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distance to Bhutan from Delhi

Traveling Delhi to Bhutan

Actually, the travel distance from Delhi to Phuentsholling, Bhutan is 1612 km(1000 miles). Phuentsholling is between the borders of India and Bhutan.

Indians won’t need a visa to visit Bhutan.

However, nationality proof, Election card, or valid Passport is enough to enter Bhutan for Indians as it’s international travel.

Bhutan, a Buddhist kingdom located on the eastern edge of the Himalayas. Bhutan does not yet have any UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

A fee of $250 per head per day is applicable for all foreign tourists and a visa is required except for travelers from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives.

Therefore, Bhutan is the best abroad country for travel on a budget for Indians and get visa wavier benefits as well.

Actually, Bhutan’s entry permit for Indian citizens is FREE of cost.

In other words, visit Bhutan from any part of India without the hassle of visa application and fee.

However, make sure you have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity when only carrying a passport as ID proof to get a visa-free permit.

Indian Tourists May Now Have To Pay Charges To Visit Bhutan fro July 2020 including Bangladesh and Maldives citizens.

According to The Hindu

Delhi to Bhutan, 3 travel options

  1. Flight
  2. Train
  3. Road

Although, all 3 travel options are easily possible if you are traveling from Delhi however the level of difficulty and cost to travel Bhutan is different for each option.

Traveling by Flight or air travel takes 2-3 hrs which is quick though but expensive than the train that takes 25-30 hrs but the most affordable way from all 3.

Therefore, before you travel, decide what transport meets your requirements like budget, travel time, and comfort of travel as well.

How to travel to Bhutan from Delhi by flight?

For those looking for how to go to Bhutan from Delhi, many Flights are available you can catch from New Delhi airport(IGI airport) to Bhutan.

Direct flight is available daily to Paro, Bhutan operated by Druk Air – Bhutan’s national carrier and 1 by Bhutan Airlines on some days of the week.

The distance flight from Delhi to Bhutan is 1300 km approx.

It’s the easiest way to travel Bhutan from India by flight however there are other cheap ways are available as well.

Average flight airfare is Rs 18000-25000 for one way and round trip cost Rs 47000-56000 (650-800 USD) from Delhi to Paro, Bhutan.

The flight takes a minimum time of 2 hrs 15 min. Also, there are other options for connecting flights from Kolkata, which take more than 7 hrs.

Paro is the main airport in Bhutan and most flights are directed to Paro from New Delhi.

You can search for cheap flight tickets on Skyscanner or Wego. These are the most reliable flight searching websites/apps.

Furthermore, you can also find what date/month is the cheapest to travel by flight to Bhutan from Delhi.

Arrivals Terminal in Delhi: Bhutan Airlines uses Terminal T3 at Delhi Airport – Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL). Check your arriving flight status here

Departures Terminal in Delhi: According to, Bhutan Airlines uses Terminal T3 at Delhi Airport – Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL). Check your departing flight status here.

Know how to book cheap flight tickets for any destination.

How to go Bhutan from Delhi by train?

For travel on a budget from Delhi, the train is the best and cheap way to visit Bhutan.

Actually, the direct train is not available in Bhutan. Bhutan shares 3 borders with India.

Out of these, Assam and West Bengal borders are used by maximum travelers from India to travel between the 2 countries.

Jaigaon(West Bengal, India) and Phuentsholing(Bhutan) are the border towns.

West Bengal(Jaigaon) border is preferred to enter Bhutan by travelers. The nearest railway stations to Jaigaon(West Bengal) are New Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar and New Cooch Behar.

The train average fare from Delhi is Rs 625-5300. It depends on the class of train coach you choose.

The first destination to be reached is Hasimara, a small town in Jalpaiguri in West Bengal. Between Delhi and Hasimara, trains are available.

Then, travel to the border town of Jaigaon, you can use a bus or taxi and then enter Bhutan from the border.

Distance and time required to reach Jaigaon from these railway stations by road

  1. New Jalpaiguri to border(Jaigaon)- 150km & 4 hrs (approx)
  2. Alipur Duar to border(Jaigaon) – 56km & 1hr 20min (approx)
  3. New Cooch Behar to border(Jaigaon) – 72km & 1hr 50min (approx)

You will easily get public transport (shared auto, private taxis, and buses), easily accessible from all these railway stations to India/Bhutan border.

Then, you enter Phuentsholing, a border town in Bhutan. All in all, if you want to travel cheaply then, a train is a transport to go to the beautiful eastern Himalayan range, Bhutan.

There are no documents checking at the entry point of the India/Bhutan border.

Bhutan is on the Himalayas ‘ eastern side, therefore, when traveling to Bhutan, use a backpack instead of a trolley because backpacks are easy to carry on mountains.

How to go Bhutan from Delhi by road?

Total of three border points in India for crossing over to reach Bhutan.

  1. Jaigaon/ Phuentsholing in West Bengal
  2. Bongaigaon/ Gelephu in Assam
  3. Darangamela/ Samdrup Jongkhar in Assam

Out of the three border points, the Jaigaon/ Phuentsholing Border is preferred by most travelers. Additionally, facilities for staying and getting an entry permit are easy from here.

Delhi to Bhutan by a car or bike

Traveling from Delhi to Bhutan by road is one of the most difficult ways to travel between the two locations.

