100+ Perfect Country Girl Quotes For Instagram Captions 2021

Perfect Country Girl Quotes For Instagram Captions
100+ Perfect Country Girl Quotes For Instagram Captions 2021

Are you looking for country girl quotes for Instagram captions?

Here we have compiled the best country girl quotes that include Inspirational captions, country song captions, country love caption, and one line short captions for a country girl to post selfies or pics on any social media.

Moreover, you use these country quotes for cowgirl captions as well as spirit & personality posts. Have a look at pick suitable country quotation whether you are a country girl or a city girl.

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Tough Country Girl Quotes For Instagram Captions

Tough Country Girl Quotes

“I grew up like a lot of country boys and girls do – amongst the pine trees, dirt roads, farms, mules, and people who were real.” Josh Turner

I don’t give any merit to the criticism. ‘Country Girls (Shake it for Me),’ I can see where people view that as sexist, but I just view that as having fun.” Luke Bryan

I suffered from some delusion that I wanted to be an English country girl, a Sloane Ranger donning the old Hunter boots and Barbour jacket to slosh around in the mud with the Range Rover. Christine McVie

Too bad you didn’t notice the sleeve gun, but after all, you’re just a little country girl from San Francisco.” Richard O’Connor

Growing up on a farm gave me a wealth of knowledge and experience that would be hard to gain in any other way.” Wanda Joyce Yohn

Puttin’ on a cowboy hat & a pair of boots doesn’t make you country; Like puttin’ on a ball gown & glass heels won’t make me Cinderella.” Kellie Elmore

If you can find a nice pretty country girl that can cook and carries her bible, now there’s a woman.” Phil Robertson

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then there is always beer.” Granger Smith

Life was a [email protected] Love also was a [email protected]Edna O’Brien

Amazing Little Country Girl Quotes For Captions

Little Country Girl Quotes

“As a farm girl, even when I was quite young, I had my ‘farm chores’ – but I had time also to be alone, to explore the fields, woods, and creekside. And to read.” Joyce Carol Oates

Mummy, maybe a trip to the outback will help me get over this little… phase I’m going through. And you never know, I might meet some lovely country girl.” Stephan Elliott

Being the farm girl that I am, one who loves farm-fresh eggs, I include tips on preserving and cooking with fresh eggs in every chapter.” Ann Accetta-Scott

Being half Asian, I grew up consuming fermented foods, and I have watched my mother ferment items such as various types of kimchi and blue crab throughout my childhood.” Ann Accetta-Scott

I’m just a simple country girl.” Dolly Parton

Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together. Taylor Swift

I’m still always a country girl from New Zealand.” Ladyhawke

Money talks, but tell me why all it says is just goodbye.” Edna O’Brien

Short Country Song Captions For Party Pics Or Selfies

Short Country Song Captions For Party

“Party all day like you at your alma mater.” Thomas Rhett

“The best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun.” — Shania Twain

“Red solo cup, I fill you up, let’s have a party.” Toby Keith

“The boys ’round here, drinking that ice-cold beer.” Blake Shelton

“No shoes, no shirt, no problems.” Kenny Chesney

“It doesn’t take but two to have a little soiree.” Sam Hunt

“My drink’s up and the sun’s out.” Dierks Bentley

“Anything goes on a Friday night.” Florida Georgia Line

“Away from the lights, it was us and Corona.” Ryan Hurd

Awesome Country Girl Love Quotes And Captions

Awesome Country Girl Love Quotes And Captions

“Every time we have to say goodbye I’m counting down until we say hello.” Thomas Rhett

“This is a drop everything kind of thing.” Luke Bryan

“Shoulda learned from the movies that good guys don’t run away.” Kacey Musgraves

“Wherever I go and whatever I do, I was born to love you.” LANCO

“Just the way you look at me, you make me smile.” Florida Georgia Line

“I hate love songs, but I love you.” Kelsea Ballerini

“We locked eyes over whiskey on ice.” Luke Combs

“Darling, look at me. I’ve fallen like a fool for you.” Carrie Underwood

“My heart’s never smiled so hard.” Easton Corbin

“I thought I’d miss you, but I miss me more.” Kelsea Ballerini

“Just take my hand and I’ll be the man your dad hoped that I’d be.” Dan – Shay

“You’re still the one I want for life.” Shania Twain

“I hope you’re the end of my story, I hope you’re as far as it goes.” Pistol Annies

