200+ Heart Touching Good Night Quotes For Friends 2022

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Good Night Quotes For Friends
Special Good Night Quotes For Friends

Here we have the best heart touching good night quotes for friends whose night you would want to make special. As friends, it is important to appreciate each other from time to time.

One of the most effective ways to express your love is to send good morning or good night messages.

Moreover, a good night message for a friend is always a beautiful gesture because it is the last thing a person reads at night.

You can put a smile on his/her face by sending funny, caring, or inspirational good night messages.

Now, if you are wondering how to write a good night message that goes well with your friend or someone you cherish, then you are at the right place.

Below are 200+ good night quotes for friends specially compiled to suit any kind of situation and circumstance like happy, motivating, funny messages. You will surely find the one that suits your tastes.

It’s 2022, and possibly the best time to prove to your friends that you still care for him or her by sending suitable good night quotes for friends from below now which is still a very effective and useful way.

Heart Touching Good Night Messages For Friends 2022

We all have friends that are lovely and worth been show some care for. Through these heart touching good night quotes for friends, you can show your friends you care and prove your love for them. Have a look and pick suitable heart touching good night messages for friends.

“Allow your body and soul to rest in beautiful harmony. You deserve the best in life, dear friend. Goodnight and sweet dreams.”

Inspirational Good Night Messages For Friends

“Live now, without thinking about all your past mistakes. You are capable of living your best life as young as you are. Goodnight and dream of this sweet friendship.”

Inspirational Good Night Text For Friends

“I know you are deep in slumber right now, but I wanted to say how much I appreciate this friendship. I hope this will put a smile on your face when you wake up. Goodnight.”

Cheer Up Good Night Text For Friends

“A day is ending again, but this friendship will last forever. Get enough rest to cheer me up tomorrow. Goodnight.”

“Have an awesome dream today around evening time. Goodbye.”

Good Night Friend Images

“May you wake up with the brightest and most wonderful day ahead of you.”

Good Night Sleep Text For Friends

“Thank you for calling me and discussing with me till late at night. Right now, you will need a good sleep. Good night my friend.”

“Good night my love, good night my soul, good night my everything, good night my all.”

“Close your eyes, I’ll hold you tight and I promise to keep you safe throughout the night. I love you, baby.”

“You deserve the sweetest of dreams and the deepest of sleep for being the best-est of friends!”

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“Almost all I would like is to wish you is a good night as my friend, you will be the very last thought on my thoughts before I fall asleep!”

“Good night, sleep tight, may our friendship fill your life with light! Sweet dreams, dear friend!”

“Thank you, buddy, for backing me up in my by good and terrible times. Our friendship is super special for sure. Good night friend, sleep tight!”

Heart Touching Night Messages For Friends

“I can’t thank Lord enough for bestowing a precious friend like you. My friend, you are no less than family for me. Good night!”

“Even if the circumstances separate us, I know our unshakable bond of friendship will pull us closer again. Good night my lovely friend!”

“If there is one individual that I can always count on, that person is you. I am so blessed to have a friend like you. Good night to best bud!”

“I just wanted to tell you that no matter whatever the circumstances will become, I will be supporting you till the end. Good night!”

“The warmth of winter, the shine of the moon, and the cool breeze remind of your friendship. Good night my dear friend!”

“The world is on the verge of sleeping and I think You should let your eyes and the body take some rest. Good night to the best friend ever!”

“The sweet memories of our friendship remind me of the good times we all can have in life when we learn to cherish friendship. Good night!”

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True friends are like magic pills, they can fix everything, heel everything, and bring radiance to your life. Good night to my lovely friends!

“Thank you, my friend, for tolerating my gibberish talks and bearing my tantrums. I wish you a good night and a good sleep!”

Good Night Text For Friends

“Do you know what I like about you as a friend? Your sheer honesty. Always be like that. Good night to the most trustworthy friend!”

“Catching you up and talk about randoms shits and stupid stuff is always so frisky. I wish you have a wonderful night!”

“The best thing about our friendship is we don’t talk to each other for months still, the things are always the same between us. Good night and sleep well!”

