the day, keep it that way then.

If she’s is comfortable, share R-rated texts

  • If you have passed the initial phase in your relationship and you know she’ll comfortable receiving naughty R-rated texts then don’t be afraid to get a little dirty.
  • You can ask a girl or woman flirty dirty r rated questions to make things hot and heavy over text instantly.

Know how to tell if a girl likes you or flirting over text

You can check for many different types of signs to know if a girl likes you or flirting with you.

Don’t wait too long to ask her out

  • Texting has now become a huge part of attracting or dating a woman. So, if a girl asks you to text or you are already texting her, it’s totally ok to ask her out.
  • It’ll never be easier than now, texting provides a perfect way to do it. Ask her out before you talk about everything over text.

Make her feel important

  • If you can make her feel important then you have won half of the battle of flirting with a girl over text. 
  • Ask her questions about herself to know her using these personal and deep questions.

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Source: MantelligenceDating

So, this is all we have got now to help you figure out how to flirt with a girl over text.

Make sure you keep yourself around the tips outlined above, I hope you won’t have any difficulty getting her to go on a date with you.

Moreover, try to figure out her likes and dislikes to make sure you are compatible with each other, otherwise, your efforts are of no use.

Have happy flirting!

best ways to know how to flirt with her over text

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