Top Country Song Captions And Quotes About Life

Top Country Song Captions And Quotes About Life

“If palm tree shade makes a perfect tent, then wasted time is time well spent.” Brett Eldredge

“Always stay humble and kind.” Tim McGraw

“That’s a life you can hang your hat on.” Montgomery Gentry

“I’d do anything with you anywhere.” Lee Brice

“I believe this world ain’t half as bad as it looks. I believe most people are good.” Luke Bryan

“Won’t take nothing but a memory from the house that built me.” Miranda Lambert

“Just stay on track and never look back.” Dolly Parton

“There’s a lot to learn from speakers and bleachers and preachers.” Brandon Lay

“God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.” Billy Currington

“I love my apron—but I ain’t your mama.” Miranda Lambert

“I keep my heart and soul in the boondocks.” Little Big Town

“How am I ever gonna get to be old and wise if I ain’t ever young and crazy?” Frankie Ballard

“Let’s make each tomorrow be the best that it can be.” George Strait

“When I get where I’m going, there’ll be only happy tears.” Brad Paisley

One Line True Country Girl Quotes For Instagram Caption

One Line True Country Girl Quotes For Instagram Caption

“She’s whiskey in a teacup.”

“Country girls don’t retreat. They reload.”

“City lights got nothin’ on country nights.”

“Country roads take me home to the place I belong.”

“I was raised on country sunshine.”

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

“Forget glass slippers. This princess wears boots.”

“Keep your soul clean. And your boots dirty.”

“I’m a sassy talkin’, sweet tea drinkin’, jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.”

“You can dress like a country girl. But can you work like one?”

“Don’t flatter yourself, cowboy. I was starin’ at your truck.”

“The higher the truck, the closer to God.” Earl Dibbles Jr

“Some girls dream of big weddings. I’m happy with a big ole’ barn.”

“Embrace dirty boots and smelling like your horse.”

“I love the smell of fresh hay bales.”

“Girls are like country roads. The best ones got curves.”

“Life is better in boots. Even on Mondays.”

“Sweet as sugar, hard as ice. Hurt me once, I’ll shoot you twice!”

“I own too much Camo. Said no one ever.”

“Your dream closet vs. my dream closet.”

“I love country boys.”

“I’m a country girl. I have to be in nature, so my daughter is exposed to it a lot.” Salma Hayek

“I might have been born a country girl, but I’ll take the city every time.” Bruce Lansbury

“And we know a cow when we see one. Don’t underestimate us, farm girls.” Steve Antin

“The country girl is an important figure in the broad field of Australian popular drama.” Catherine Driscoll

“Better to be strong than pretty and useless.” Lilith Saintcrow

“A country girl can talk her way out of a ticket.” Kellie Pickler

Epic Country Quotes For Instagram Captions

Epic Country Quotes For Instagram Captions

“Keep calm and stay country.”

“Country is the way you live. Not the way you look.”

“Country music is good for the soul.”

“You can’t handle my level of country music addiction.”

“Country is in your blood not in your closet.”

“I would choose country life over city life any day.”

“Real men keep their pants up.”

“Life is good today.” Zac Brown Band

“Live a little, love a lot.” Kenny Chesney

“Doesn’t matter if its diamonds or twine, I’ll be wrapped around your finger.” Ryan Hurd

Inspirational Country Girl Quotes & Cowgirl Captions

Inspirational Country Girl Quotes & Cowgirl Captions

I would choose a date sitting next to a campfire over dinner at a restaurant any day.

“The most memorable days usually end with the dirtiest clothes.”

“You don’t ever wanna cheat or hurt a country girl ’cause your truck will be broken and you’ll be six feet.”

“Cut off jeans and a baseball hat, them city girls can’t do like that.”

“How to get the attention of a country girl: ‘Hi, I drive a lifted truck.”

“We all got a hillbilly bone down deep inside, no matter where you’re from you just can’t hide it.”

“You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.”

“Talking, true blue, out in the woods, down-home, country girl.”

“It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.”

“I may not be perfect but at least I’m not fake.”

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