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“You are not only a hilarious person who makes every laugh but also a fantastic human being who helps everyone in the time of turbulence. Good night!”

Short One Line Wish A Friend Good Night 2022

It is always put a smile on his/her face when receiving a good night text from someone you care for or love before going to bed. You can surprise your female friend or a male friend with these short and sweet good night messages.

Short Good Night Wish For Friend

“Night, night, to a dear friend! May you sleep well!”

“May the night fill with stars for you. May counting everyone, give you contentment!”

“Friend, you make me smile! I hope you are smiling, while you sleep!”

“Wishing you comfort, happiness, and a good night’s sleep!”

“Now relax. The day is over. You did your best. And tomorrow you’ll do better. Good Night!”

“If you’re tired learn to rest, not quit. Good Night.”

“You are the sweetest person that I know! May you feel at ease, tonight, knowing how great you are!”

“Being your friend is amazing! Tonight, may you enjoy your leisure time!”

“Wishing a friend I hold dear a very good night! You deserve it!”

“Good night, friend! I hope you dream of colorful and fantastic things!

Short Good Night Quotes For Friends

“I hope tonight finds you snug, friend! Have a Good Night!”

“Wishing you a comfy night, friend, that promotes sleep!”

“Good night to a friend who is the best! Get your forty winks!”

“Good night, friend! May the sheep you count tonight, be fluffy and numerous!”

“May your pillow be soft, and your rest be, long! Good night, friend!”

“Good Night, my precious friend! May you feel safe and loved!”

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“Good Night, to my adorable friend! You hold a special place in my heart!”

“I hold your friendship close! I hope you have a Good Night!”

“You are such a good friend! May the night you have contained only good things!”

“Good night to a friend who is nice and makes everything swell!”

“They say that too much of everything is bad. However, too much of your friendship isn’t. Have a good night, my dear friend.”

“We might be miles apart but we are always in each other’s minds and hearts. That’s what makes our friendship so beautiful. Good night.”

“Being friends with such a caring person like you is one of the major reasons I am so grateful to be alive. Good night.”

“True friendship like ours is worth more than all the wealth in this world. May we never be apart. Good night.”

“One of the greatest blessings a person can get is to have a true friend. You, my friend, are a true friend. Good night.”

“Ours is a friendship that is destined to last forever. Not even the distance between us can change it. Good night, and sleep tight.”

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“You should know that regardless of the distance separating us right now, you are always in my heart and thoughts. Good night.”

“I didn’t know what true friendship meant or felt like until you and I became friends. Sleep tight, my friend. Good night.”

“Good night, my friend. And know that there is always a special place in my heart for you.”

“As you go to bed tonight, know that I will always be that friend you can rely on in times of trouble. Good night.”

One Line Good Night For Friends

“I wish to end this day by letting you know that you always have a true friend in me. Good night and have sweet dreams.”

“Dear friend, do you know you are a priceless gem in my life? Well, now you know. Good night and have pleasant dreams.”

“Dear friend, keep calm and forget all about your worries and troubles. There is always hope. Good night.”

“May the stars and the moon comfort you as you sleep. Good night and have sweet dreams.”

Cute And Funny Good Night Messages For Friends 2022

It is always cute when you add a little bit of humor to give your friend a chuckle before bed. A simple goodnight is enough, but a personalized funny goodnight message to make them smile or laugh is one of the best ways to wish your friends is more meaningful.

Funny Good Night Messages For Friends

“This night I hope that you will stop using mobile and go to sleep after reading my message. Now keep the phone away and sleep well dear. Good night.”

“If you ever feel lonely in the night time, don’t even bother to call me and break my sleep, LOL. Good night buddy!”

“If you feel lonely on this night, think about the scary faces and ghosts. Can you see them? Good night my friend. Have a nice sleep.”

“I hope there are no bugs in your bed. Last time I found some. I think your bed is clean now. Now sleep, my friend. Good night.”

“Don’t forget to brush your teeth and wash your hand and face before sleeping. You have to meet me tomorrow. So go to the washroom. Good night buddy.”

