Top 14 Reliable Online Trip Planning Websites | Apps | 2022

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Trip Planning Websites

Best trip planning websites/apps

Create and Plan a trip with these 14 best trip planning websites/apps

Creating and planning a trip or vacation from scratch is exhausting and time-consuming when you don’t know about the place.

I know how difficult it is to research everything and keep track of everything. However, there is a better way to plan a trip.

There are lots of trip planning websites, that let you browse, and pay for things to do, and a few will let you keep track of your planned trip with them.

Here are the top 15 trip planning websites that can be great trip planner tools to help you plan your trip online.

Some are free trip planner online websites(partially), and most of them are paid trip planning sites to use full service.

1. Tripomatic: World’s first online maps designed for travelers

Tripomatic is a great travel planning app with a map that uses a map to explore top attractions(paid-free) as well as hidden gems and plan your trips day-by-day.

They have their tourist attractions database, which covers 1200+ cities and sights, to add to your trip.

Also, you can use their mobile app, and you need to upgrade to a premium plan to get an offline map of your journey.

2. Travefy

Travefy is all about group travel; therefore, if you travel in a group, Travefy can be a good trip planning app, and they have a website.

You can easily arrange events, flights, accommodations on precise itinerary planning, and Important reservations via email forward.

However, it’s not very user-friendly.

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3. TripHobo: World’s Smartest Vacation Planner

TripHobo is a fantastic itinerary-building website that designs your multi-city or multi-country trip for you.

You enter the city names and no. of days or your travel dates, and they’ll make an itinerary for you.

However, you can add and delete any place you want to the itinerary.

Also, you can book Tours and Activities for your trip on

4. Pebblar

Pebblar can be a good travel planner website if you are looking for something Google maps friendly.

It’s easy to use and does a good tour-guiding job.

You can also add Google places, cities, and dates, and it’ll lead you through the whole process.

5. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers, the best road trip planning website if you are going on a road trip, enter starting place/city and multi-places.

They’ll map your route and show you things to do, fuel consumption, places to stay, and everything else along the way.

However, the first five ways are free; then, you have to buy their premium plan of 29.99 USD/year to access the offline map view, Add up to 150 stops, Live Traffic, and Amazing Deals, etc.

6. Planapple

Planapple helps you create, organize, access, and share all your vacation plans, and it uses smart custom Google searches to show you results like things to do and see in the selected cities and places.

07. Tripit

Tripit is the most popular trip itinerary building app and website as well.

Mostly, useful for business users.

However, you need to know what you’ll do when you reach your destination as it doesn’t provide that, only helps you create an itinerary; if you don’t know what you want to do then, Tripit isn’t the site for you.

08. Inspirock

Inspirock is like TripHobo, a trip planning website that designs a trip for you.

However, limited to select countries, and you can’t edit your trip after you create your plan.

Nonetheless, all major cities and places are there like Thailand, India, the United States, Europe, etc.

You can also select locations from popular, balanced, and hidden gems, plus you can choose your pace like slow & easy, medium, or fast for your itinerary.

09. Triporama

Triporama is a family and friends trip planning website that has been around for a while and shows Google searches for travel planning.

It’s a useful tool as a trip itinerary planner; however, Triporama is not linked to any service provider company for things to do in your places.

10. Triposo

Triposo is a city guide website/app.

They may not have a stable itinerary-building process, but it works best for road travel; definitely, I would highly recommend using the Triposo app to explore and find amazing things to do while on the road.

11. TakeTours

Taketours is a website for day-to-day trips and pre-planned trips & tours that you can book through their website.

All in all, it’s a basic itinerary builder website. However, that makes it easy to use their website as well.

12. Ixigo

Ixigo helps you plan and find a cheap flight, hotel, and tour through their travel search engine, plus you can build or create a trip with their user-friendly trip planner on their website, India’s top travel planning site.

Additionally, you get information monthly, like the best places to visit, things to do, hotels, restaurants, etc.

13. iTraveller

iTraveller, you get to select pre-planned trips and tours on this website.

They’ll show you tour operators and travel agents based on your selected location, and you have to select tours provided by them.

However, you can request them what you’re interested in, and they’ll contact you back.

14. TravelTriangle

TravelTriangle, similar to iTraveller. Let them where you want to go and what you want to do, and then they’ll plan your trip.

Unlike other websites and apps, a real person will plan your trip for you.


So these are the best 14 trip planning websites and apps to help you travel efficiently.

You don’t have to completely rely on these websites, you can make your itinerary, but these are just to help you understand and create your travel plan.

Therefore, use these trip planning websites to give you a broad perspective and travel worry-free.

Most international places are difficult for building itineraries due to language, transport rules, and many other factors so, it’s better you take help from one of the mentioned trip planning websites and travel freely.