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Delhi to Agra travel route

Delhi and Agra map view
Delhi and Agra map view

First of all, Delhi to Agra is 1 of the path out of 3 in the golden triangle circuit. Certainly, the golden triangle is one of the famous tourist destinations of India. It’s located in the northern part of India.

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Also, a triangular circuit of 760 km(450 miles) that connects Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur is named as the golden triangle in India. Furthermore, millions of international and local(Indians) tourists cover this triangle every year.

Undoubtedly, there are more than 10 different ways to travel and cover this famous triangle. While being famous, budget traveling is still easily possible as there are cheap travel options are available as well. Certainly, the golden triangle of India is in every traveler’s bucket list.

Basically, there are 6 options to choose from Delhi to Agra travel

  1. Flight
  2. Train
  3. Taxi
  4. Car or Motorbike (Rented)
  5. Car or Motorbike (Personal)
  6. Bus

The most used mode of transport from Delhi to Agra travel by trains. However, you can use either of mode transport. As mentioned above, traveling via flight is going to be expensive and train travel is will be affordable. Also, sometimes it’s difficult for foreign travelers to get a train ticket.

Best Delhi to Agra travel route

Actually, it depends on your budget and the time you have to travel from Delhi to Agra. Although, if you are in a hurry then I would suggest you go for a flight, Delhi to Agra. Otherwise, if you are traveling on a budget then bus travel is the best option for Delhi to Agra.

Also, the best way from Delhi to Agra travel depends on the three factors

  1. Availability
  2. Cost, and
  3. Time is taken

So, here you will see the comparison between all 6  Modes of transport based on their availability, cost, and time is taken.

Delhi to Agra travel by flight

You can use websites like Goibibo, MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, and Google flights. These are all local Indian websites for cheap flight ticket booking except Google Flights.

Also, you may get discount offers like cashback on these websites from time to time. But traveling by flight can be useful if you want to travel to Agra directly from Delhi Airport and have no plan in Delhi at all. Nonetheless, visit Agra directly without coming into Delhi by flight travel. 

Furthermore, try to book flight tickets directly from the airline website to get an ongoing offer, if there’s any. Basically, three Airlines fly from Delhi to Agra. Indigo, Air India, and Air Asia India are flying between Delhi and Agra but a halt in Jaipur.

Travel time by flight

Sadly, no direct flight available between Delhi and Agra. Due to which, the minimum travel time is 17-20 hrs. Actually, all Agra flights fly from Delhi via Jaipur. Basically, they have a halt of a minimum of 12 hrs in Jaipur. Therefore, the minimum layover time at Jaipur is more 12 hours which is annoying. 

Obviously, I won’t recommend you to take a fly between Delhi and Agra because the layover time is huge and total travel time is between 15 to 20 hours. Also, flying from Delhi will consume your whole day till the time you reach Agra. Therefore, travel by flight if you’re not comfortable traveling by road (bus, taxi, rental vehicle) or Indian Railways from Delhi to Agra

How to go to Agra from Delhi by bus?

First of all, Delhi to Agra travel by bus is the cheapest and convenient way of traveling only if when you are comfortable with bus travel. Overall, there are two ways to travel by bus.

  • Private bus
  • Government bus(roadways bus)

Actually, this is the most used or opted way of traveling between Delhi and Agra by locals and international travelers. Also, due to being a famous tourist destination route, there are 100s of private bus operators and roadways buses. That’s why buses are quickly and easily available.

While, you can book a private/roadways bus using either of these websites/apps but redBus, Abhibus, and Paytm are the most used and reliable apps to book private and even Government (roadways) buses in India. Basically, bus fare starts from Rs 250 till Rs 5000. You can choose from two types of seating on these buses,

  • Sleeper seats, and
  • Chair seats

Sleeper seats, where you can travel while sleeping which cost more than the chair seats for the comfort but it’s which is not that high. Also, you can get additional features like Wi-Fi, water bottle, blanket, charging point, movie, etc. But, you have to pay an additional amount for these features other than your basic bus fare.

Furthermore, there is an option to select your boarding point and dropping point as well. In fact, each bus operator is marked with customer ratings as well. Finally, compare and select based on their ratings. Not just, you will get information like bus photos, ratings, and reviews but you can check their booking policies, and amenities as well on their websites/apps.

Bus travel time?

