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Kartarpur Sahib online registration?

Pilgrims can only register online to visit the Kartarpur gurdwara, Pakistan. For that, you need to be either citizens of India or have the Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Card. Also, if you are an OCI Card holder then you should hold valid passports of that country as well and Indian pilgrims must have travel document which is a valid Indian passport.

#Important Note
Kartarpur Sahib online registration process

The important Kartarpur Corridor connecting Dera Baba Nanak shrine in India with Darbar Sahib at Kartarpur, Pakistan is now opened on November 12, 2019. Now Indian citizens and OCI(Overseas Citizen Of India) Cardholders can visit Darbar Sahib, register online on prakashpurb550.mha.gov.in website.

For the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev on November 12, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on November 9 inaugurates this corridor. Also, if you are an OCI Cardholder then you should hold valid passports(both old and new passport) of your country as well and Indian pilgrims must have valid Indian passports(people who hold Indian citizenship).

#NOTE:- Foreign national or foreigner (other than Indian citizen(Indian passport holders) and IOC card holders) are not allowed to travel or visit Kartarpur gurdwara Corridor.

Documents needed for Online Registration?

  • Indian citizens need to upload a soft copy of their passport size photograph and scanned copies of the first and last page of their passport.
  • OCI Cardholders should have OCI Card details with them. Also, OCI Cardholders need to upload a soft copy of their passport size photograph as well.

Image size must be between 10 Kb to 300 Kb

Kartarpur Corridor e-registration

kartarpur registration
  • Select your nationality (Indians and Foreigners with OCI cardholders allowed) and in the next section, select date of journey from the available dates. Press “Continue” to proceed.
  • The website will show the dates with available slots on which you can travel the Kartarpur corridor.
kartarpur registration
  • In, part A registration form(or application form), fill all the appropriate details and click on “Save & Continue”. Fill more details like DOB, POB, etc. in the remaining parts of the continued form of Part A.
kartarpur registration
  • In. Part B, you will be asked to fill some more personal details like Marital status, Profession, current address, etc.
  • On the next stage, upload soft copies of your supporting documents such as photographs and passport.

Finally, you will be issued your Kartarpur Sahib online registration number and a PDF copy of the form after completing all the stages correctly. Save the PDF file and the registration number. You’ll get a confirmation of registration by SMS and email both. Actually, there are no fixed processing time/fixed working days but you’ll be informed 3 to 4 days in advance of the date of travel to Kartarpur.

Furthermore, you’ll get an electronic travel authorization for traveling Kartarpur gurdwara. Register as soon as possible because this website works on the ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

How to check the status of the Kartarpur Corridor application?

Actually checking Kartarpur registration status is easy. On the home page top panel, you can access ‘Registration Status’ from the top panel menu on the home page. You can check your status by entering your registration number(reference number), passport number and date of birth.

Also, you’ll get the final status but only to the registered applicant via SMS and e-mail. It will be sent to the applicant at least 4 days before the date of travel through SMS and email as per the portal says.

Pakistan’s Kartarpur Corridor fees?

$20 service fee is charged by the Pakistani Government for visiting the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib from pilgrims at Kartarpur Corridor. Also, you’ll pay this fee at the time you enter the Kartarpur corridor(Pakistan side), not when you register online.

Furthermore, you’ll be charged a $20 fee either in USD or PKR denominations. It’s recommended to carry USD or PKR with you from India. However, you can exchange INR or any other currency at the Kartarpur corridor but the exchange rates are not good. Also, this is not a visa application, only Kartarpur Sahib online registration for Indian Passport holders and IOC cardholders.

Do comment down below if need any help or you have any suggestion for Kartarpur Sahib online registration process.


How to book the Kartarpur corridor?

Pilgrims can only register online to visit the Kartarpur corridor, Pakistan. For that, you need to be either a citizen of India or have the Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Card.

What is the procedure for applying the Kartarpur corridor visit?

Visit the official website https://prakashpurb550.mha.gov.in to get the registration done to visit Kartarpur, Pakistan. Only online registration is allowed to visit Kartarpur gurdwara, there is no other way to get permission for traveling to Kartarpur.

Where is the Kartarpur corridor located?

The Kartarpur Corridor is an international border corridor, connects Dera Baba Nanak shrine in Punjab, India with Darbar Sahib Kartarpur in Punjab, Pakistan. Kartarpur corridor is 4.7 km(2.9 miles) Pakistan-India border. Also, the Kartarpur corridor is located 50 km northwest toward Dera Baba Nanak Gurdaspur Rd. from Amritsar in Punjab, India.
From Delhi by road, distance is 481km(300 miles) without toll.

How to get Kartarpur Visa online?

If you are an Indian passport holder or IOC cardholder, then you don’t need to apply for a visa, just register online on https://prakashpurb550.mha.gov.in and after conformation SMS or mail. You’ll be notified 3/4 days before your travel date. There is no visa fee because there is no visa application so, no need for a visa but you still need to apply to get an entry permit and fee of 20 USD to use Kartarpur which you will pay at the time you enter this corridor(Pakistan side).

The registration process for groups to enter the Kartarpur?

Actually, the process will remain the same, you need to register individually for the group, same you register a single person entry permit. No need for Visa applications.

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