Easiest Popshot Tutorial App/Browser 2023

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What is the Popshot app?

Before starting this Popshot tutorial, I need to introduce you to the Popshot app, which is a smart browser app is mainly for Android and IOS mobile phones/tablets. Unlike Google crome and UC browser, you can take screenshots on Popshot from website content or image screenshot and you can access that same webpage, weblink, or image link again.

Popshot Tutorial App
Popshot Tutorial App

Just like saving a bookmark in the form of a screenshot.

Popshot allows you to save all bookmarks in the form of screenshots, spending zero mobile/Ipad/tablet storage. You can even share these screenshots(without saving too) with your friends as well.

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Popshot 5 Segments Tutorial, How to

  1. Download Popshot smart browser
  2. Add amazing apps on the home page
  3. Take screenshots/Popshots
  4. Browse from screenshot/Popshot and recall content anytime
  5. Share screenshots with your friend

How to download Popshot smart browser

Click here for the Android version. From this link, you’ll be able to download Popshot on your android phones/tablets.

Click here for the IOS version. From this link, you’ll be able to download Popshot on your IOS phones/Ipads.

How to add amazing apps on the home page

add amazing apps on the home page tutorial

1st step

Actually, there is a ‘+ web appicon, just touch/click on it. Then, it’ll take you to the new ‘Add web apps’ window.

add amazing apps from webapp option page tutorial

2nd step

Here, you have to click on the “+” sign on any app to add on the home page. Let say you’ve added the Youtube app. Just touch the + icon and the app will add on your home page.

added app on the home page tutorial

3rd step

Just like this.

Where can you take screenshots/Popshots

screenshots/Popshots tutorial

1st step

Suppose you want to take a screenshot of this news website. First, you need to click on the Purple + sign in the bottom middle.

take popshot tutorial

2nd step

Now, you can see in the bottom middle, 3 options, ‘Save‘, ‘X‘, and ‘Send‘. Click/touch on the save(purple downward arrow) for screenshot/Popshot.


3rd step

After that, you’ll hear a slicing sound, just like ‘Fruit Ninja’ game and a notification will appear on the bottom ‘Page saved! Find it in your Bookmarks’.

How to browse from screenshot/Popshot and recall content anytime

recall content anytime on Popshot browser

1st step

Again, start with the home page. Here you can see a heart shape icon on the right bottom, click/touch it.

recall content anytime

2nd step

If you’ve saved screenshot/Popshot, just like me, it’ll show here. So, just tap on it.

recall content anytime

3rd step

And, it’ll open like this and if you want to open in the tab, then, tap on the double arrow on the top right corner and browse.

How to share screenshots with your friend

share screenshots with friends using Popshot

1st step

Tap/touch on the same + icon in the bottom middle.

share screenshots with friends

2nd step

And then tap on the blue right arrow on the bottom right. However, sending/sharing option is only available for registered users. You need to signup to use this feature. Just type your mobile no. & OTP, and you’re registered.

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