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Minimum travel cost for Thailand trip from India

Trip to any international country like Thailand from India, you need foreign currency. In this article, currency conversion is not included in total cost because forex exchange rates are different in different cities.

So, please include 2-4% extra to your total trip cost. I’ve used the Orient Exchange. They have the cheapest commission(1-3%) compare to other forex exchange companies and their service is also customer friendly.

Both options, home delivery and get by yourself are available. Just go through their website and let me know in the comment section if you like it or not.

Trip cost is divided into 5 sections

  1. Airfare(Flight Ticket)
  2. Hostel/Hotel Cost
  3. Food
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. Local Transport

As you can see in the above pie-chart, out of 5, flight tickets cost (35%) the most. Flight costs cannot be reduced after one point. There is a minimum charge you have to pay for the tickets. I’ll show you how you can use this pie-chart to plan your Thailand trip from India.

Airfare(Flight Ticket)

To get the cheaper flight ticket, you should book flight tickets 45-60 days before your travel dates. This way, you can compare airfare on different websites/apps like Skyscanner and Wego to get 50-70% off on airfare.

Furthermore, avoid booking airline tickets 5-10 days before your travel which most travelers do.

Also, if you travel in the low season(off-season) then chances are high for cheap airfare but still booking should be done 45-60 days earlier. Furthermore, the cheapest flights are mostly available from Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Kochi, and sometimes Delhi(one way).

Choose the neighbor city, if you don’t find a cheaper option from your city. Also, you can use Skyscanner and Wego together for the cheapest airfare from India to Thailand.

Tips For Finding Cheap flight deals using my own trick.

From Delhi, you can get a cheap flight to Phuket sometimes. So, you can search for Delhi to Phuket(one way) flight ticket as well. However, Off-season traveling is important for cheap airfare.

Hostel/Hotel Cost

The minimum cost of accommodation depends on your selections of the tourist place and location view as well. In this case, you can minimize your hotel/hostel cost by staying away from the prime tourist places. Instead, look nearby (2-5km) areas to that main location.

Main tourist places are mostly crowded and not properly managed(clean). If you choose the main location to stay then you’ll have to pay 30-50% more. Otherwise, your hotel/hostel costs 11% will increase to 20% of your total budget.

Also, Staying in hostels allow your accommodation budget low if you don’t mind sharing a room with 5-8 other travelers like you. I’ve prepared this chart considering the hostel stay. So, if you choose the hotel for accommodation, then, change 11% to 25%.

In addition to that, you can use hostelworld only for room search in hostels and booking.com for hostels and hotels as well. Room fare in a hostel starts from Rs 300 and Rs 800 for hotels. However, the room charges can vary due to prime locations like Raiely beach or Phi Phi island.


Thailand has many different types of eating options. You will get a wide range of street food, small restaurants, fancy restaurants, and prime places food joints as well.

You can eat anywhere as per your budget but that will directly increase your total budget. In the above pie-chart, the daily eating cost was Rs 600-800. So, you can also mix eating street food and small restaurant will keep your budget low.

There’s no issue eating street food but keep one thing clear, eat where most of the local people are eating or most of the crowd eats. It’ll be cheaper and safe for you.

Avoid eating at major tourist places like beaches, islands, etc. Instead, you can carry your own food while touring locally to keep the food budget low. Eating costs 5-10 times more at tourist places and it can be easily avoidable.

Additionally, skip western food like burgers, pizza, etc and Indian food because they are extremely costly in Thailand. Instead, you can eat delicious Thai cuisine that will be cheaper for your budget.


Activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, pub crawl, day tour, partying, drinking, etc. are miscellaneous. You choose activities as per your budget and interest. The more you activities you choose more will be the cost.

In the above pie-chart, pub crawl, day tour, daily drinking (2-3 beers), 3-4 party, 2 islands visit, kayaking, and some other inexpensive activities.

2nd most expensive part of Thailand’s vacation is certain activities. Pick them carefully, they can empty your pocket quickly. Although, you can reduce your expenses on drinking, partying, and pub crawl.

I didn’t find pub crawls exciting at all, party hostel focuses on making as much money as possible from you. They’ll just get you to these pubs or bars on the street and force(softly) you to buy drinks or anything. As they have fixed commission from these places.

