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Thanksgiving Icebreaker Questions

It’s a tradition for friends and family to gather for Thanksgiving meals.

Also, a good time to think about what you have to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day.

These Thanksgiving icebreaker questions can enhance the process of starting a meaningful conversation when it takes a while to get there.

Pick suitable icebreaker questions for thanksgiving to help you start a good conversation at work and have fun.

Happy Thanksgiving..!!!

Thanksgiving Icebreaker Questions For Work

Thanksgiving Icebreaker Questions For Work

“Would you rather have two days of Thanksgiving or two days of Christmas?”

“Would you rather have a Thanksgiving meal without your favorite dish, or have a meal made up of only your favorite Thanksgiving dish?”

“Would you rather wash your hair with mashed potatoes or with stuffing?”

“Would you rather go Black Friday shopping or watch Thanksgiving football?”

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“Would you rather eat an entire pumpkin pie or drink the whole gravy boat?”

“Would you rather say fifty things you’re thankful for or listen to someone else say fifty things they’re thankful for?”

“Would you rather be in charge of the Snoopy balloon or the Ronald McDonald balloon in the Thanksgiving Day Parade?”

“Would you rather eat a Thanksgiving meal with just your hands, or have to open your Christmas presents using a fork?”

“Would you rather cook the Thanksgiving meal or clean up the dishes?”

“Would you rather eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant or at home?”

“Would you rather be a turkey in a Thanksgiving school play or a corn on the cob?”

“Would you rather run a Turkey Trot and come in first, or not have to run it at all?”

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“Would you eat a burnt Thanksgiving dinner or an undercooked Thanksgiving dinner?”

“Would you rather take a nap after the meal or watch a football game?”

“Would you rather always smell like turkey or always smell like gravy?”

Funny Thanksgiving Icebreaker Questions

Funny Thanksgiving Icebreaker Questions

“If you had to eat any three foods from this table for the rest of your life, which items would you choose?”

“If you could create a new Thanksgiving menu with all of your favorite foods, what would the menu look like?”

“If you could get rid of any traditional Thanksgiving food, which item would it be?”

“What is your favorite Thanksgiving meal? Would you prefer breakfast, lunch, or dinner?”

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“Would you rather have the best Thanksgiving meal with complete strangers or the worst Thanksgiving meal with your friends and family?”

“What is your Thanksgiving guilty pleasure?”

“Who made the stuffing?”

“If you were a vegetable on this table, which vegetable would you be and why?”

“How did you celebrate Thanksgiving when you were our age?”

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“If we couldn’t have turkey this year, what meat would you replace it with?”

“Would you rather cook the entire Thanksgiving dinner by yourself or do all of the dishes alone afterwards?”

Good Thanksgiving Ice Breaker Questions

Good Thanksgiving Ice Breaker Questions

“What is something unique about our family, that you appreciate/love?”

“If we could start a new Thanksgiving tradition, what would you want it to be?”

“If our family was in a sitcom, what would be the theme song for our Thanksgiving episode?”

“Who is the funniest person at this table and why?”

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“What is your most embarrassing Thanksgiving memory?”

“What are you looking forward to the most this Thanksgiving holiday?”

“If our family had a reality TV show for Thanksgiving, who would be the star?”

“Would you rather have Thanksgiving at your house or at the White House with the President?”

“Who at this table do you wish you knew more?”

“What is your favorite outdoors’ Thanksgiving activity?”

“Do you have any favorite childhood memories about Thanksgiving?”

“What are you grateful for?”

“Do you prefer watching the parade or the sporting event?”

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“What is the best thing that has happened to you during this holiday?”

“What would you like us to do more of as a family this year?”

“If you could have any famous person, dead or alive, at Thanksgiving with us this year, who would it be?”

“Would you rather slaughter the turkey eaten at Thanksgiving or live with it for a week before eating it at Thanksgiving dinner?”

Thanksgiving Themed Icebreaker Questions

Thanksgiving Themed Icebreaker Questions

“Would you rather always feel too full or always feel a little hungry?”

“Would you rather give a turkey a bath or mash a bathtub full of potatoes?”

“Would you rather eat an entire onion or uncooked corn on the cob?”

“Would you rather cook an entire Thanksgiving meal using only a grill or only a microwave?”

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“Would you rather burn your turkey, but have an otherwise perfect meal, or burn everything except the turkey, which is perfect?”

“Would you rather dress your pet as a turkey for Thanksgiving or dress your pet as a pilgrim?”

“Would you rather burp loudly at Thanksgiving dinner or spill your drink?”

“Would you rather cook and clean up Thanksgiving dinner or shop for everyone in your family on Black Friday?”

“Would you rather say what you’re grateful for before you eat or after?”

“Would you rather drink hot cocoa or cold apple cider with your Thanksgiving meal?

“Would you rather eat raw pumpkin or eat raw cranberries?”

“Would you rather be able to run a Turkey Trot without feeling tired or be able to cook perfectly without using a recipe?”

“Would you rather invite a famous person to join your family’s dinner, or be the one person invited to join a famous family’s dinner?”

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“Would you rather travel to a relative’s house for Thanksgiving dinner or eat Thanksgiving at your own house?”

“Would you rather wear a silly hat to Thanksgiving dinner or wear funny mittens on Christmas morning?”

“Would you rather have to work on Black Friday or have to work on Thanksgiving?”

“Would you rather turn into a turkey on Thanksgiving or turn into an elf on Christmas?”

“Would you rather spend Thanksgiving in New York City or on a farm?”

“Would you rather dress in feathers like a turkey, or dress in orange like a pumpkin for the Thanksgiving meal?”

“Would you rather not get passed food during Thanksgiving dinner or constantly be passing food for other people during the meal?”

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“Would you rather eat your Thanksgiving meal for dinner or lunch?”

“Would you rather eat Thanksgiving leftovers for an entire year or never eat Thanksgiving food again?”

I hope these good thanksgiving icebreaker questions for any situation especially work are fun and let everyone know more about thanksgiving and its culture.

Moreover, check out these conversation starters and icebreakers for different situations.

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