80+ Best This or that Christmas Edition | Would You Rather | Adults 2022

This or that Christmas

Christmas is known for gifts, fun, Santa Claus, and cake.

Getting friends, girlfriends, or boyfriends over and playing games is so much fun. 

Therefore, here is a list of games that you can enjoy.

These are “would you rather questions”, “have you ever” or “this or that Christmas edition questions for adults”. 

Also, games will help create a stronger bond or bring you closer to your loved ones. 

Or, try this huge list of trivia for specific situations.

Enjoy playing! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Would You Rather For Adults

Christmas Would You Rather For Adults

Have a red nose like Rudolph or be green like the Grinch?

Get only a stocking for Christmas or only one present?

Sing O Holy Night in public or dance in the Nutcracker?

Do all your shopping at the mall the Saturday before Christmas or have to work on Christmas Eve?

Visit Rockefeller Center’s tree lighting or go to midnight mass at the Vatican?

Listen to Mariah Carey Christmas music on repeat all day or listen to Bing Crosby on repeat?

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Build a gingerbread house or decorate sugar cookies?

Receive an experience gift or a subscription box?

Get run over by a reindeer or visited by the ghost of Christmas past?

Have Scrooge as your boss or Clark Griswold as your dad?

Read ‘Twas the night before Christmas or the Christmas Story in the Bible on Christmas Eve?

Spend Christmas at a cabin in the mountains or at the beach in the Caribbean?

Go on a sleigh ride to Grandma’s house or roast chestnuts over an open fire?

Go to a cookie exchange party or to an ugly sweater party?

Eat all the chocolate out of an advent calendar in one night or drink an entire cup of hot cider without stopping?

Santa or work every weekend sober as the christmas bartender for the rest of your life?

Who gets way too drunk at the christmas party or does not get invited at all?

Go the whole christmas season without christmas movies or christmas songs?

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Wear a christmas tree skirt as an actual skirt or oversized antlers to a christmas party?

Receive a christmas gift wrapped in zap straps or 12 layers of masking tape?

Have You Ever Christmas Questions

Have You Ever Christmas Questions

Never have I ever been kissed under the mistletoe!

Never have I ever baked gingerbread cookies!

Never have I ever gone Christmas caroling!

Never have I ever worn an ugly Christmas sweater!

Never have I ever built a snowman!

Never have I ever sipped on eggnog!

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Never have I ever watched The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Never have I ever participated in a snowball fight!

Never have I ever sipped on hot cocoa!

Never have I ever built a gingerbread house!

Never have I ever watched Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas!

Never have I ever made a snow angel!

Never have I ever left cookies out for Santa Claus!

Never have I ever bought a gift for a significant other!

Never have I ever watched The Polar Express!

Never have I ever participated in a “Secret Santa” gift exchange!

Never have I ever sang all the lyrics to Jingle Bell Rock!

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Never have I ever said “Happy Christmas” instead of “Merry Christmas”!

Never have I ever watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Never have I ever opened gifts on Christmas eve instead of Christmas morning!

This Or That Christmas Questions

This Or That Christmas Questions

Candy cane or hot cocoa?

Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus

Real or fake tree?

Cash or gift card?

Home or out of town?

Snow or no snow?

Cook or cater?

Give or get?

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Sing or listen to songs?

Christmas Story or Home Alone?

Turkey or ham?

Holly or jolly?

Star or angel?

Snowman or elf?

Mistletoe or wreath?

Ribbon or bells?

Cider or cocoa?

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Tinsel or ornaments?

White lights or colored lights?

Gingerbread house or cookies?

I hope these “this or that Christmas edition” help you have a fun time as well as an entertaining time with your loved ones.

Have engaging conversations with people at the Christmas party or get-together with these icebreakers.

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