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Travel To India

You can travel to India as it’s a great opportunity for a traveler and also India is a large as well as budget-friendly country. Therefore, It’ll take you a whole year to cover India. Although, you have to divide India into 2 or more parts to cover it. India has a wide variety of touring destinations like forests, hill stations, beaches, heritage, etc.

Indian states/Provisions have different cultures, cuisines, languages, etc. Basically, you can see beautiful beaches in south India and mountains in north India.

How Travel to India?

It’s difficult to cover the whole of India in a single trip. Therefore, I’ve divided India tours into 2 parts. Basically, there are 3 modes of transportation trains, buses, and airplanes. Although, using trains for transportation in India can be cheap but it’ll take more time than airplanes.

Trains have 4 different types of coaches 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and SL. However, foreigners are allowed to book and travel in 1st and 2nd class coaches. Train tickets fare for 1st and 2nd class can range from $10-60 depends on your journey distance as well as on the train.

Also, Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains are the fastest as well as the most expensive in all the available trains in India.

If you are a non-Indian/foreigner then you can book a train using an Indian mobile number or you can ask your hotel/hostel for a train ticket. Generally, it’s difficult to get a train ticket because India is 2nd most populated country in the world.

Hence, most people use the train as their main mode for transportation because it’s cheap.

You can get more details on the train at Trainman and for train live status you can use the android app ‘where is my train‘.

First Itinerary: travel to India

Traveling to North India

North India trip distance is 5000 km(3125 miles). These places may not be so famous in the outer world but trust me these are very famous places in Indian tourists. North India has beautiful mountains, forests, and sceneries. Furthermore, you will find a wide variety of street food. You can travel cheaply in north India as well as food is also cheap and tasty.

Here is the list of 44 Top Places to visit in North India

Delhi-Punjab-Jammu & Kashmir-Himachal-Agra(Uttar Pradesh)-Varanasi(Uttar Pradesh)-Kolkata-Sikkim-Assam-Arunachal Pradesh

Second Itinerary

Traveling To South India

South India trip distance is 3850 km(2400 miles). These places are also very famous among Indian tourists.


How to cover this itinerary in India?

There are 3 modes of transport options available:-

  1. Airplane
  2. Train
  3. Bus

You can choose either of the three options as it depends upon the budget and time you have. The airplane is going to be the most expensive and the bus is the least expensive.

Airplanes are so common and known transport. You can use airplanes but it’s expensive as well. Therefore, travel as per your budget. Trains IRCTC.CO.IN) have 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class, and SL class. 1st, 2nd, 3rd class are air-conditioned and SL class is not-airconditioned. 1st class is the most expensive(equals to airfare) and SL is the least expensive. There are air-conditioned and nonair-conditioned buses. Both are comfortable and clean.

First Itinerary:-

Now you have to choose the places you are touring in the first itinerary and choose your transportation mode accordingly. You may have to mix all three transport to save time and money

I advise you to travel the first itinerary from March to May. Because of mid-September to the end of February, most tourist areas are closed and some places are freezing.

Second Itinerary:-

Traveling from October to February is recommended because the weather is hot generally in south India. Although, you can travel in summer as well as temperature range between 35-45 degrees Celsius and the humidity level is high due to the coastal area.

Govt. website for Indian e-Visa application process. There you will find

  • Countries/Nationalities who are eligible to avail e-Visa.
  • Instructions for applicant
  • Payment related query
  • Authorized Immigration check posts through which e-Visa holders can travel
  • Payment help desk
  • e-Visa help desk


Traveling to India is not limited to the famous Golden Triangle. There is much more in India than just these 3 places. However, you have to plan properly for example:- booking train tickets is sometimes very difficult in India. You can travel as cheap as $10/day in India if you plan it well and eating is very cheap in India as well. I have stated, govt. websites can be helpful for you to plan your trip and save a lot of money.

Non-famous places like Kerala, Tamilnadu are more fun than the other touristy areas in my opinion. There is not enough online about these places. People only write about popular spots like the Golden Triangle, Mumbai, and Goa. People are missing some amazing places which they must visit. Therefore, mix your itinerary with tourist and non-tourist places to get a taste of both worlds. You can also divide these 2 itineraries into four if it’s too much for you.

Pack your bag…..and leave for this amazing adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is travel to India safe?

Yes, India is as safe as any other country. But you need to be careful when traveling, you should follow what locals are avoiding and doing.

Are shorts needed to travel to India?

Yes, if you are traveling in summer. Also, south India remains hot and humid all 12 months.

Travel to India, do i need a visa?

Yes, if you not Indian or from Nepal then you would definitely need to apply for Visa. Click here to see if you can apply for e Visa

Which countries have visa-free travel to India?

Only Nepal has free visa travel to India. For more details please refer to this link Indian visa online.

Is travel in India cheap?

India is one of the cheapest countries to travel. You can travel as cheap as $5-10/day including food, accommodation, and local transport.

Should i travel to India alone?

India can be traveled alone if you plan your trip smartly. India is a safe and budget-friendly country. Every year, millions of solo travelers com to India for travel.

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