Thailand Visa Free Entry for Indians Till April 2020

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Thailand visa free on arrival for Indians extended

Good news for travelers, Thailand visa free travel has extended by the Thailand Embassy for visa on arrival program for Indians till April 2020. Now, you can save Thailand visa fee approx Rs 4600 (2000 Bhat) using the visa fee wavier program by Thailand.

You just have to book your flight tickets to Thailand and done. However, you’ll still need travel documents like the recent photos (4×6 Inch), accommodation proof, etc. to get a visa on arrival. This visa-free entry supposed to end on 31st October but Thailand govt. wants to grow more tourists from India. Tourism in Thailand grows 20% yearly and they want to reach 30% by 2030.

#Thailand 2 week budget itinerary

According to Instagram, the ten most photographed places in 2012 were Suvarnabhumi Airport and Siam Paragon shopping mall. These two were ranked 1 and 2. Even, more popular than Times Square or Eiffel Tower.

Also, governments view tourism as a shortcut to economic development. Tourism success is measured by the number of visitors; the more, the better.

Thailand Visa sample

So, it’s an opportunity for budget travelers to go and explore Thailand visa free. I’ve also visited Thailand in May 2019 using visa on arrival fee wavier program. My per day travel cost was Rs 1500 in which I covered Phuket, Krabi, and Bangkok.

Total expense was Rs 18000 for 12 days including food, accommodation, sightseen, local transport and some other activities. Budget traveling in Thailand is simple and easy if you know the trick. Also, I would definitely recommend you, get this opportunity and explore the amazing beaches/islands of Krabi and Phuket, visa free for Indians.

If you are traveling more than 15 days then VOA won’t be applicable. Therefore, you have to apply for a regular Thai visa(not Thailand visa free) in 3 simple steps from the VFS-Thailand website.


  • Return flight tickets
  • Travel insurance (not compulsory)
  • 4×6 inch photos for a visa application form
  • Accommodation proof

Get these 5 things done and you are ready to get a visa on arrival in Thailand. Also, plan your trip carefully if you are traveling on a budget. Carry international currency like USD instead of carrying Indian currency to get a better conversion rate. You can also carry a forex card to save money on international travel.


Thailand visa fees on arrival for Indian?

There is no visa fee on arrival to enter Thailand until April 2020 for Indians

Thailand visa photo size 2020?

40 mm by 60 mm for a visa, in color.
Black and white photo is not acceptable
You can visit for the non-Indian citizen photo size. There you’ll get all the details on photo size from A to Z countries.

Is Thailand visa-free for Indian?

Yes, visa on arrival is free for Indians to travel to Thailand until April 2020.

Convert Thai baht to INR?

There are many ways to convert Thai Bhat to INR but cheapest way, login to compare the best Forex exchange rates with other currency exchange. They have 21 branches all over India, if they are near you then get your money exchange from them otherwise choose someone near to their price.
Oriental Branch Locator

Indian rupee to Thai baht?

The Indian rupee is a smaller denomination than Thai bhat. Therefore, here you get Thai bhat to INR conversion to understand better:-
1 Thai bhat range between Rs 2.20-2.40 in the last 1 year.

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