While it is possible, you should get ready for a 2-3 days journey, which is 1600km(1000 miles) approx.

It will take you more than 28 hrs of road travel. Also, you would travel through Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, through West Bengal, and lastly, enter Bhutan.

50% of your total cost will come from fuel because of the distance of Bhutan from Delhi. Also, carry all required documents for your vehicle with you when crossing India/Bhutan border. Important documents are PUC certificate, RC, Insurance and your Licence.

Jaigaon is the Indian side of the border while Phuentsholing is the Bhutanese side.

Delhi to Bhutan by bus

There is no direct bus service from Delhi to Bhutan. However, you have 3 other options to travel by bus to Bhutan.

Moreover, you can get a bus from Kolkata to Siliguri or Bagdogra and then a taxi, auto, or bus to Jaigaon.

Jaigaon is the Indian side of the border while Phuentsholing is the Bhutanese side.

Rucksack backpack for a road trip to travel on a budget from Delhi to Bhutan.

Delhi to Bhutan road trip cost?

On-bike, you’ll need to consider 3 parts.

  • Fuel:- Rs 3000 (40 kmpl) one way to reach Phuentsholing is a border town in Bhutan
  • Hotel:- Rs 800-1500 per day, Bhutan is expensive.
  • Food:- Rs 400-700 per day

Basically, 10 days trip would cost you around Rs 20-25000. Also, if you travel in a group, then, there’s a scope of reducing your total travel cost in the hotel room and food.

The cheapest way to travel Bhutan from Delhi?

The cheapest way to travel from Delhi to Bhutan is by train. You can easily get a train from Delhi, there are more than 15 trains from Delhi to West Bengal and then a bus to reach Jaigaon/Phuentsholing, Bhutan border.

The minimum cost for Delhi to Bhutan would be:

Delhi to Bhutan train fare plus Bus fare= Rs 700+ Rs 200= Rs 900.


A trip from Delhi to Bhutan can be easy as well as difficult. Hence, it depends on the mode of transport you choose.

Traveling by flight is expensive(Rs 40-50000 approx) but it’s the most comfortable and quick way as well. Indeed, by train, it’s the cheapest but it’ll take more than 30 hrs on a train journey.

Since the Road trip is the most difficult and tiring because it’ll take 28 hr time by road travel. Also, won’t be cheap as you would spend most of your money on fuel because of the 1600 km one-way distance.

Therefore, I would suggest you choose a train for the Bhutan trip from Delhi as there are many trains available.

Delhi is the national capital of India, therefore, you’ll get a train from Delhi to West Bengal easily.

Train journey won’t cost you more than Rs 2000 for two-way Delhi/ Bhutan transport. The train journey will be comfortable, inexpensive, and safe for travel alone as well.

Rather, use these saving for touring Bhutan tourist places than spending on an expensive flight ticket.

Lastly, there are many travel bloggers, for Bhutan travel itinerary suggestions, consider them in your research as well.

Important tips for Delhi to Bhutan trip

  • Ngultrum is the Bhutanese currency which is of the same valuation as the Indian rupee. Additionally, the Indian rupee is accepted as legal tender in Bhutan.
  • You can use your Debit/Credit card in most hotels and handicraft stores.
  • Carry suitable medicines if you’re prone to motion sickness because of the twisty roads due to mountains, Bhutan is a mountain country.
  • Keep emergency cash/money prior to departure
  • 2-3 hrs before departure, properly check your travel documents if traveling by plane
  • Some flights allow your seat selection when check-in, take window seat if possible to witness awesome views of Himalaya.


Bhutan permit cost for Indians?

Surprisingly, it’s free for Indians however you need to carry either your passport or Voter ID card(Election Card).

How Bhutan is carbon negative?

In Bhutan’s constitution, 60% of land should be forested and 40% is for people usage. Undeniably, this helps Bhutan to absorb more carbon than they produce.

Why Bhutan is expensive?

Bhutan doesn’t want to get many tourists. Otherwise, there will be a rush of tourists, if they don’t keep the cost high for tourists. However, the minimum foreigners must spend 250 USD per day is required as per Bhutan immigration(except India, Bangladesh, Maldives).

Bhutan currencies vs Indian rupee?

1 Indian rupee equals 1 Bhutanese Ngultrum. Surprisingly, you can use the Indian currency as well. The Indian rupee is a legal tender in Bhutan.

Address of Bhutan consulate in Delhi?

Address: EP-4, Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri New Delhi, Delhi 110021, India
Phone: 011-2688 9230

How much does the train ticket cost to Bhutan?

Sadly, the direct train is not available to Bhutan however, Bhutan shares 3 borders with Assam and West Bengal in India. So, the average train fare from Delhi to either Guwhati, Assam or Kolkata, West Bengal is almost similar,

Sleeper coach:- Rs 700-800
3rd AC coach:- Rs 1890-3500
2nd AC coach:- Rs 2700-5000
1St Ac coach:- Rs 4800-5800

Then, you can use public transport to reach India/Bhutan border, shared autos, taxis, and buses are easily available from these railway stations.
The date on train fares are recorded:- 2023

Baggage allowance in Bhutan airlines?

Free cabin baggage should not exceed a maximum weight of 7 kg.
Besides, the baggage allowance for BUSINESS CLASS is 30 kg (66 pounds) and 20 kg (45 pounds) for ECONOMY CLASS/ COACH. And the same rules for the minors as well.