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Southeast Asian countries with the capital list

southeast asian countries are famous for Buddhism
East Timor
Bandar Seri Begawan
Phnom Penh
Kuala Lumpur
Nay Pyi Taw

Southeast Asian countries travel guide

Top 5 Southeast Asian countries for vacation destinations

  • Cambodia (tourism arrivals increased by 17.5 percent year-on-year)
  • Indonesia (ranks fourth out of the top 25 destinations in the world in 2018 by travel site TripAdvisor)
  • Philippines
  • Thailand (in the MasterCard 2014 and 2015 Global Destination Cities Index, Bangkok ranked the second of the world’s top-20 most-visited cities, trailing only London)
  • Vietnam

These are the top five Southeast Asian countries for travel. You can also choose from other countries like Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, etc.  However, these five countries are the topmost countries for traveling and also tourist favorites. 

They are famous because they are budget-friendly and people are welcoming. You can easily travel to these countries from Rs 1000 to 2000 (20-30 USD) budget, at the same time without compromising on fun. Thailand and the Philippines at the most traveled countries in Southeast Asia.  every month more than 2 to 3 million people travel to these two countries only.

Most countries are allowed to travel to these countries Visa-free. Which makes them more budget-friendly as you won’t be paying for the visa fee. Traveling between this country is very easy as all are close to each other. So, you will get cheap flight tickets for traveling between these countries easily

Southeast Asian countries travel itinerary

Start your trip from Thailand to get comfortable as this is the most traveled country in southeast Asia. You’ll get a cheap flight to Thailand easily on Skyscanner and Wego. Thailand has 3 major places you shouldn’t miss, Phuket, Krabi, and Bangkok.

Most islands are between Phuket and Krabi, so it’s better you cover these places at least. Also, Bankok is majorly famous for shopping and it’s most likely you’ll land in Bangkok if you are looking for a budget flight tickets.

You can directly land in Phuket or Krabi but the airfare will be high. If you have no interest in the city view and you are only traveling for beaches. Then, skip Bangkok by directly coming to either Phuket or Krabi.


You can go to Vietnam or the Philippine as per your choice but if you are looking for beautiful islands then go to the Philippines. Otherwise, keep the Philippines for the last. As we always keep best for the last. Look for the flights you can get cheaper for which cities from these countries. It’s better to plan your trip in such a way that you save money on flight tickets while covering these countries.

If you travel randomly, you will waste a lot of money on flight tickets instead find those cities you can travel cheaply and save up to 80% on your airfare.

Best time to travel to Southeast Asia?

From September to February is the best time for a comfortable vacation in any Southeast Asian country but 40-60% expensive at the same time.

However, I would advise you to travel just after the end of the main season or just before starting of the main season. That is, 1st or 2nd week of March or before September. That way, you’ll get everything cheaper like flight tickets, accommodation, food, etc. Budget traveler’s best time for traveling any tourist place is low season or starting and ending of the main season.

Offseason traveling allows you to get cheaper vacations and alone photos are easily possible as well for Instagram and Facebook.

Southeast Asia travel packing essentials for 2 weeks trip

6 things you should never miss to travel to Southeast Asian countries.

1) These are very essential to carry while traveling in Southeast Asia. You can use trolley luggage but you may not be able to travel freely. Traveling with a trolley bag is difficult most times. Better you use rucksack instead of a trolley.

2) An additional small bag for day to day usage like touring local places, night markets, beaches, and boat rides. You won’t be carrying your whole luggage to these places all the time.

3) Beachwear is essential for female travelers while exploring beaches. You may not get a good photo for Instagram and Facebook if don’t have beachwear. However, swimwear will do fine as well if you don’t have beachwear but do not miss them.

4) You’ll need sunscreen every hour while in the sun because it’s too hot. Good quality and branded sunscreen are highly recommended. You should use 50+ SPF scream to avoid any sunburn and tanning.