Avoid them to save pub crawl fee of Rs 900-1500 that can be used to buy drinks and eating for 2 days, if you have done it yourself.

Local Transport

Public transport is cheaper 5-10 times than taxi. Use local buses as much as possible. The bus service is reasonably good in most areas and it’s cheap as well.

However, you can save money on Phuket to Krabi transport either use ferry going from Krabi via Phi Phi to Phuket or vice-a-versa. Also, there’s another way to travel between Phuket from Krabi cheap in less than 200 bhat (Rs 460) bus fare.

If you choose ferry transport between Phuket and Krabi, that will cost you 1200-1800 Bhat (Rs 2700-4000). It depends on what type of ferry and luxury you choose.

Furthermore, you can rent a scooter if you are 2 people, to split the rent cost. There are places, you cannot visit without a private taxi or rented vehicle. It’s better you rent a scooter if you are 2 otherwise taxi is the only option.

Places where you have to hike, you need to go there early like 6:00 am to avoid heat. Thailand gets too hot after 10:00 am and hiking is even harder in 40 degrees Celsius. Only option to rent a scooter or pay 300-500 Bhat (Rs600-1100) for a 5-10km taxi.

Avoid these kinds of mistakes while touring in Thailand locally. Also, most island tour agents provide hotel to hotel transport service, better ask them before buying any tour.

Visa cost

My Visa on arrival stamp
My Visa on arrival stamp

As you can se in the above image, I’ve done a Thailand trip from India, visa on arrival for waived off but still they charged (corruption) 200Bhat(Rs 460).

Visa on arrival charge is waived off till April 2020 by Thai Govt. However, at Phuket immigration, they charged 200 Bhat for the verification process. There is no official announcement on 200 Bhat charges, also they don’t tell you because of the communication barrier.

I was 2nd in the immigration line, 90% were Indians in that line. I asked to pay 200 (Bhat) and when I asked why these charges, visa on arrival for Indians supposed to be free. No reply from them and at last I paid 200 Bhat because I did not want any problem in immigration.

Furthermore, my whole plan for Thailand trip might get ruined for 200 Bhat (Rs 460) which is not much. They have the power to deny entering into Thailand and that was my first international travel as well.

Expect this when entering into Thailand from Phuket because Bangkok immigration doesn’t have this problem or corruption.


So, my total travel cost for 12 days from India to Thailand trip was Rs 34000 (500USD). It’s easily doable but you need to plan smartly.

12 points to remember, when you trip to Thailand from India at least

  • Flight booking 45-60 days in advance
  • Travel in off-season
  • Mix eating (Street food, 7Eleven, and Restaurants)
  • Use public transport
  • Avoid Pub crawls(if possible)
  • Party hostel can be avoidable
  • Skip prime location stay
  • Rent scooter instead of private taxi
  • Carry food and water bottle when local touring
  • Carry light luggage to avoid airline baggage charges
  • Fix your per day spending
  • Skip tour and travel packages to Thailand

Thailand is a budget-friendly as well as a welcoming country. Keep some extra money with you for emergencies.

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A trip from Thailand to Delhi cost?

Usually, the minimum airfare from Delhi to Thailand is RS 12000/- round trip. You can cheaper flights from other cities like Kolkata, Bhubneshawar, etc

Thailand trip from Guwahati cost?

Better come to Kolkata and then fly to Thailand for cheaper flight tickets. Usually, airfare from Kolkata to Bangkok round trip is Rs Rs 8-10000. Otherwise, you may have to pay more than Rs 13,000. Save 2-3000 in flight tickets and use that money for Thailand touring.

7 days trip cost for a couple to Thailand?

Thailand trip cost you would depend on your itinerary. However, the minimum cost would be between Rs 45-50,000.

Thailand photo size for Visa on arrival?

The 6-inch length by 6-inch width.

Thailand visa on arrival cost for Indians?

Thailand visa on arrival costs 2000 bhat(Rs 4600) however it’s free until April 2020 for Indians.

Image of Thailand currency.

1000 Bhat note which equals to Rs 2300 now as per conversion rates.

Thailand’s travel budget per day?

Rs 1500-2000 is the minimum you would spend while traveling in Thailand. Thailand is a cheap country to travel however not cheaper than India except accommodation.

Thailand tour expenses?

Major expenses are Flight ticket, Accommodation, Food, Local touring, and additional for the activities you pick.

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