Rucksack Brands: Reliable Backpacks 2021

What is a rucksack bag?

Rucksack bags are available in a wide variety(design) and capacity(in liters) online. Generally, 30-90l capacity bags are mostly bought from Amazon. Rucksack bags are used by backpackers internationally or domestic. They are easy to carry while traveling. Backpackers prefer rucksack bags over small size trolley bags(40–50lit) because they are free to carry in the airplane cabin (mostly) and you can do packing for 2-3 months easily in 40-50l rucksack bags.

Basically, three types of rucksack backpack bag

  • Front-loaded rucksack bag
  • Top-loaded rucksack bag
  • Combined, Front load-Top load

Front-loaded rucksack backpack bag

Front-loaded backpack open from the front, you can load or put items in the bag from the front. If you don’t want to carry an additional small bag for keeping useful or regularly used items then rucksack is the best backpack brands for trekking. You don’t have to unload everything for getting out something essential from the bottom of the bag while trekking. I’m also using a combined front and top-loaded backpack bag.

Top-loaded rucksack bag

Almost 80% of rucksack bags are top-loaded bags open from the top from there you load items. Only buy top-loaded bags when you are carrying an additional bag(small bag-15-20l) otherwise, I would recommend you buy bags with both options front and toploaded. I have a combined bag that I use internationally and domestic as well. I could take out things while on the road without any problem.

Best size for a backpacking bag?

90% long time backpackers(3-6 months) use 40l to 50l bags, you can pack for short as well as a long trip. You don’t need to carry two large (different) bags, one for your luggage and one for keeping essential things that you’ll need while exploring local areas. Traveling with a backpack is easy and comfortable if it’s small. You can walk or trek 3-4 hrs comfortably with a medium size backpack.

Medium size 40-50l bag is perfect backpack size, not too small or not too large, just enough for any kind of trip, whether it’s 3 months Southeast Asia trip or amazing Europe trip. Also, comfortably fits in flight’s cabin and that helps you save money on luggage. There are many international flights where you can use this medium range of bags as a Cabin bag.

#Mistakes people do on International trips:

Don’t carry things you won’t need like. People carry a lot of things because they have a large rucksack backpack or a lack of travel experience. Just don’t do that, only carry essential items like clothes, gadgets(camera, phone, laptop), etc. Otherwise, you’ll pay for the check-in and at the same time, you’ll carry heavy luggage. Instead, save some money to exploring. Compare the cost of essential items in your country and the country you are going, plan accordingly.

For example, I have traveled to Thailand for 15 days in a small 40l bag and didn’t pay for baggage. I only carried things that were essential(little more than I used, to be honest) and saved $ 50 which equals 10 days in Thailand traveling.

Best Rucksack Brands?

The best new backpack 2021 from top backpack brands

  • WildCraft
  • Sky Bags
  • Fastrack
  • Safari


WildCraft is a very known brand in luggage, rucksack backpack, trolley bag, wheel trolley, etc. There are many options in rucksack bags from 35-60L. Best in class user friendly-design for traveling requirements. Bags from this brand are reliable, long-lasting, budget-friendly and you can use them for many years. Plus you can buy bags from this brand online on


Skybags are premium looking bags but on the expensive side. You man not find many options online but you’ll agree that the design is highly optimized. and also you can use them for all kinds of trekking and traveling requirements. It ranges from 35-55L of capacity.


Fastrack is my personal favorite brand as these are budget-friendly, highly reliable, and made from good material for long-lasting use. Not many options available on amazon but all the available options are good. I’ve been using the above image bag for the last 2 years both internationally and domestic because it’s a user-friendly design and made from solid material.


Safari bags are premium looking and have a good color combination brand. These bags are majorly available from 45-50L capacity. Therefore, if you’re looking for a good premium brand then go for this brand but these are a bit expensive than Wildcraft and FastTrack.

Compare between Safari and Skbags before you buy as these 2 brands are similar in pricing and look.


Buy from any mentioned brand, all are long-lasting and made from solid material. However, Fastrack is budget-friendly plus made from good reliable material, may not look premium but these bags are as worthy as any other brand.

Nonetheless, there are many budget-friendly options available in rucksack bags from different brands but these 4 brands are the most trusted brands and reviewed 4+ star ratings.

Write in the comment section below for any query or suggestion.

Rucksack Brands: Reliable Backpacks [currentyear] | TryTutorial
Rucksack Brands: Reliable Backpacks [currentyear] 2

There is a wide range in capacity(in liters) of rucksack brands to buy from but 40l to 50l bags are the best as you can pack for short trips.

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