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Popshot app review or Popshot browser review


In this Popshot browser 2.7.0 apk app review, you’ll learn about

  • Popshot features
  • Comparison with Google Chrome
  • Is it worth using Popshot
  • How to take Popshot or Screenshot on Pop shot app/Popshot browser
Popshot App Honest Review

Pop shot app download: IOS and Andriod

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find information from a screenshot you’ve taken earlier. Because you cannot go back to that web link, from where you’ve taken that screenshot. Normally, screenshots(Chrome Browser/UC Browser) contain information in the form of an image with no backlink to go back to the same link.

Surprisingly, as the name suggests, Popshot browser 2.7.0 apk is a screenshot app. This is where this Popshot Apk(android browser) or iOS app browser solves your issue.

Actually, this browser or app shot a bookmark the information you require from a website(weblink) or an image to use later.

Basically. It saves your lot of time and space on your phone(screenshots are saved on the Popshot server but not on your phone).

Organize your screenshots on the interactive browser Popshot and save as much online content you want. Even share it with your friends.

Do learn some important tips ‘How to use POPSHOT browser smartly?’

What is Pop shot App/Popshot Smart Interactive Browser

Actually, if you are looking for a Google Chrome alternative for screenshot then, Popshot company has the answer.

Unlike Google Chrome, it doesn’t consume your mobile internal memory, moreover, it’s a big issue with low memory(storage) mobile phones(8-16 GB).

Surprisingly, I discover during this Popshot browser review that Ram and Memory management is good on the Popshot browser which helps in sending Popshots to your friends without phone hang.

Essential Popshot browser features review

Get all the app at zero storage on popshot
Get all the app at zero storage

Popshot is a smart browser! So smart that you can add all web apps at zero storage. In other words, you can access all the mobile apps from the home page of the Popshot browser. Also, you can Add amazing web apps to the home page and access all of them without spending any mobile storage.

Share with your friends on popshot
Share with your friends

My favorite feature, you can these screenshots with your friends via Whats app, message, Instagram in short, all. For example, take a screenshot of the flight search and you can return back to the flight search page/link again whenever you require, no need to repeat the search.

However, you need to login to use this feature, sharing with friends.

Save your screen in a tap
Save your screen in a tap

Just tap on Blue plus icon from the bottom center and save your screen which you can access any time from the HEART icon(bookmark) on the right bottom corner. Amazing!!

Browse from your screenshot
Browse from your screenshot

It actually saves a screenshot with a backlink, when you tap on the right top double arrow on the screenshot, it takes you back to the webpage from you took the screenshot and recall screen content any time.

#Note: You can get rid of apps notifications by using this feature.


Yes, it’s a useful browser for sure but Pop shot app for PC is not available and I don’t think it makes any use on desktop. But the main question, Is it better than Google Chrome browser or UC Browser needs to be answered?

Basically, it has only 1 add-on feature to Chrome, Webpage backlink screenshot or Popshot, which makes it useful when it comes to saving useful webpage contents with web links.

Actually, I’ve been using this app for the last 30 days and it helps me saving useful informations and topics for my blogs.

Step by Step complete Pop shot app tutorial with new tips and tricks

All in all, it a good app to use, maybe not better but you can use both Google chrome and Popshot browser at the same time because you need Chrome backup security, to protect your password and online browsing.

For any query and suggestion on the Popshot app review, please comment down below if you want me to add something in this Popshot browser review. Thanks for reading.

Popshot App Download: IOS: 89.9 MB size (free), Android: 9.7 MB size (free) & Popshot browser 2.7.0 is the Popshot app latest version.

Frequently asked questions

Is there and Popshot for the PC app?

No, there is no PC browser or PC app from Popshot. On the Popshot app company web page, they have mentioned download available for Android and Apple mobile/tablet users. As of now,
Above image is the Popshot company homepage

Popshot apk for android?

For the Popshot browser download or Popshot apk browser, click here.

Who is Popshot CEO?

Marc Miance, CEO of Popshot interactive browser company.

Is the Popshot app on the wiki?

No, as per my online researched, the Popshot app wiki article is available, as on 12/26/2019

Popshot app download for android and IOS?

Popshot download
IOS: 89.9 MB size (free)
Android: 9.7 MB size (free)

Popshot app is safe or not?

Yes, it’s completely safe to use the Popshot app or Popshot browser for mobile or tablet. I would definitely recommend you, give it a go. You may even use the Popshot browser for storing links or screenshots regularly.

Popshot browser by which country?

Popshot: World’s first interactive smartphone browser available worldwide for Andriod and IOS users. This browser is available for mobile and tablet users only.