3 Best Place To Stay In Phuket

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Best place to stay in Phuket, Thailand?

Majorly staying in Phuket is divided into 3 parts for a better experience. Also, the place to stay in Phuket can be different for different requirements like a solo traveler/singles, families, honeymoon, and budget as well. Plus, where you want to stay like a beachfront hotel, hostel, resort, home apartments(Airbnb), etc.

best place to stay in phuket

Here, I’ll divide it into three sections for Phuket accommodation for a better experience :


  • Islands, Phuket
  • Near Bangla Road, Phuket
  • Old Town, Phuket

Looking For

  • Families
  • Solo travelers
  • Honeymoon travel
  • Couples


  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Beachfront
  • Hostel
  • Appartments
  • Camping

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The best place to stay in Phuket Islands, Thailand

The best area to stay in Phuket no doubt is Islands for amazing sunrise and sunset. Therefore, it’s highly recommended if the budget is not a problem. There are many resorts, hotels, and hostels with private beaches possible on most islands. Some of the best Islands you can choose to stay:

  • Phi Phi Islands
  • Similan Islands
  • Racha Islands
  • Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi
  • Coral Island
  • Koh Khai Islands
  • Koh Bon

However, islands are highly expensive for food, shopping, etc. Only choose the island staying in Phuket when you have enough budget otherwise it won’t be fun. Also, you can stay in Phuket near Patong and visit many islands you want. This way you can avoid island expenses by visiting not staying there.

Best place to stay in Phuket near Bangla Road

Places near Bangla road, Phuket are crowded. Firstly It’s a party place so if you are looking for a party then it’s a place to go for you also, Patong beach is just next to Bangla road.

Moreover, you can do activities like Para Sailing, Jet Skiing, Sun Bathing and many more. In addition, you can experience great food and night clubs as well near Patong, Phuket.

Best place to stay in Phuket old town

Phuket town also known as Old Town is a very quiet place. However, you can go to a night market which opens only on weekends. The night markets are very famous in Phuket as well in Krabi as well. You can shop for different Thai style designed cloths and moreover, you can get to eat different types of Thai cuisine.

By mixing your stay in Phuket(Bangla road) and Phuket(old town), you can budget your trip easily and stay for long. It’s an easy way of traveling worryfree when for a budget traveler.

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Best place for families to stay in Phuket, Thailand

Island resort for a family in Phuket Thailand

Best Resort

Best resort to stay in phuket island

Hotel for family

best hotel to stay in phuket island

Best Island Apartment in Phuket for a family

best apartment

Best Place in Patong, Phuket stay for a family:

Resort in Patong beach Phuket, Thailand for a family

best place near patong to stay in resort

One of the best hotel in Patong Beach Phuket

best hotel

Apartment for family in Patong Thailand

best apartment

Best Phuket Town stay for the family:-

Resort in Phuket old town Thailand

best resort

Best Hotel

best hotel


best apartment


Thailand has cheap to the most expensive places to stay in. However, for meeting new people or partying then, hostels are highly recommended and above all hotels are cheap. In addition, hostels are busy, noisy and crowded if you are looking for a calm stay. Moreover, hotels are not as cheap as hostels because hostels have shared the room.

Therefore, for the best hostel experience in Phuket, staying near Bangla road is highly recommended. You can easily find fairly priced hostels near Patong beach or Bangla road. Also, many tourist places are near or 10-15km range from Patong beach and you can get a local bus from Patong beach to Phuket town. The bus fare from Patong to Phuket town is 30 Bhat.

Most importantly its fun staying in hostels as you can meet travelers from different parts of the world. In addition to this, you can share some interesting stories with them.

Comment down below for any queries or suggestions.

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