Although, average Delhi to Agra travel time is around 3 to 4 hours. However, you can travel in less than 2 hours though you have to pay extra for an express journey. While, bus fare Rs 700-900, takes 2 hrs 30 min to 3 hrs then Rs 1300-2000 take less than 2 hrs.

Therefore, I would recommend bus travel from Delhi to Agra because there are 100s of buses travel between Delhi and Agra daily. Also, you can travel anytime from morning to midnight, as per your requirement.

How to travel from Delhi to Agra travel by road?

Primarily, there are three options.

  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Rented vehicle

#Delhi to Agra travel by bus

# Please refer to the previous section where I have discussed bus travel.

#Personal vehicle

Although, Delhi to Agra is 270 km approx. but not difficult to travel by your personal motorbike or car. Importantly, Delhi to Agra highway is called Yamuna Expressway. On this expressway, driving is not difficult between Delhi and Agra. SO, enjoy your riding/driving @100 kmph on this 6-lane express highway.

Finally, you need to pay a toll of Rs 205 for a motorbike(personal) and Rs 415 for a car(personal) on Yamuna Expressway.


 There are a total of 3 options for travel by taxi

Both, Ola and Uber have started an intercity taxi service( OLA & Uber), offer you to get a taxi for Delhi to Agra trip easily. However, this service is expensive due to highway toll tax and traveling time(per min travel charge is additional). According to, taxi fare will be charged 9/km for Mini cars and 11/km for Sidan cars.

Furthermore, Ola and Uber are the best options for Airport transfer and Railway station transfer as well in India.

Although, the one-way fare is around 2000 to 2500, which is not bad if you look at the comfort, convenience, and you don’t have to go through any hassle of booking. Both, Ola and Uber have a similar fare/km. Also, they both work almost the same. Furthermore, you get an equal amount of comfort, rate, and trust from these two.

Above all, you can also get the private taxis just outside the airport and railway station, additionally, you pay a fixed taxi fare to prepaid booths which are located outside the airport/railway stations. Also, your hotel can arrange a private taxi as well but they’ll definitely charge you more. 

Furthermore, private taxi charges more than what you get from Ola or Uber. Also, these private taxi services don’t have any app or website to compare their taxi fare, that’s why Ola/Uber is the best place to book if you are looking for a taxi.

Secretly, you can check the fare on Ola/Uber app to know the average/minimum fare. This way you can bargain with a private taxi operator at your hotel or anywhere near you.

#Rented vehicle

There are two options

  • Motorbike
  • Car

Delhi to Agra travel on a rented motorbike

Usually, you can get a motorbike easily in Delhi. Although you need to deposit a security amount which is not high and documents as per their terms, then you are good to go to Agra. Additionally, the amount of security deposit will depend on your motorbike brand(company), model, and manufacturing year as well.

Actually, you can rent from Honda scooter to Harley Davidson motorbike. As a result, rent for these motorbikes ranges between Rs 350-6500/day. For this, use these websites to know the average per day fare as per band and model.

However, there are many shops available in Karol Bagh, Delhi where you can directly get motorbike on lesser rent than online websites. Similarly, renting any motorbike from basic scooter to the most expensive bike in the world is equally possible at Karol Bagh.

Delhi to Agra on a rented car

Renting a car is similar to the motorbike as mentioned above. However, the only difference is the amount you have to pay per day. So, these are the sites you can rent cars online or you can compare Per day fare.

Surprisingly, car rent starts from Rs 2500/day for i10 to Rs 17000/day for Toyota Fortuner. Also, most car rental service providers can provide you with cars at the airport. But you’ll be asked an additional charge for this feature.

Similarly, you can rent cars from Karol Bagh, Delhi as well, just like motorbikes.

Delhi-Agra Yamuna expressway

Yamuna Expressway is a 6-lane highway that connects Delhi to Agra. The total length of this highway is 165 km(100 miles) approx from Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh to Agra. Also, this highway is located near Pari Chowk, Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh state.

The maximum speed limit is 100 kmph for LMV like cars and 60kmph for HMV like trucks. Also, the Taj Mahal will be 100 min away from the proposed Yamuna International Airport at Jewar, Uttar Pradesh. Central Delhi to Greater Noida is 61.9 km (39 miles). Therefore, to get onto this expressway, you need to travel from Delhi to Pari Chowk, Greater Noida first. Then, 1-2km before you can see the navigation board, welcome to Yamuna Expressway.

