How to use Momondo Flights 2022

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How to use Momondo Flights

How Momondo flights website work?

Momondo is a cheap flight travel search engine similar to a combination of the best two cheap flight searching websites, Skyscanner and kayak, where you can use ‘Anywhere’ of Skyscanner and a map view of a Kayak.

Plus you can get hotel bookings and car rentals from Momondo as well.

I use at least 3-4 websites to compare flight ticket fares to know the average airline fare and Skyscanner and Kayak used to be my first choice because of their different features.

But now Momondo has changed it completely by including these features together.

All in all, I would say, Momondo may not be the best but definitely Momondo is one of the top 5-6 flight search engines.

Best features of Momondo flights

  • Skyscanner and Kayak features together
  • They don’t save cookies to manipulate airfare
  • Momondo fare alerts
  • You can select multiple cities for departure
  • Shows trending countries in travelers
  • Trending cites: People are going
  • Momondo flight insight, to know when is the best time to travel to your destination.
  • Momondo multi-city flights Canada, US, UK, India, and many more

How to use Momondo for cheap flight tickets?

Momondo for cheap flight tickets

Actually, there is a new feature that you won’t find anywhere else which is selecting multiple cities for departure and ‘anywhere’ in arrival sections together.

However, you can not select a country in the departure or arrival section like in Skyscanner.

However, on Momondo, selecting multiple cities and nearby cities for departure is an amazing feature.

So, getting the cheapest flight ticket is only possible when you are open to travel anywhere or in other words, you are an adventurer.

Try with both, Round trip and One way trip

  • Type as many departure cities as possible to get the possibilities of cheap momondo flights
  • Leave the arrival section as ‘Anywhere’
  • Calendar: anytime and click on search(you can change it to a specific month in the next page)
  • You’ll be asked: Search or Explore
  • Select Explore and you’ll be directed to map view
  • You’ll see pink dots on the map, hover your mouse pointer or tap to know the flight fare offers from Momondo.

Now comes the important part

Compare the airfare you are getting from Momondo flights with Skyscanner, Kayak, and Wego to find out if there’s any difference in the flight tickets fare.

I generally use 3-4 websites to compare flight ticket prices and you should do the same.

There is another website Secret Flying, which works best for European flights, to compare airfare if you are looking for flight tickets to European countries.

I found one-way Momondo airfare is cheaper than Skyscanner for Helsinki to Cairo.

The flight ticket fare difference was 30 USD. Clearly, in some destinations, Momondo vs Skyscanner, I found Momondo flights are cheaper than any other website especially Skyscanner.

How reliable are cheap flights with Momondo?

Momondo flights reliable

Getting a cheap flight ticket is easy from Momondo or any website however, getting the cheapest is a complex task because some sites are not user-friendly and some don’t include all the airlines like budget airlines.

And, I have already shown you in the comparison between Momondo Flights and Skyscanner Flights that Momondo is cheaper however, Momondo can be cheaper in one continent and Skyscanner can be in a different continent.

In my opinion, you can trust Momondo for flight booking as Momondo is been here for many years and there is no complaint as such.

I would recommend you to use 3-4 websites for comparing airfare no website is perfect therefore it’s better to verify with other websites.

How to change currency on Momondo flights

You can watch the above video or follow these points listed below to change currency on Momondo

  • Go to the bottom of the home page on Momondo flights
  • Look at the bottom right corner, you’ll see pre-selected countries and currency.
  • Click or tap on it
  • The third last option on the list is a currency
  • Click on it and select a currency from listed 50+ currencies and save.
  • Done

Why use Momondo and Momondo review?

No one is perfect, not even Momondo however, it covers major features from Skyscanner and Kayak which can be helpful if you are interested in an adventure of traveling anywhere in the world.

Also, there are other amazing features like trending cities and trending countries, and they don’t use cookies to manipulate airfare.

I would definitely suggest you use at least comparing flight ticket costs on Momondo for cheap flights with another website.

You can trust their flight fare and if you Google ‘Momondo review’, you’ll find it’s quite reliable a Skyscanner and Kayak., sites similar to Momondo.

Especially, you will find cheap flights on Momondo USA, Momondo UK, and Momondo India


I would say you can use Momondo flights for comparing airfare from other websites and also, keep track of any offers as there is some airline that is not available on any other website.

It has some handy tools like flying anywhere and checking airfare 4+ and 4- days from your selected dates to provide you an idea of average ticket airfare.

Use it and let me know if you find any cheap flight deals from Momondo in the comment section below.