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15 points Of budget traveling in Thailand

Thailand traveling on budget is easy and fun at the same time because Thailand is one of the best budget travel destinations. Using these 15 points can help you in saving time and money traveling in Thailand. I’ve shared some newly added points, you won’t find anywhere else.


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# Booking cheap flight tickets

You can book cheap flight to Bangkok by using many websites that are available online, for example, Skyscanner, Wego, Momondo, etc. Booking flight tickets 45-60 days before traveling days is advisable otherwise you won’t get cheap flight tickets. Comparing flight tickets on other websites is good for knowing the average fare and can get you cheap flight to Bangkok.

The average fare of traveling to Thailand is somewhere between Rs 8000-15000 from India. For getting cheap airfare, you may have to travel from(via) other cities. Although, if you are lucky enough, you can get the cheap flights from your own City. Also, getting a cheaper flight, you need to travel between cities where airfare is cheaper.

For example, traveling between Kolkata and Bangkok, one-way flight fare is Rs 3000-4000. Also, airfare is cheaper from South India to Thailand. Which is good for budget traveling to Thailand. This way you can save a lot of money on flight tickets and explore Thailand on budget while traveling and tour even more. Read more:- How to book cheap flights to Thailand?

# Eating street food

Yes, eating street food can sometimes make you sick but not when you eat smartly. You can eat smartly by eating where locals are eating. Therefore, to get cheaper and reliable food in your budget, eat with locals.

Many people think eating street food is unhealthy and make you sick easily. However, this way you won’t get sick and also you’ll get cheaper, safer and tasty food. Also, you can eat in restaurants but not every day because that can be expensive. Mix eating in restaurants and street food, that will get you the inexpensive experience of both worlds.

I have done it several times and you may also see many backpackers are eating street food all day without getting sick. Although, eat only where locals are eating. One of the best ways of keeping your Thailand traveling budget low.

# Use local transportation: It’s cheap in Asian countries

Using local transfer doesn’t mean using a taxi, three-wheeler, etc. Local transport means using the public bus, Metro service(sky train and MRT),  and shared auto as well. People generally use a taxi to save time. However, to save time, go for the Grab taxi. Grab for IOS and Android.

Nevertheless, public transport can save on your travel expenses by 80-90%. Also, travel on the public buses and metro can get you the adventure of meeting local people. You can even ask locals about the places you should go explore and avoid as well.

Additionally, budget travel mostly uses public transport to save money on local transport. Mostly, public transport service is provided by the govt. for the local people. So that people can get an inexpensive mode of transport.

Using public transport will be safer and cheaper because of local users

In addition to that, you can use Google maps, to easily find all the available modes of transport and also the average charge as well for a specific location. You can even compare the average fare you would pay for each transport. You can even save more by using fare comparison from Google and it’ll definitely help you in Thailand for budget traveling.

# Avoid tour packages for Thailand

No doubt tour packages are good but usually suitable for families. For solo backpackers and budget travelers, I would say better explore yourself. Tour package allows you to avoid any hassle or problem while traveling. You don’t have to plan anything, everything is already planned for you.

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However, traveling on your own is not always fun. Some days will be low but some high days will cover everything. You’ll definitely do mistakes which is totally fine but you learn from your mistakes. Take a short trip to your neighbor city, if you are not comfortable traveling alone to build some confidence. Take short trips and explore neighbor countries first and learn.

Traveling on your own can save 40-60% of your budget in Thailand

# Limit Sightseeing in Thailand

This is very important to select tourist places as per your budget and limit your local sightseeing in Thailand. Wherever you go, you can easily find tourist places, entry fee is very less or no entry fee. Avoid expensive tourist locations if your budget is low or Thailand traveling on budget. Otherwise, expensive places may empty your pocket very quickly. Use locations like parks, monuments, temples, etc. I don’t choose places which are highly expensive for my budget.

Divide your budget into 3 sections

  1. Food
  2. Tourist places
  3. Local transport

Pre-decide and assign each section maximum amount you won’t go over. This way you’ll be able to explore as much as possible. In other words, focus on quality but make sure everything is under budget while traveling in Thailand.

Also, traveling is not taking as much as possible photos of locations and views, it’s about experiencing the culture meeting people from other countries, meeting local people, sharing your experiences, and learning new things. Traveling is more about the journey, meeting people, learning a new culture. Just going and coming back from the famous tourist places like Tajmahal, is not traveling.

Make sure you learn something new every time you travel.

