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There are hundreds of flight booking websites and apps, and selecting which flight booking best site is very difficult.

You won’t find a single flight booking website where all airlines are listed or cheap/budget airlines are listed.

Here, I’ll break them into different sections of travelers, so, they can select a flight booking site for cheap deals as per their requirements.

All flight booking Apps/Websites claim to provide the cheapest flight deals but that’s not the truth.

List of top 11 best flight booking websites

  1. Skyscanner: Skyscanner is one of the best flight booking cheapest sites for many years and is still doing great work for travelers where you can use some unique features for finding cheap flights.
  2. Wego: It’s similar to Skyscanner with the only difference being that you can choose different modes of payment. This can be helpful to get cheaper flights or choose what payment mode you have.
  3. Kayak: If you have flexible dates and destinations then this is the best flight booking site for finding some of the cheapest and most amazing flight tickets using their map view feature.
  4. Secret Flying: If you are unable to find cheap air tickets then try Secret Flying for Cheap Flights & Error Fares. Best for finding error fares, flight ticket booking site.
  5. ITA Matrix: Lacks design but finding cheap air tickets deal for flight booking is quite amazing.  ITA’s original airfare shopping engine, the origin for many innovative flight shopping features
  6. Jet Radar: Jet Radar searches and compare airfares to get you the best price from more than thousands of flight booking site and cheap flights from dozens of travel airlines
  7. United: Find the latest travel deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars. Book airline tickets and MileagePlus award tickets to worldwide destinations.
  8. Edreams: Offers cheap flight deals on regular and charter flights, and low-cost airlines.
  9. Cheapflights: Cheapflights is a travel fare metasearch engine. This website publishes flight prices, and compares prices from suppliers, including major airlines, through tiny travel agents.
  10. Cheapoair: Save big on airfare as you can avail of cheap flights at CheapOair. If visiting in peak season, you must book flights well in advance to secure deals on plane tickets.
  11. Momondo: The prices you see are never affected by your searches, no matter how many searches you make as they don’t use cookies to adjust or increase prices(as per Momondo)

Which is the cheapest flight booking site

  • Skyscanner: Findling cheap air tickets using the anywhere option makes ‘Skyscanner’ the no. 1 site.
  • Secret Flying: For flight ticket booking cheapest in European countries.
  • ITA Matrix: Overall, the best in the world flight booking cheapest site but lacks design.
  • Wego: Different modes of payment make it the best flight booking site.
  • United: For booking flight tickets between India and the USA.
  • Momondo: No cookies, means search many times, no flight ticket price artificial inflation.

Finding a cheap flight ticket is easy but getting the cheapest airplane ticket is difficult from one site because not some flight booking sites do not include budget airlines or cheap airlines.

Therefore, use a combination of two-three websites to find which is the cheapest flight booking site.

How to find cheap flights anywhere in the world?

  • Never reveal your secret till the time you book your flight ticket. This means, use incognito mode so that websites won’t be able to track your search intentions and you can search and compare airfare on other websites to find which website is the cheapest.
  • 6-8 weeks in advance is the best time for finding the cheapest airfare all around the world. However, it also depends on Low Season & High Season to get the cheapest airline ticket.
  • On what day of the week, you are searching for flight tickets also makes a lot of difference in the flight ticket price. It’s proven that on Tuesday and Thursday, flight ticket prices are lower than on other days of the week.
  • Flying on Wednesday and Thursday are the cheapest days of the week, however, you need to follow the first three points to get cheap air tickets these days.
  • You are not getting the cheapest airfare due to your location because flight ticket prices are mostly different for different countries(geographic locations) even if you look same Departed and Arrival countries. Get your friend, if you have any in those locations to book a cheap flight ticket for you or use a VPN.
  • Never use a mobile application for searching for flight tickets. They record all your searching behavior(psychology) and inflate flight ticket prices to trigger you to book flight tickets.

Following these points to find a cheap flight to Europe, the USA or anywhere in the world is easily possible.

Which flight booking site accepts PayPal?

Most flight booking websites are search engines therefore it depends on the website they redirect you for the selected airfare and destination.

Furthermore, you may not get the same airfare if you pre-select your payment mode of transportation.

However, I’ve got a solution for pre-selecting payment options for flight booking.

Wego offers different payment options

As you can see, there are different modes of payment options you can select before searching for flights in the USA.

However, these payment options are different for different countries for UK flight booking users, there is no PayPal option but for Indian users, there are 15+ payment options on Wego flight booking.

Also, you can change the country if you are in another country.

In some countries, you can even do flight booking without a credit card on Wego using pay cash.

What are the cheap sites for Jetblue flight booking?

These three websites are the best for booking Jetblue flights cheaper.

You can even choose different payment options on a website like Wego or use Skyscanner to find the cheapest month or day to fly to your favorite holiday destination.

Also, cheap Delta flight booking is possible on these websites, however, I would recommend you compare flight tickets fare before booking on at least 2-3 other websites to book the cheapest available option.

What is a cheap flight to Europe?

Top 8 little-known cheap flights for Europe countries

  • Ryanair: Ryanair flies to more than 30 countries, not just in Europe, but also in North Africa and the Middle East.
  • EasyJet:  They have lots of flights from the UK.
  • Wizz Air: Wizz Air used to fly mostly to Eastern and Central Europe.
  • Volotea: Most of Volotea’s destinations are located in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and Greece
  • Vueling: They have many destinations in Europe.
  • Eurowings: Eurowings is a low-cost airline from Germany.
  • WOW air: WOW air has a base in Reykjavik and offers cheap flights from Europe to the US and Canada (with a transfer in Reykjavik). Best cheap flight airline to Europe from the USA in 2020.
  • Condor: they mostly fly to Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia – basically everywhere where Europeans like to go on vacation.

These 8 airlines are considered reliable cheap flights to Europe from LAX or from NYC as well.