Now Indians can travel to Brazil without visa?

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Can Indians travel to Brazil without visa?

Visa for Brazil travel is no more required for Indians and Chinese tourist, according to the reports online news portals The Economictimes, Brazil has announced and relaxed visa requirement.

Brazil visa is no more required for Indians to travel

Good news, Brazil has just announced on 24th October that Indians can travel to Brazil without a visa, hassle-free trip.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced, on 24th October 2019, share this amazing information. Additionally, Chinese are also included in this exception as well. Now, visa exemptions are for Indians and Chinese tourists as well as business travelers for hassle-free travel.

However, to promote their relation with developed countries, President Jair Bolsonaro made it open that Brazil wants to ease the visa requirements. Surprisingly, India and China are the first time, the Brazilian government is making such kind of visa relaxation to the countries from developing nations.

This announcement will definitely help the budget traveling.

Also, many nations from developed countries, which are included, similar visa relaxation scheme, USA, Canada, Japan, and Australia. However, Brazilian tourist still required to apply for these earlier mentioned nations.

In other words, the USA, Canada, Japan, and Australia do not allow visa-free entry to Brazilians. They still have to apply for a visa to these nations.

Brazil visa is no more required for Indians to travel

The Brazilian government made this move to bring more Indian tourists to Brazil. Also, in the last 5 years, Brazil has gained popularity for holiday as well as business tourism. Visa cost used to be Rs. 6400 per person and for a business visa, it’s Rs 6400 per person for Indian citizens. However, it’s not cleared, about any processing charge or is it completely free like Nepal.

Therefore, wait for the further announcement and subscribe to our newsletter for any update on Brazil visa for Indians.

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Definitely, you should pack your bags for Brazil and have your first meeting with tourists favorite nation in South America.

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