Furthermore, you need to pay a fixed amount of toll to use this expressway. Also, keep in mind that there is no U-turn on this highway, either you exit from one of the 32 as well before going onto Yamuna expressway. Yamuna expressway, from Agra to Lucknow has been extended by 333km(208.5 miles). In addition to that, Agra-Lucknow Expressway is linked through 11.9km (7.43 miles) Ring Road Expressway to decrease the distance and avoid the traffic of Agra.

Additionally, metro connectivity to Yamuna Expressway has got approval from the authority and the metro rail will run from the proposed metro station at Pari Chowk till Sector 18 and 20.

Delhi to Agra Yamuna Expressway toll charges

All values are in INR (Indian Rupee)

Also, the round trip is 1.6 times cheaper than a one-way toll inside 24 hours. And, if any vehicle uses expressway more than 19 times, there is a discount for that as well.

Vehicle CategoryAligarhMathuraAgraRound Trip
LCV/Mini Bus150350500800
Multi Axel Vehicles4501,0501,6002,560
7+ Axel Vehicles6001,4002,1003,360

Trains for Delhi to Agra travel?

First thing first, if you traveling on a budget and you don’t have time then I would recommend you to pre-book your train ticket and prepare your itinerary accordingly.

In other words, getting train tickets for foreigners is not easy because foreigners are allowed to book train tickets in 1st and 2nd class only and Indian mobile sim is required as well for IRCTC login. You are required to register at the IRCTC, only Indian govt. website for train ticket booking.

IRCTC IOS & Andriod apps

Means, you need to arrange your tickets from IRCTC in advance or you should ask your hostel as well to arrange train tickets for you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to travel by train if you planet 2 or 3 days before or even the week before. 

Certainly, India is a very populated country and sometimes it’s not easy to get a train ticket on a busy route.

Train ticket booking procedure for Foreigners

Delhi to Agra fastest train time table

Train Name & NoDepartureDurationArrivalTrain Fare
in INR(Rs)
Gatimaan Express & 12050NZM08:10 (Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station)1h 40mAGC 09:50 (Agra Cantt. Railway Station) 1,495(EC)
CSMT Rajdhani & 22222NZM 17:15 (Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station)1h 50mAGC 19:05 (Agra Cantt. Railway Station)1,475(1st A)
1,185(2nd A)
870(3rd A)
Bhopal Shatabdi & 12002NDLS 06:00 (New Delhi Railway Station)1h 57mAGC 07:57 (Agra Cantt. Railway Station) 1,010(EC)
Banglore Rajdhani & 22692NZM 20:45 (Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station)1h 58mAGC 22:43 (Agra Cantt.
Railway Station)
1,545(1st A)
1,260(2nd A)
945(3rd A)
Ac Express & 22110
NZM 15:45 (Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station)2h 1mAGC 17:46 (Agra Cantt.
Railway Station)
1,245(1st A)
745(2nd A)
540(3rd A)
MAS Garib Rath & 12612NZM 15:55 (Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station)2h 3mAGC 17:58 (Agra Cantt.
Railway Station)
345(3rd A)
Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin KSR Bengaluru City Rajdhani Express & 22694NZM 20:45 (Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station)2h 4mAGC 22:49 (Agra Cantt.
Railway Station)

# Train fare is not fixed.

Delhi to Agra morning trains

12138 PUNJAB MAIL NDLS 05.15
22416A P EXP Till 22-JanNDLS06.25

Although, there are many more trains are available but they are late but not suitable for international travelers. Also, late-night travel means, you’ll reach Agra at midnight, tourist places become 5-10 times more expensive and unsafe.

Evening Trains Agra from Delhi

  • 22222 CSMT RAJDHANI NZM 17.15
  • 12724 TELANGANA EXP NDLS 17.25
  • 4212 INTERCITY EXP NDLS 17.35
  • 22182 NZM JBP SF EXP NZM 17.50
  • 12616 G T EXPRESS NDLS 18.40
  • 12920 MALWA EXPRESS NDLS 19.15
  • 12448 U P SMPRK KRNTI NZM 20.10

How to go Agra from Delhi Airport?

Actually, 4 easy options are available to choose from

  1. Flight
  2. Taxi
  3. Rental car/motorbike
  4. Bus
  5. Train

Undoubtedly, traveling by flight take at least 14 hours because every flight from Delhi flies via Jaipur to Agra and there is a halt of minimum 12 to 16 hours. Therefore, if you choose to fly between Delhi and Agra then it will consume your whole day.

