How to use Skyscanner effectively for flight booking 2023

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Using Skyscanner for cheap flights booking 2023

Last summer, when I was searching for cheap flights on Skyscanner to Thailand from India, I discovered that flying direct from Delhi to Bangkok, the flight fare is 120 USD.

Instead, I flew to Phuket from Delhi for 50 USD and Phuket-Krabi by local bus for 2 USD and from Krabi to Bangkok by flight for 6 USD.

So, my total was 58 USD instead of 120 USD and this saving of almost 62 USD equals 6 days of traveling in Thailand (food+hostel+sightseen).

Also, I kind of got this from last minute flight deals as I booked it 4-5 days before my traveling dates.

What is Skyscanner app

Skyscanner is a metasearch engine and travel agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and owned by Group, the largest online travel agency in China.

The site is available in over 30 languages and is used by 100 million people per month.

Flight booking on Skyscanner is divided into three parts

  • Destination (Skyscanner map)
  • Dates
  • Season


Skyscanner destination anywhere or everywhere

To get a cheap flight for an international or domestic trip, from Skyscanner or from any other reliable website, your destination is the most important for cheap deals.

However, the Skyscanner map has amazing features like specifying your departure City/Country and everywhere/anywhere in the arrival section to know which place is the cheapest to fly to or your arrival city/country.

Therefore, I would suggest you type Country (name) in the departure section and Everywhere in the arrival section to get cheap Skyscanner flight deals.

Skyscanner will show you cheap flight tickets between the two countries. And then, you can select two cities which you wanna fly to, based on airfare and your preference.


Actually, Skyscanner gives you 3 options to choose where you can select

  • Specific dates
  • Specific months, or
  • Cheapest month to fly

However, out of the above three options, I would recommend you either select a Specific month or the Cheapest month for a cheap flight on Skyscanner.

Selecting a month on Skyscanner offers you to find the cheapest date of a month for cheap flight tickets.

Also, try both, specific months and the cheapest months to find the cheapest Skyscanner flights.

Low Season-Shoulder Season-High Season

There are mainly 3 seasons, you can travel to any place

  • High Season
  • Low Season
  • Shoulder Season

Basically, for cheap flight booking, affordable accommodation, and food, travel in the low season or offseason.

The low season is when there is less crowd and the weather is also not comfortable.

Furthermore, you can travel in the shoulder season to get moderately expensive flights, accommodation, and other activities.

(European countries)Low SeasonShoulder SeasonHigh Season

Select season based on, when is the low season or shoulder season to get budget flights.

This way you can use Skyscanner effectively.

Getting last minute flight deals is easy when traveling in a low season more than any season(high/shoulder season)

The Best months to visit Southeast Asia

  • Close to winter—Good weather (Aug-Oct/Feb-Apr)
  • Less crowd
  • Everything will be moderately expensive

The Best months to visit Europe

  • Close to summer—Good weather(Mar-May/Sep-Oct)
  • Fewer crowd
  • Sufficient daylight

And, the best months to visit America

  • Close to summer—Good weather (Mar-May/Sep-Oct)
  • Fewer crowd
  • Sufficient daylight

The secret of getting cheap Skyscanner Flights

skyscanner flight fare comparison

Don’t fly direct to your destination, instead, fly to the cheapest country near and then fly to the main country. As you can see:

  • Finland-Austria-Egypt—-Flight fare-Rs 8,500(118 USD)
  • Finland-Egypt—-Flight fare———-Rs 12,256(170 USD)

I know it’s not much of a difference but I’ve used it as an example to show, you can use Skyscanner to find a cheap flight by flying through different countries or cities.

However, it also depends upon your nationality because not all nationals are allowed free visa entry. If you have that option then why not use it.

Surprisingly, if you travel in the low season and are able to find cheap connecting countries and you can save 30-50% on flight tickets.

And lastly, you can easily book a cheap flight in business class and economy class as well.

#Important Point

If you’re using this way of saving money on a cheap flight, make sure you have enough time for your connecting flight, sometimes a flight gets delayed due to bad weather or congestion at the airport.

Why is Skyscanner so cheap?

