How To Reach Alleppey Backwaters 2022

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alleppey backwaters

How to reach Alleppey Backwaters by train?

Alleppey backwater has a railway station named Alappuzha railway station which is on Ernakulam-Trivandrum Railway line. You can either come from Kochi or Trivandrum. Daily there are many local, express and superfast trains available to Alappuzha railway station, nearest railway station to Alleppey.

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Ernakulam Jn. to Alleppey by train

The train from Ernakulam Junction to Alleppey takes from 58 minutes to 180 minutes. Also, 14 trains are available daily to Alleppey from Ernakulam railway station.

  2. MAVELI EXPRESS(16603)
  3. KOCHUVELI EXP(16315)
  4. TRIVANDRUM EXP(16841)
  5. ALLEPPEY EXP(22639)
  6. ALLEPPEY EXP(16308)
  7. NETRAVATI EXP(16345)
  8. INDB KCVL EXP(19332)
  9. SHM TVC EXPRESS(22642)
  10. ERNAD EXPRESS(16605)
  11. JAN SHATABDI(12075)
  12. TATA ALLP EXP(18189)
  13. DHN ALAPPUZHA E(13351)
  14. GUV CHENNAI EXP(16128)

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Chennai to Alleppey

There are many trains from Chennai Egmore to Alleppey. 14 trains are available daily to Alleppey from the Chennai railway station.

  1. ALLEPPEY EXP(22639)
  2. MS GURUVAYUR EX(16127)
  3. DHN ALAPPUZHA E(13351)
  4. TATA ALLP EXP(18189)
  5. SUPER AC EXP(22207)
  6. RAPTI SAGAR EXP(12511)

How to reach Alleppey from Hyderabad?

There is no direct train from Hyderabad to Alleppey, instead, you can come to Chennai from Hyderabad and then to Alleppey. It will take you 38 hours to reach from Hyderabad to Alleppey(plus waiting and transit time).

How to reach Alleppey from Pune?

There is only one direct train Trivandrum Express between Alleppey from Pune which takes 32 hrs and cost you AC 2- Rs 2600, AC 3- Rs 1800 and SL-Rs 700, no AC 1 is available in this train. Moreover, this Trianvdum Express runs only once in a week on Monday.

Nonetheless, you can go to Vasai Road from Pune and then from Vasai road to Alleppey, you’ll get a direct train. The total time from Pune to Alleppey backwaters is around 26 hrs(add transit time between stations). Direct train from Pune to Alleppey

  • Trivandrum Express

Nearest railway station to Alleppey?

Alappuzha (Alleppey) railway station is within walking distance from the station to Alleppey backwaters. You can stay near the railway station for cheaper accommodation and that is near to the Alleppey beach as well. Or stay near the Alleppey backwaters, which is on the expensive side.

Cheap Accommodation near Alleppey backwaters:

alleppey backwaters map
Cheap Accommodation near Alleppey backwaters
Cheap hostel in Alleppey backwaters
Accommodation in Alleppey backwaters

Avoid Thoms Home Stay, there are many problems, Mosquitoes, no eating place(3-5 km away), no view are some of them.

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The nearest airport to Alleppey

Cochin International Airport is 82 km(52 mi) away from Alleppey backwaters. You can easily reach from Cochin airport to Alleppey by train. There are at least 10-15 trains daily from Ernakulam Junction to Alappuzha railways station. Ernakulam junction is 28 km away from Cochin airport, which can be covered by public transport for less than Rs 40.

Trivandrum International Airport is 156 km(98 mi) away from Alleppey backwaters and reaching from Trivandrum airport to Alleppey by train is the easiest way. Same, 10-15 trains run between Trivandrum airport to Alappuzha railway station. Also, Trivandrum International Airport is 12 km away from the railway station, you can take an auto/taxi or public transport (local bus) to cover this distance for less than Rs 20.