# Stay in budget hostels for Thailand travel on a budget

Accommodation is a very essential expensive part of traveling. 30 to 40% of the travel expense come from the accommodation. Most countries have these hostels and you just need to find out the cheapest and highly rated hostel for you. Use for booking budget hostels every time.

Avoid staying in hotels because hostels are 10 times cheaper than hotels and you’ll be alone in hotels. Hostels are famous for meeting people from different parts of the world and cheap fare. As everyone is trying to save to budget their travel. You can also do the same what other budget travelers are doing.

That is, save money on accommodation and utilize those savings for exploring. You can even try Couchsurfing which is a new way of budget traveling. However, you need to be careful before using Couchsurfing as everybody is not the same and you may have to share the room with the couch surfer.

It’s a new way of budget traveling. However, you need to be careful before using Couchsurfing as everybody is not the same and you may have to share the room with the couch surfer. Couchsurfing is free to use and you can even get the experiences of local food, peoples, and location with the help of your local couch surfer host. The decision is yours, be smart and make the best decision for you according to the situation.

# Make friends while traveling to share the expenses

This is actually new in budget traveling that I have discovered. If you are not shy talking to travelers in your hostel or tourist place then you can easily make travel buddies while traveling. This way you can easily save money on transport as well as on accommodation. Also, you can stay in a hotel by splitting the money with each other. 

However, it depends, there are many kinds of people around the world. So be careful when making friends while traveling. Not always but mostly you will find friendly travelers to share your journey with. I’ve done it more than 50 times and it was a fun experience. Furthermore, there is a website Travel-Buddies, you can find your travel partner ans share the expense.

I travel solo, so I can meet people from different countries and share stories and experiences with them. On my first international trip, Thailand, I met a guy from Finland and a guy from Egypt. We were together until we had to move to different cities. This way, I was able to rent a scooter, I didn’t split the scooter rent but split the cost of food and hotel room as well. It was easier to plan and discover the tourist places together. They both were experienced solo travelers than me and also helped in taking photos.

Travel buddies I met when THAILAND TRAVELING on BUDGET

It’s not difficult because everybody is trying to budget their travel costs. Also, it’s not bad in making friends and splitting the cost of travel. You can always learn something from people.

# Avoid party hostels in Thailand

Party hostel appears to be an experience of a lifetime. However, in my opinion, people generally spend 10 times more on drinks, At the party hostel, people spend more than they should and that all because of the environment.

Sometimes you forget about budgeting your trip and spend more than your per-day budget. Most party hostels have pubs where you buy drinks 4 times the actual price. Avoid party hostel otherwise, you may have to cut your step short due to lack of money. I did the same mistake when I was staying in a party hostel. Bodega party hostel, Bangkok. I spent more than Rs 6000 in 18 hours.

Even though, my daily budget was 1500 a day. That one day, I spent four times more than my daily budget. Yes, I had fun but I don’t think I went to Thailand for the party. Thailand has more than drinking and doing pub crawls. However, it was my 2nd last day therefore, It didn’t do any harm.

It’s just an advice, avoid party because you can drink anywhere in Thailand. Budget your trip smartly. Also, it’s not compulsory that you commit the same mistake I did. Just a piece of advice, if you can manage your budget while staying in a party hostel. You are good to go.

# Carry International currency like USD or EU

Traveling from India then you should carry USD because the conversion rates you get are better than Indian rupee. Also, 500 USD is enough for 10 days trip to Thailand on budget. Which equals 5 notes but in Indian currency, you may have to carry at least 17 (2000 rupee) notes.

It is difficult sometimes as well as you won’t be getting a good exchange rate for INR.  Additionally, any money left with you will in USD. That you can keep for your next trip because USD is universally accepted.

# Use 7 eleven for Thailand traveling on budget

20% off travel costs come from by not knowing the exact amount for an item your buying. But at 7 Eleven, the price is fixed as well as it’s cheaper. seven eleven are very famous in Thailand as you’ll see them everywhere. You can buy almost everything from 7 Eleven you need. Also, 7 Eleven is cheap as well as you get good quality items from there. You can get, for example, a mobile sim card, food, coffee, toiletries items, drinks, and many more things.

60% of the time, I ate from 7eleven because it was cheaper than many available options. You can try and also if you like 7 Eleven, you can totally rely on them. Their quality is best for what you pay.  even more, if you combine 7 Eleven with street food then you will be able to save at least 40% of your money on food.

Buying from 7 Eleven is convenient and comfortable as you just to go in pick your items and pay then you are done. You can even get food under 60-70 rupee for one time at 7 Eleven.