However, I won’t recommend you to travel Delhi to Agra by flight but if you are not comfortable traveling by road or train or even a taxi then only choose traveling by flight.

 By taxi

There are basically two options

  • Ola/ Uber
  • Private taxi

Surely, you can easily get Ola/Uber and Private taxi from outside the airport. Also, there is a prepaid booth outside the airport, pay fixed taxi fare in advance to book a taxi. However, there is no fixed amount but you can expect Rs 3000-4000.

Another option, Ola/ Uber intercity taxi service, which can be booked through their app. However, this may cost you between 2000- 3500.

Rental car/Motorbike

Certainly, there are many online car/ motorbike rental services in Delhi. Simply submit your documents and security deposit, get a car/ motorbike at the airport.

However, you have to request for that service and also you need to pay additional charges for this service. Car rental will be in the range of Rs 3000-4000 and motorbike will be in the range of  Rs 1500 to 2200.

By Bus

Although, you have options to book bus tickets through apps like Paytm, RedBus, and MakeMyTrip yet you have to reach ISBT terminal/Kashmiri Gate terminal to get a bus to Agra.

Both on online websites/apps and at ISBT/ Kashmiri Gate bus terminal counter, you can book a bus to Agra.

Delhi to Agra bus schedule on redBus

By Train

There are 100s of trains between Delhi to Agra daily all day from morning to midnight.

Irctc is the main site for train ticket booking in India and all other websites are affiliated to IRCTC. You’ll still need the Irctc account if you choose another website/app for a train ticket. Instead of directly book on to avoid the hassle.

Actually, from Delhi Airport, you will get direct Metro connectivity(Airport Express Line – Delhi Metro) to all the small and big railway stations in Delhi. Also, travel by train is budget-friendly as well as fast. Although, if you can manage then you can easily travel for less than Rs 200(Indians) and Rs 1000(foreigners) and under 3 hours.

However, the train runs at a fixed time therefore, you need to plan your trip accordingly. Above all,  if your timing is in line with train time then, train travel is the cheapest and fastest option you can get. Although, it’s not easy to book train tickets for foreigners, because you need to have an Indian mobile number to book an online train ticket. Also, foreigners can travel only in first and second class coaches.

Furthermore, there are many travel agents in Delhi who can book a train ticket for you with a small commission or you can ask your hotel to get you a train ticket as well.

How much time for Delhi to Agra travel?

Average time travel by each mode of transport

Transport ModeAverage Travel Time
Flight(no direct flight)14-20 hrs (min 12hrs halt at Jaipur)
Train2-3 hrs (station to station)
Rental Car/Motorbike3-4 hrs (direct from the airport to Agra)
Taxi3-4 hrs (Delhi to Agra)
Bus3-4 hrs (bus terminal to bus terminal)

The above time table does not include time taken by you to reach a bus terminal or train station. Add any additional time to these timings to know the exact travel time.


Just remember these points

  • Avoid taxi booking directly from the taxi driver
  • Arrange train tickets in advance at least 10-15 days
  • Budget travelers should buy an Indian mobile no. if you are booking a train ticket on your own
  • Use Ola/Uber app for taxi
  • Search Karolbagh for renting car/motorbike before looking online, only if you got time
  • Carry your meals with you for road travel on this route to avoid any sickness
  • Avoid travel by road without travel insurance
  • Travel in the day time to reach Agra in the day time, Agra is 5-10 times more expensive at night than usual
  • Do not carry more than Rs 2-3000 while traveling by bus/train
  • Get your car/bike petrol/fuel tank full in Delhi as fuel is expensive in Uttar Pradesh
  • Ask locals if you need any help, either in Delhi or Agra.


Delhi to Agra distance?

Agra is 233 km away from Delhi by road. 60 km Delhi to Greater Noida and 165km Yamuna Expressway from Pari chowk to Agra.

5 Delhi to Agra fast train?

Gatimaan Express & 12050:- 1hr 40 min
CSMT Rajdhani & 22222 :- 1hr 50 min
Bhopal Shatabdi & 12002 :- 1hr 57 min
Banglore Rajdhani & 22692 :- 1hr 58 min
NZM LTT Ac Express & 22110:- 2hr 1 min
Although, travel time can be increased due to any dealy.

Agra Delhi train time table?

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