International Travel On A Budget

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International travel on a budget

International travel

Essentials for International travel?

Where people spend often?

Planning your budget is an important part of International travel. Always set per day cost of your travel so that whenever you spend more. Just try to cover the next day to run out of money. Cost of traveling international is mainly due to

  1. Airfare
  2. Accommodation
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Eating
  5. Transportation
  6. Sight Seen
  7. Scams
  8. Ask The Locals

70% of travel costs come from the first 3 out of these 7 and budgeting first 2 is easy but 3rd (travel Insurance) is difficult. Rest 30% is from eating, transportation(local), sightseeing, and miscellaneous(partying, Clubbing, renting, etc.) By planning, the cost for the whole trip can be reduced 20-40% without much effort but make sure you read till the end because there are some new tips and tricks not many people know.

Websites for traveling on a budget?

For cheap flight tickets, use the following websites

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For cheap hotels/hostels, use the following websites

How you can save money while traveling?


40-60% of your international travel cost comes from the 1st from the category which is airfare. Generally, people plan international trips 10-15 days before travel dates. Therefore, they have to pay 10-25% more than what they could have saved if they have planned 45-60 days before travel dates.

There are many websites like Skyscanner, Kayak, Wego, where you can compare airfare from different sites and save 10-15% money. But if you book flight tickets 45-60 days before from these sites then you may save more(10-20%) on your airfare.

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There are many ways to save money on accommodations like

  • Avoid crowded place
  • Book 45-60 days in advance
  • Staying in hostels(for solo traveler)
  • Avoiding party hostels

Most people stay in crowded places or near the main attraction. Stay 3-5 km away and save 10-20% on accommodation. Instead, use public transport which is available everywhere. For example:-

For example, staying(hostel) next to Aao Nang Beach cost $ 15-20 and $ 5-7 for staying 700 meters(0.5 miles approx.). Moreover, there is no need to mention the hotel’s cost for a day. You can save $ 10-15 per day by just avoiding tourist places.

However, you can search for cheap deals on hotels/hostels on websites like,, etc near touristy places. Sometimes, you can get cheap deals on hotels/hostels near the main location. However, you need to search regularly 3-5 times a week for a cheap deal.

Hostels are suggested for solo travelers and if you are traveling in a group then staying in a hotel or single room is advisable as it’ll be cheaper than a hostel. Hostel rooms are shared and if you’re a group of 2-3 then you have to per person but in a hotel, you can share the cost with your group.

Travelers generally stay at party hostels to enjoy and have some fun but mostly end up broke or unable to continue the rest of their trip. Drinking or using any other substance is not recommended because people mainly spend on alcohol when they stay in party hostels.

Travel Insurance

Get travel insurance from the most trusted insurance company to avoid any delay or help when in need. Generally, people buy cheap travel insurance to save money and fulfill the Visa requirement.

Mostly they end up spending all their savings due to emergency when their insurance companies unable to help them in time. Avoid saving on travel insurance by opting for a cheap option as it’s the only friend you have when you travel internationally.

Here are some top suggestions before buying International travel insurance.


Local street food can save you up to 10-40% depends on where and what you are eating. Eating street food every time can make you sick and also eating in a restaurant can be expensive. So mix eating at restaurants with local street food and avoid eating restaurants or street food alone, and smartly save more on traveling.

Eat where local people are eating to avoid getting sick because locals know the best and safe place to eat.


Use local transport wherever you go to save money and you can get some local experience. Taxi or any other private transport is more convenient and comfortable but expensive.

Ask locals to get an idea about the cheap and best mode of transportation in your location of travel. The taxi costs $ 100-150 where public transport can be as cheap as $ 5-10. Avoid private transport whenever you can.

However, you can rent a motorcycle or car if you’re in a group. You can share the rent within your group. This is another way of saving money on transportation.


Expensive tourist attractions are not always the best place to explore. Mix paid with free tourist attraction. Sight seen can be expensive sometimes due to the pricey entry ticket. Try some free attraction with paid to save money. You can not cover everything and save money. Avoid this mistake most of the tourist does.

Do some research on free and paid attractions before traveling to avoid this common mistake. Google, now provides the best paid and free attraction with ratings online.


Losing money on the scam is very common in almost all tourist places. Now, this is the most important part of planning international travel because you can save a lot of money and lose as well.

9 of the most common tourist scams you’ll encounter around the world

Scams are very common in almost every tourist place. Do proper research on scams in the areas you are going to travel to. Furthermore, people underestimate scams as they think they are smart. Having some information is better than no information. Some scams are difficult to avoid so better be prepared.

Never underestimate scams and be careful. All The Best

Ask The Locals

Nowadays people trust technology more. Always ask locals for help because they understand their area better than technology. However, be smart and avoid any help if you doubt any scam. You can also ask locals for the best places to stay, tourist attractions, some offbeat places, transport, eating places, etc. People mostly trust app/online reviews for eating and tourist places.


  1. Plan your trip in advance.
  2. Get the most trusted international travel insurance.
  3. Avoid prime location to stay instead of search 2-5 km away.
  4. Avoid scam.
  5. Use public transport.
  6. Mix eating local street food with a restaurant.
  7. Always assess the tourist spot if overpriced.
  8. Book air tickets at least 45-60 days in advance.
  9. Stay in the hotel if in a group otherwise hostel.
  10. Ask the locals for help.

These are some cheap ways to travel the world on a budget and spend smartly while traveling.

Do share your thoughts on these points in the comment section down below.

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