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What is Next Vacay?

Next Vacay is a website to provides low-cost flight tickets through cheap error fare deals for both economy class and business class by Faredrop deals, where the first 30 days of subscription is free.

Submit your requirement and they will find amazing deals and error fares (hackerfare) then notify you via email or text.

Generally, you get a Next Vacay travel deals alert when airfare drops on your selected flight route.

During my Next Vacay review, I found out that Next Vacay or any other error fare website deals last anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days.

Book them as quickly as possible recommended.

Also, you can read and verify Nextvacay.com reviews on Reddit as well.

Interestingly, people trust the next vacay travel deals and similar types of hacker fare websites and don’t try on their own for cheap flight deals.

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What to learn through this Next Vacay reviews?

What are the Next Vacay features

You may have a question about what is the Next Vacay?

Honestly, there is not much to tell about the Next Vacay review feature, which is only three landing pages website.

  • Home Page
  • Login Page
  • Account Dashboard

But that makes Next Vacay unique from other competitors.

You have a home page for registering and getting information about Next Vacay offers.

The next vacay login page is your account setting page to know your change account settings like changing payment details or canceling your next Vacay subscription.

Here’s my honest and unaffiliated Next Vacay review.

I was excited when I first heard of Next Vacay because the Next Vacay subscription is the cheapest among all competitors.

I love flight alert programs and have been subscribed to Faredop, one of the first programs I used from two famous Youtubers, Kara And Nate.

Since signing up for Faredrop error fare deals and I have got many error fares but am not satisfied with their deals.

You can read my full review here on faredrop hacker fare.

I’m not a big fan of these flight alerts; you can easily find even cheaper deals on your own without any subscription.

When Next Vacay came out, I was unable to find a useful review on Next Vacay.

So, here I’m giving you an inside-out detailed Next Vacay review from my own use.

Is Next Vacay legitmate?

How are they different from Faredrop error fare or Scott’s Cheap Flights?

I had to sign up for Next Vacay alerts for one month to review their deals honestly. So I signed up for 30 days on Next Vacay’s email list.

Here’s what you need to know before you join.

What is a flight alert?

You get the best flight deals alerts from the company you are signed up to receive alerts when they find any cheap deals for you.

They let you know as soon as a good flight deal pops up so you can be among the first to take advantage of it before it disappears.

Types of deals including in-flight alerts depend on the price drops, in three instances:

  1. when there’s a sale or cheap flight offers;
  2. when airlines are competing against each other, causing fares to drop, and;
  3. when there’s an error fare.

You don’t need a flight alert subscription program to find out about offers or sales in the first case.

In my advice, you should directly subscribe to your favorite airline provider to receive notifications of flash sales, like a 48-hour price drop with limited availability.

Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue, and Southwest Airlines do this every few weeks.

The second case occurs when airlines are trying to fill seats or have more than regular flights going to one route.

Sometimes, one airline will drop prices, and other airlines will have to match to be competitive.

Finally, the third case you would be notified about is an error fare.

Error fares are a result of human error in entering the incorrect price into the airline’s database.

Probably the Hawaiian Airlines employee left off the one and listed it for $350 instead of $1,350.

If you can catch this mistake (error) before the airlines do, you could get a heavily discounted flight.

What does Next Vacay offer?

Next Vacay is a standard flight alert program for these continents:

  1. USA

They search for flights leaving out of all airports from the airports as mentioned above, and if Next Vacay finds a deal that may be of interest to you, they send you an email with a link and instructions on how to book it.

Mostly, Next Vacay flight deals last up to 24 hours, so stay up to date with the alerts to book them as quickly as possible because the deal may be gone if you don’t open the email until the next day.

Different flight alert programs may notify you in different ways, text messaging, or mobile pop-ups if you are using their app. Next Vacay sends email alerts for flight deals.


How is Next Vacay different from competitors?

Next Vacay differentiates itself by being more selective about the deals they send out.

Instead of sending you 100s of deals (Faredrop sends you 10-20 deals) that can fill your inbox, Next Vacay selects the ones they think fit you based on your departure airport and stated preferences.

I find this doubtful, finding the cheap deals for every airport listed, not from every airport you can get the cheap deals, especially when they send you low numbers of alerts.


Moreover, the deals I did get from Rochester weren’t exactly a bargain.

How much does Next Vacay cost?

Next Vacay costs $25 per year, making it one of the more affordable subscription platforms if you compare it with similar models like Faredrop ($47) or Scott’s Cheap Flights($49).

There’s also a 30-day free trial available before you’re charged as all cheap flight alert program does.

How do you cancel your Next Vacay subscription?

If you cancel before the end of the free trial period you won’t be charged for the year.

cancel next vacay subscription
Next Vacay cancel your membership

To cancel the Next Vacay subscription, you need to click here and submit your registered Email ID.

You’ll receive a login link in your email inbox, click on that, and you’ll be directed to your Next Vacay account as shown above.

Find the “Cancel Subscription” and click on it, the easiest way to cancel your Next Vacay subscription.

Is Next Vacay Worth It?

Next Vacay is a legitimate service, and at just $25, it’s an affordable option for flight alerts (Faredrop error fare is $47.88, and Scott’s Cheap Flights is $49 for the year)

They don’t always have the best/quickest turnaround on deals, however, or many deals from smaller airports.

If flight alerts are something that interests you, note that you don’t have to pay anything at all to get started.

You can sign up for free trials that will be for the first month.

Next Vacay Comparison With Similar Websites

Next Vacay Flight deal comparison with Skyscanner for the same dates I’ve used in this Next Vacay reviews provided by them.

You will be surprised to see a difference of almost $100 between Next Vacay and Skyscanner. Therefore, I won’t recommend you use the Next Vacay subscription.

Next Vacay Flight Ticket Price
Skyscanner Flight Ticket Price

If you wonder how you’ll get the cheapest flight, you can click here to get a trick that always helped me find cheap flight deals from Skyscanner and Kayak.

More: Read my full review on Faredrop error fare.


With any flight alert, the platform you choose, the goal is to get the cheapest flight in time so you can take advantage of a great deal.

However, if the cheap flight alerts are not cheap, then what’s the point in using their service plus paying $20-50. In my Next Vacay review, deals were not as cheap as they claimed.

In my 2 flight alert programs, I found out that their deals are no way near the deals I could get directly from Skyscanner, Kayak, and Wego.

I’m not optimistic about these programs and have been able to book cheap flights using my trick.

However, any alert program is better than flying in the dark when booking airline deals. Therefore, you can try their alert service for the trial period and verify it with Skyscanner and Kayak.

Bonus point, try 2-3 days plus-minus in dates provided in the flight alert. This way, you can verify whether the deals are legit or not.

Many websites are writing positively about these new flight alert programs; they are probably affiliated with the program. They get a commission when you register through their provided link.

I hope you have gained some knowledge from my reviews for Next Vacay and other websites.

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