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Nick Names To Call Your Crush Guy (boy)
Cute Names To Call Your Crush Boy

If you are wondering what to call your crush or searching for cute and unique nicknames to call your crush guy or boy who is a friend(😍)?

You have reached your destinations of the best handpicked cute names to call your crush boy or guy that you both will love!

Giving secret or code names for boys is really helpful in an intimate relationship in the starting phase.

Though according to relationship advice from the experts, a nickname can help you let your crush know your feeling for him.

Simply, a nickname for crush boy can be his first name or initials of his name but calling him with a romantic or flirty name is really fun.

A pet name or nickname can make your relationship romantic and meaningful.

Moreover, you can use these nicknames for crush boy on your phone as well as when you write him a greeting card or give a unique gift for him with a nickname engraved on it.

That would make the moment even more special for you both.

And lastly, pet names or code names for your crush boy can be made from an inside joke or a funny situation you both have shared together.

Pick fitting 3-5 cute names to call your crush boy or take inspiration to create your own version from the listed nick names to call your crush guy or boy.

Cute Names To Call Your Crush Guy (Boy) With Meaning In Your Phone 2024

Whether you’ve just gotten into a relationship or have a crush on a guy secretly these cute things to call your crush can be a great inspiration for cute names to call your crush boy. Enjoy crushing.

Names To Call Your Crush Guy With Meaning

Adorable: For a guy crush, who’s caring, Adorable Angel can be another version.

Amore Mio: Italian nickname for a guy meaning “my love”.

Aniołku: Polish name meaning angel.

Hawk: Ideal name for a strong, cool, and brave guy.

Panda: Perfect name for guys who are kind and calm.

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Brainiac: As the name suggests, for a guy who has a smart brain!

Angel Eyes: Cute nickname for guy with attractive eyes.

Judge: Unique nick name for guy who is loyal and obeys the law.

Cowboy: For a protective guy that always protects you.

Sleepwalker: Cute nicknames for stoned guys.

Buttercup: Cutest name for sweet guys.

Cuddly Bear: Ideal nickname for a guy crush who loves to cuddle.

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Everything: If he is everything for you then this is an ideal nickname for him.

Brown Eyes: Cute nicknames for guy if your crush has brown eyes.

Candy: Sweet name for a simple guy.

Dewdrop: Cute nicknames for a guy who’s refreshing.

Muffin: Cute name for him as everyone loves muffins.

Hulk: Ideal name for a muscular guy.

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Love Face: Suitable name for guys ff you cannot take your eyes off him.

Liebling: German name for crush meaning darling.

Mooi: Afrikaans nickname for a guy meaning Handsome.

Mój drogi: Polish name for crush meaning my dear.

Mon Chéri: French name for guy crush meaning my darling.

Monkey: Cheeky and playful name for a guy crush.

Button: For a small little but cute crush nickname for him.

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Misiu: Polish nickname for guy meaning teddy bear.

Mon Ange: French nickname meaning ‘my angel’.

Mon Coeur: French nickname meaning my heart.

Ma Foi: French nickname meaning My faith.

McSteamy: If you have a crush on a steamy hot guy then this ideal name.

Dimples: Ideal name for a guy with cute dimples.

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Ma Force: Sweet French nickname meaning my strength.

Maravilloso: Spanish name to call your crush meaning gorgeous.

Nenito: Spanish pet name to call your crush meaning baby.

Busy Bee: Perfect name to call a crush if he is always busy.

Nail Cutter: Name suggests.

Rambo: Rebellious name to call a guy who is handsome.

Water Baby: Ideal name for him if he showers all the time.

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Bookworm: Name suggests.

Geeky Mikey: For gadgets and computers lover.

Green fingers: If he loves gardening then this an ideal name fo him.

Lazy Bones: Cute name for a lazy guy.

Lover Boy: Cute nickname for romantic guys.

Armani: If he loves expensive stuff, perfectly funny name for him.

Beckham: Ideal name for guys who love or good football players.

Buddha: Perfect name for spiritual guys.

Columbus: Traveler nickname for guys who travels all the time.

Einstein: Nickname for super intelligent guys.

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Hitler: For a guy who follows strict rules in life.

Midas: Perfect name to call your crush who is very clever at business.

Owl: Ideal nickname for guys who never sleeps at night but in day time.

Shakespeare: Funny name to call a guy crush if he has no clue about poems or literature.

Flirty Names To Call Your Crush Boy With Meaning 2024

Here are handpicked flirty nicknames for guys you have a crush on with meaning. Pick suitable cute names to call your crush to flirt with him and spice things up😉.

Names To Call Your Crush Boy

Liebling: Means my favorite in German!

Ke aloha: Means the love in Hawaiian.

He-Man: Cute name for crush guy inspired from 80s superhero!

Joon: A cute name to call your crush boy means dear in Farsi.

Amorzinho: Cute name means little love in Portuguese.

Lyubov Moya: Means my love in Russain.

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Corazón: Means heart in Spanish.

BFG: Big Friendly Giant!

Dimples: Try this cute name for crush giy if he has irresistible dimples!

Amore: Means love in Italian!

(Secret) Code Names For Your Crush Boy | Contact | 2024

Here are secret things to call your crush guy on your phone in 2024 without them knowing. Pick the suitable code names for boys if you need contact names for your crush boy without them knowing.

code names for your crush boy
  • Candy Crush
  • Booboo Bear
  • Thigh Invader
  • Lover Boy
  • Heart Code
  • Pal
  • Honey Bun
  • Boo
  • Macho Man
  • Honey Pie
  • Baby Face
  • Dude
  • Love
  • Hercules
  • Cupcake
  • Tinder Babe
  • McDreamy
  • Babes
  • Honey Pie
  • Honey Pot
  • Booby

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  • Baby Boy
  • Sparrow
  • Angel Boy
  • Big Guy
  • IceBurg
  • Hot Cakes
  • Dash
  • Playboy
  • King Of Heart
  • Spicy
  • Sunshine
  • Mister
  • Moonlight
  • Romeo
  • Big Daddy
  • Curious George
  • Mr Universe
  • Charly
  • Pant Shifter
  • Rude Boy
  • My Fate
  • My Hero
  • Secrete Lover
  • Angelic Heart
  • Angry Bird
  • Loveliest Man
  • Captain
  • Milk & Honey
  • Babyface
  • Strong Attraction
  • Unforgettable
  • I’m In Love
  • Heartie
  • My Romeo
  • Infinite Love
  • Weirdo
  • Hot Shot
  • Bestie
  • First Love
  • Magic Prince
  • My Magic
  • Perfect Match
  • Local Man
  • Tough Guy
  • Heart Taker
  • My Breath

Here we have lots of options on names to call on our website to pick from.

However, check out some more of these questions to ask, icebreaker questions, conversation starters, and pick-up lines to level up your dating game.

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