How To Find Cheap Flight Deals In 2024?

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How To Find Cheap Flight Tickets
How To Find Cheap Plane Tickets

How to find cheap flight deals to anywhere and anytime?

Booking a flight ticket and getting cheap flight deals is a big task if you don’t know how it’s done. 

You will never get cheap flights on mobile apps, “REASON?”

I have mentioned below. To get cheap flight deals, you need to read until the end.

Traveling can be expensive by 20-50% when you are incapable of finding cheap flight tickets. 

40-70% of travel costs come from airfareSave 40-50% on your airfare deals using this trick and explore more. 

You can still get cheap deals on flights occasionally on airline sites due to off/low season.

How to get cheap flight deals last minute?

Getting the best deals on airfare is difficult due to many circumstances; for example, if you search for plane tickets in the high season, chances are low for getting a cheap deal.

Therefore, use this method and save up to 50% on airfare, at least.

Before looking for cheap flight deals now, make sure you have got covered these three points:

  1. How many days before a flight is the best price
  2. Use the right apps or sites for cheap flight deals
  3. High season or Low season(Dirt Cheap Hours)

I assume you already knew these points, but I’m sure you didn’t realize that using apps and websites actually manipulates you to buy expensive flight tickets.

And sometimes forces you to buy flight tickets in a rush by fluctuating the airfare artificially.

Don’t disclose your SECRET easily

Incognito mode for cheap flight deals
Incognito mode for cheap flight deals

Have you ever realized flight fare goes up after searching a few times?

Nowadays all websites save your search data in the form of cookies and use that information to change airfare if you search for cheap flights regularly.

In other words, whatever you search online is saved in your browser history in the form of cookies.

Websites can access this data to manipulate/fluctuate your online buying decisions. Therefore, don’t reveal your SECRET easily.

However, you can simply avoid this problem using the INCOGNITO MODE/PRIVATE MODE.

What is the incognito mode and how to open it?

Incognito mode is a private mode where the website cannot save cookies from your previous online search.

All your search history vanished when you get off the website.

In my advice, always search flights in incognito mode for online shopping to get the best possible result.

Google Chrome On Mobile:- Look for 3 dots in the upside right corner of your web browser and touch them.

You have to choose the 3rd option ‘New incognito window’. The new black tab will open with a creepy man in the center.

Now browse any website without cookies as they won’t be able to save your search results anymore.

Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge/Firefox Desktop:- Same method as above.

# This is the main reason that most online businesses push you to use mobile ‘APPS’, so they can track their customer’s activities by using cookies created by users.

When to find cheap flights?

The days left are first and foremost important to get cheap deals on the flight.

Hence, you should look for flight tickets at least 6-8 weeks in advance to get the cheapest flights possible.

The perfect time would be 12 weeks, but 6-8 weeks are sufficient.

Where to find cheap flights?

There are 100s of websites for flight booking, some don’t list all airlines, some have very bad user experience and others inflate the ticket cost too much, however, some of them are reliable flight booking sites to find cheap flight deals.

Still, you need to use a combination of two-three websites to make sure you are not missing possible cheap flight tickets on your route.

Use the right cheap flight tickets sites for airfare comparison

You can use any of the given below sites for cheap flight tickets online booking; however, using at least 2-3 for cheap flight tickets price is recommended.

  • Skyscanner: The most reliable and comes with an interesting feature where you can set the destination “Anywhere”
  • Wego: Sometimes you can get even cheaper flight airfare by using a different mode of payment.
  • Kayak: Best to find the cheapest countries to fly without dates and destinations. Best for no-planers!!
  • ITA Matrix: I feel it lacks design but can be helpful for comparing airfare with Skyscanner and other websites.
  • JetRadar: Almost all major budget airline is available on this website which other site is lacking.
  • Momondo: Momondo is a travel fare aggregator and travel fare metasearch engine, a subsidiary of

All these flight websites compare airfare from different airlines and websites to get you the cheapest flight deals.

However, each flight booking site has its own unique features and limitations.

Although, Skyscanner flights and Wego, together(sometimes Kayak), the best cheap flight deals website finding between any two places all around the world always.

Making travel plans in Low Season Or High Season?

(For Asian countries) Low Season Shoulder Season High Season
Travel Plans

Best months to visit Southeast Asia for cheap flight deals?

  • Close to winter—Good weather (Aug-Oct/Feb-Apr)
  • Less crowd
  • Everything will be moderately expensive

Best months to visit Europe for cheap flight deals?

  • Close to summer—Good weather(Mar-May/Sep-Oct)
  • Fewer crowd
  • Sufficient daylight

And, the best months to visit the United States for cheap flight deals

  • Close to summer—Good weather (Mar-May/Sep-Oct)
  • Fewer crowd
  • Sufficient daylight

A trick of using Skyscanner flights and Wego together?

Open incognito mode in your web browser and then open Skyscanner.

  • Select Return (both way flying)
  • Type ‘Country’ name you’re flying from in ‘From Section’.
  • Then select Everywhere in ‘To Section’.
  • Now select the whole month in the ‘Date section’.
  • Select the month you desire to travel.
  • Selecting the same month in ‘Depart and Return’ is recommended. However, you can select different months also ‘To and From’ sections.
  • Now click on button named ‘Search flight’


After following the above points, you will see 3 options ‘Best, Cheapest, and Fastest.

Select the ‘cheapest’ then note down the dates and cities you have selected for the cheapest flight tickets on Skyscanner.

After that, open Wego in another tab(incognito mode).


Select the round trip(both ways) and then type city names in the ‘From and To’ section, select the dates you have noted from the Skyscanner search, and hit the search icon button. 

On Wego, you get to pay through different payment optionsbut you have to try all payment options 1 by 1 because you can pick only 10 payment options at a time.

So, select different payment options and search again to find the payment mode where you can get the cheapest fare.

You will indeed find a cheaper shot on Wego than Skyscanner. You can check Skyscanner flight dates on Kayak and Momondo.

However, the payment feature is available on Wego. This trick works only with these two websites only.


Search the airfare on the airline website with the same search results from Skyscanner flights as well.

Sometimes, by booking flights from the airline website you may get cheaper flight offers.

By using this trick, you will save a lot of money around 30-70% on cheap flight deals internationally.

For more, you can search google, and Reddit cheap flights, for more ideas and tricks for cheap flights.

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Now days getting cheap flight deals has become easy, but you need to use available options smartly. 

Hence, before booking flight tickets, just keep these points in mind. 8 points before you leave:

  1. Use incognito mode every time you are online.
  2. Be flexible with your dates
  3. If possible, be flexible with your destination(for vacations)
  4. Travel in the low season if possible otherwise shoulder season to get the cheapest holidays possible overall.
  5. Always compare airfare on reliable websites like Skyscanner, Kayak, Secret Flying, etc.
  6. Try if possible to book flight tickets at least 45-60 days in advance.
  7. Avoid mobile apps for airfare searches as they store cookies(search data).
  8. Look for airfare flight offers directly on the airline website in incognito mode.

However, you can use a Kayak flight anywhere and cheap flights by date, not a destination option to get an estimation on cheap flight tickets online.

You also have a choice on Kayak to select a flight through a map on the Kayak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website for cheap flight tickets?

The best websites for cheap flight deals are Secret Flying(error fare), SkyscannerWego, and Kayak. You can get cheap airfare from any site and cheap accommodation suggestions as well.