5) Traveling in the summer will be humid that leads to sweating. You’ll be sweating a lot even in the evening time as well. For a 2-3 week trip, 4 shorts and 6 -shirts will work fine. You can add jeans and dresses as well for bars and clubs’ visit.

6) It’s better you carry enough clothes but not too many. Otherwise, it’s difficult to travel with heavy luggage. Also, you will have to pay additional charges to the airline for carrying heavy luggage.

Southeast Asia cheap travel tips?

  1. Stay in hostels away from central tourist places
  2. Eat with locals
  3. Bring meals and water while touring
  4. Use public transport for real travel experience

#Stay away from the main tourist locations when selecting a hostel or hotel for accommodation. You can save a lot of money and definitely meet some experienced and interesting budget travelers if you are interested.

#Also, eating with locals allow you to get local food experience and cheaper as well. Local people know the best places, good and authentic local food. You can also ask them where you can get local but safe places to eat.

#Most people neglect carrying snacks and water when touring famous tourist places. Food costs 5-10 times more at these places and not even fresh. Skip this and bring your own food to avoid getting sick and save some more money.

#If not in a hurry, using public transport is mostly a fun way of travel experience. It’s safe and cheap as well as using public transport. However, in most Southeast Asian countries, you’ll find Grab bike and car taxis. Grab work like Uber for many other countries.

#Grab bike taxis are cheap, convenient, and comfortable if you’re not carrying heavy luggage for touring local places.

Download Grab App:- IOS & Android

Southeast Asia’s best travel apps?

These are basic apps you will need to travel anywhere in the world except Grab.

  1. Google Map
  2. Grab Taxi app (IOS & Android)
  3. Google Translator (IOS & Android)
  4. Skyscanner(IOS & Android), Wego(IOS & Android)
  5. Airbnb( IOS & Android)
  6. Hotel/hostel booking apps
  7. Couchsurfing(IOS & Android)
  8. Travel Guide apps as per country

1) Download offline Google Maps for your travel locations because it’s easier and also, you will save on mobile data. Google Maps are very helpful for navigation and comparing fares of available modes of transport as well.

2) Skyscanner and Wego are essential for searching for airfare. Both are free and user-friendly apps. These are the most reliable apps when it comes to cheap flight booking. There are other apps for flight tickets, Momondo and Kayak as well. However, you’ll get the cheap flights on Skyscanner and Wego. I’ve got a trick using Skyscanner and Wego together to search for cheap flights always.

3) Airbnb is an accommodation app, useful when in a group of 2 or more so you can split the cost. It’s an app where you get a room in homes. Prime location at a low cost is the main feature of Airbnb. Additionally, you may get food and a 3-star facility like swimming pool as well.

4) Hostel/hotel booking apps are highly recommended for Southeast Asia. You can use Hostelworld and for accommodation. You can get the cheapest to 5-star options. However, you can even get cheaper accommodation if you search locally while traveling.

5) Travel guide apps are also very essential to find prime tourist places and places which are not famous in tourist. By using guide apps, you can shortlist on tourist places based on your travel route and taste.

6) Everybody has different tastes when it comes to touring. Therefore, shortlist places from famous beaches, mountains, viewpoints, heritage buildings, historical monuments, etc.

7) Bonus app- Couchsurfing(IOS & Android)

It’s a free app for accommodation. Download this app to find host offering room to stay. On this app, you will find 100s of hosts. Also, you can request to the available host to offer you accommodation. However, request only verified users and people with at least 10-15 references.


Travel cheaply as Southeast Asian Countries allow you to travel even on a shoestring budget. However, you have to plan smartly and advance as well.

People and culture are welcoming in all the Southeast Asia country. SO, it’s better to be calm and respectful to them. Security is not an issue, touring at night but being aware of the situation is recommended. Copy locals, do what they are doing. Means, don’t do things they are not doing like a night out, drinking openly, talking loud, clothing wear, etc. Get proper research to be safe and respectful to their culture as well.

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