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An International trip from India in the budget

International trip India

How to budget an international trip from India?

The cost of traveling any International trip from India is calculated by adding Flight tickets, Accommodation, Food, Activities. Here you’ll see the approx the cheapest cost of traveling.

Flight Ticket:-

The cheapest foreign return trips under Rs 15000 including Visa fee is included if applicable.


Kolkata to Kuala Lumpur flight:- 24-10-2019

Kuala Lumpur to Kolkata flight:- 01-11-2019

Flight ticket fair:- Rs 10203/-*

Visa fee:- Rs 1600($21.50)

Website to book on:-

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  1. Kolkata, India to Bangkok, Thailand:- 13-11-2019
  2. Bangkok, Thailand to Kolkata, India:- 20-11-2019
  3. Ticket Price:- Rs 9794/-*
  4. Visa fee:- 2000 Bhat (Rs 4680)

Website to Book:-

In the above details, there are two options to select from.

  1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  2. Bangkok, Thailand

Malaysia visa process for Indians:-

There 2 Visa options for Malaysia:-

  1. ENTRI
  2. e-Visa
  1. ENTRI visa for less than 15 days trip. If your trip is less than 15 days then get an ENTRI visa for Rs 1600($21.50)/-.
  2. e-Visa for 30 days trip. If your trip is more than 15 but less than 30 days then get e-Visa for Rs 3240/-.

Round flight tickets plus Visa will cost you less than Rs 12000/-


Visa on arrival is available for Indian citizens. In addition, until mid-October it’s free. This means if you travel before mid-October then you can save 2000 bhat(Rs4600). Round trip cost plus visa will cost you Rs 12000-13000/-


This depends on your own needs. Room fare for both hostel and hotel is the same. There are basically two types of accommodations available:-

  1. Hotels
  2. Hostels


In hotels, you get a private room, bathroom, etc. The hotel is recommended if you’re in a group as it gets cheaper.


But in hostels, you get a shared room with 4-8 others, and the bathroom is also shared. The hostel is recommended when traveling solo. For hotels/hostel booking use the highly recommended site


Eating cost is also depends on your personal choice. Eating local street food and Restaurants combined can keep the food cost low per day.


Things you do like a special tour, Sightseen, Boating, etc. You need to consider this also while calculating your total trip cost.

Total cost for the international trip from India

  • 7-day trip to Malaysia Or Thailand:- Air Ticket + Accommodation + food + activities.
  • Cost= Rs 20000-25000/- Activities are not included in this cost.

*Ticket prices fluctuate every day. So book as soon as possible if you’re interested international trip from India.


You can easily travel foreign either of the suggested countries but Thailand is highly recommended as it’s a peak season. In other words, the weather becomes pleasant to roam around in Thailand.

Moreover, this itinerary is very famous for a small week getaway and it’s not expensive either. Traveling to an international destination under Rs 25000(350 USD) is not a bad idea.

So, this way you can budget many foreign trips from India.

Please comment down below for any query or suggestion.

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