You no longer have to scour multiple sites for cheap flights, Skyscanner brings all your flight options into one easy to use app.

Using their color-coded calendar and chart views helps you find the cheapest month and date to fly.

Then select the best flight for you from providers such as British Airways, Ryanair, Easyjet, Flybe, Monarch, Emirates, and hundreds more.


Getting a cheap flight on Skyscanner is not difficult but getting the cheapest airfare from Skyscanner or any other similar site is a real task nowadays.

Therefore, use this only way of booking flight tickets on Skyscanner and save from Skyscanner flights.

Therefore, never plan your destination, find the cheapest flight on Skyscanner, and travel to that place, it’ll be fun altogether.

Most importantly, you must look for a one-way cheap flight because this trick won’t work on a round trip as you may have to change your route while coming back.

Frequently Asked Question

How to add baggage on Skyscanner?

It’s pretty simple.

1. Choose the flight you want to travel on.
2. Review flight details and add Hotel or Airport Transfer if you want to.
3. Continue to Booking the ticket.
4. Provide Contact and Traveler details on the next page.
5. Continue to the next page.
6. Add Baggage under the Flight Facilities section and choose any other Add-on.
7. Continue to Payment and proceed to complete your booking.

Why does Skyscanner price change?

Most of the time what you see is not a change in price but a change in the availability of certain fare codes. You may see a $300 fare one minute, and the next minute the lowest fare is $400. There is some basic logic for this:

1. The cheap fare that you saw earlier still exists, it’s just not currently on sale.
2. Someone bought the last available ticket with that fare code(sale).
3. Airline’s pricing algorithms have decided that they don’t need to sell the lower-priced fare code anymore.
4. A “fare sale” may have expired, etc.
5. If not enough seats sell for a few days, that $300 fare may once again appear when the airline puts it back on sale.

When is Skyscanner is cheapest?

1. Cheapest Days to Fly: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
2. Cheapest Times to Fly: Flights at Dawn, Red-Eye or Overnights, Flights around Dinner.
3. Best Time to Book a Flight: Tuesday at 3 PM EST
4. Best Timeframe to Shop Domestic Fares: 30 days before departure
5. Best Timeframe to Shop International Fares: 165 days before departure and 45 days before departure.

Other Tips:
6. Choose Connecting Flights, sometimes adding one or two stops can save up to 50 percent.
7. Choose Bigger Airports
8. Shop one passenger at a time, don’t group them.

What does Skyscanner do?

Skyscanner is a travel metasearch which kind of shows you information from different resources and helps you to make a choice. In other words, you can say it is one big Mall which has outlets from many brands. You can walk in, check out the items, and make a purchase at their respective counters.

Can Skyscanner be trusted?

You cannot book flights through Skyscanner.

Skyscanner is a search and comparison site, not a booking site. They won’t handle the booking for you, but they will point you towards where you can book your flight. That could be the airline or an online travel agency.

All places Skyscanner points you to for booking your flight can be considered safe, however, if they aren’t Skyscanner is not to blame for that. It’s your own responsibility for booking a flight where you do. How you got there is irrelevant.

What are Skyscanner like websites?

1. FareFirst.
2. Momondo.
3. Orbitz
4. Expedia
5. Hipmunk
6. Momondo

Skyscanner customer service?

Skyscanner doesn’t offer a phone number or live chat support or customer service.
As Skyscanner doesn’t manage any bookings directly, Skyscanner doesn’t offer phone or live chat support. If your inquiry is about any of the following, they recommend that you contact the travel provider directly:

1. You haven’t received your booking confirmation
2. Changes to a booking you’ve already made
3. Cancellations and refunds
4. Payment, luggage, seating, or visa questions
5. Airline or airport-related information

Skyscanner for cruises?

For now, Skyscanner doesn’t offer any cruise service or cruise ticket booking.

Skyscanner promo code?

You don’t need to look for any Skyscanner promo code as Skyscanner generally displays promo codes or deals like specific bank debit card or credit card deals when there’s any offer.
Most importantly, they(Skyscanner) will point you towards(Airline/travel agent website) where you can book your flight. Therefore, it depends on the booking website, whether you need a promo code or not.