# Avoid pub crawls in Thailand

Exciting, interesting and some may say, Pub crawls are lifetime experience. But in my opinion, pub crawls are just a waste of money. Most pub crawls are actually about selling you a drink or mug and t-shirt for 450 Bhat.

After that, take you to the different parts where they insist you buy drinks from these pubs or bars. They have these fixed pubs they take you. And I’m sure they get a commission from our drinks. Which I found weird because they don’t care about you. All they care about is making as much money as possible from you.

However, I would advise you to go there by yourself and get the same experience you get in pub crawls. It’s your own decision to buy drinks or not and choose pubs on your own as well. You can even hang around on the streets pubs there and eat tasty street food over there on your own as well and save pub crawl charges.

# Carry light luggage for cheap & better travel experience

Heavy luggage on a budget trip is a big no because heavy luggage doesn’t allow you to travel freely. Also, you may have to pay for the luggage additional to your flight ticket fare which is why I advise you to save money by carrying light or less luggage to save money. And it also helps you in moving fast while traveling.

Packing and unpacking heavy luggage is time-consuming as well as difficult sometimes. In my opinion, for a week’s trip, carry not more than 5 t-shirts, two pairs of shorts, 2 pajama(lower), a pair of jeans, a pair of sports shoes and a slipper.

# Don’t rent scooter in Thailand

Renting a scooter or car it’s only advisable to those who are traveling in a group. If you are traveling solo, renting a scooter or car can be very expensive for budget travelers. If you are traveling in a group of 2 then renting a scooter is a good idea and a car for a group of more than 4 is recommended. Due to this way, you can easily share your cost of renting a car or scooter.

And also, it’s cheaper when you rent and split that cost.  for solo backpackers, scooter or car on rent can empty your pocket quickly because you will be paying for the rent as well as for the gasoline or fuel as well.

So, it’s better you use public transport instead of renting a scooter or car for cheap travel.

# Carry your food to the tourist location/palces 

Always carry food (snacks) when you are traveling to tourist locations who generally cost five times more on tourist locations that their actual price. It’s always good to carry some snacks or food with you to tourist places. This way you can easily save up to 20% on your travel expenses. We generally don’t think this way of saving money. Even water bottles cost three to five times more. That’s why it’s better to carry a water bottle as well with you.

# Low season helps Thailand traveling on budget

Most of the budget travelers travel in the off-season or low season. You can also do the same and save money on flight tickets, accommodation, food, and tourist locations. Also, because in the low season, the cost of all these four reduces by 40-60%.

Therefore, if you plan your trip to anywhere in the world, better travel in the low season. Also, when you book your flight tickets 2 months in advance from travel day, you may end up saving 60-70% on your total travel cost. Off-season traveling is important for planning your trip on a budget in Thailand.

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Thailand is budget-friendly if you plan smartly and carefully. There are people who travel on a budget of Rs 100000. Furthermore, there are who travel under Rs 30000 as I did. 80% of the travel cost come from Flight tickets, food, and accommodation. The budgeting flight ticket is not in your hand but food and accommodation are in your control.

Keep track of your daily spending and make sure you never go over budget. However, 1 or 2 days are manageable, you can cover over budget days on days where you spend very less. You can do this by going to a free tourist place or relaxing in your hostel. In budget traveling, you have to skip some days from exploring to keep your budget under control.

For any query or suggestion for Thailand traveling on budget, please write in the comment section below.


Thailand currency in INR?

Thailand’s currency is called the Thai bhat (Bhat). 1 Thai Bhat approximately equals to Rs 2.3 but value fluctuate.

Thailand visa on arrival for Indians?

Visa on arrival fee wavier till April 2020 for Indians.

Thailand visa on arrival form?

VOA form but you’ll get the form at the immigration counter for free.

Thailand VFS Delhi contact number?

There is no contact no. for Delhi however you can call on helpline no.:- 022-67866003 between 08:00 -17:00, Monday-Friday except Holidays.

VFS Thailand Delhi address?

Thailand Visa Application Center
702 – 707, 7th Floor, Prakash Deep Building,
7 Tolstoy Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001

VFS Thailand Delhi timings?

Submission : 08:00 – 16:00
Token time for all: 08:00 – 16:00
Passport Retrieval Timings: 14:00 -16:30 (Monday-Friday)

Thailand embassy website?

VFS-Thailand official website

Thailand visa on arrival fee?

Rs 4600 (60 USD) or 2000 Thai Bhat approx.

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