Funny Good Night Quotes For Friends
Funny Good Night Quotes For Friends

“I used up all my energy in laughing all day! You’re all fantastic! Let’s recharge for we need more energy tomorrow. Good night!”

“Sleep as early as you can so that you can dream about all the pranks we can play in class and all the fun we can have tomorrow. Good night.”

“Good dreams come to those who sleep so close your eyes and go to sleep! Your dreams can’t come when you’re wide awake! Shut those peepers and get some sleep!”

“We have always been the best of friends and we have done everything together. So you should dream about your crush tonight and I will dream about mine.”

“My lovely friend, if you don’t go to sleep right now, I’ll tell the demons under your bed to eat your kneecaps! So sleep well and good night!”

“The dark circles under your eyes are darker than your future, so why don’t you sleep on time for once? Good night to you!”

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“Your body organs just called me to complain about how much you are exploiting them, so please sleep timely! Have a good sleep!”

“I hope you sleep like a baby tonight, my friend. Just don’t expect a feeding and diaper change at 2:00 a.m.”

“I just wanted you to know I bribed the monsters under your bed to stay put tonight, friend.”

“Why is it that we get the same amount of beauty sleep, but you always look better than I do? Good night my friend!”

Cute Good Night Quotes For Friends

“Hey pal, I don’t know about you, but all our shenanigans today have exhausted me. Let’s get some sleep and dream up some fresh ideas for tomorrow.”

“Here’s hoping there are no biting bed bugs, no monsters in the closet, and no scary guy in the basement. Sleep well, my friend!”

“Don’t forget to stay neat, wash your face and brush your teeth before sleeping to prevent rats from biting your face off. Goodnight, lovely friend.”

“Though you disturb and disrupt my peace, I would like to wish you a beautiful night with a few nightmares. Feel appreciated, dear best friend.”

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“My life has turned out to be more merry and peaceful as far back as I met you such a superb companion like you. GoodNight.”

“I want to talk but, I keep dropping my phone on my face. I’ll talk to you in the morning; good night dude!”

“A true friend scolds like a dad, cares like a mom, teases like a sister, irritates like a brother, and finally loves you more than a lover.”

“No need to be upset for any reason in life ever because I’m always here to have your back. Good night dear friend!”

Inspirational Good Night Messages For Friends

We all have some bad days every now and your positive words can light up their world. What can you do to uplift your friend or someone special in such situations? How about sending them inspirational good night messages? Check out our ultimate inspiring good night wishes and blessings to share now.

Inspirational Good Night Messages For Friends

“I hope you have a good night! May you sleep peacefully, friend, and only have good dreams! May you wake up refreshed and ready to take on anything!”

“May the dreams you have tonight, come true tomorrow! You can do anything that is on your mind and in your heart!”

“Your presence rouses me to action, friend! You always know how to make things happen! I hope that tonight, you relax and accomplish new goals, tomorrow!”

“Let your imagination go tonight, friend! With sleep, you have a chance to have dreams with endless possibilities!”

“Sleep peacefully, friend, and awaken with a view of the future that is grand! You have the courage and tenacity to complete everything that you set out to do!”

“Every day, you encourage me to do new things, friend! May tonight’s rest bring a new day that overflows with courage and exciting events!”

“Wishing you comfort, happiness, and a good night!”

Inspirational Good Night Quotes For Friends

“When the day is done, friend, may you know that you have done well! When you sleep tonight, friend, may you view all you hope for, tomorrow!”

“Friend, may the quietude you experience tonight move you to have many more nights like it! May you find your peace and hold on to it!”

“May the darkness of the night cloak you in a sleep that is sound and good! Dear friend, may this feeling carry you through the next day!”

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“Friend, you do not hesitate to get things done! Take tonight to relax and do more, tomorrow!”

“Sleep tonight, friend, and be well! Know that you have done your very best today and that you will do your very best, tomorrow!”

“Do you know what is so great about sleeping? You get to forget all about the troubles in life for a while. Good night.”

“Friends like you help me forget all about my worries. Friends like you inspire me to keep keeping on.”

Inspirational Good Night Text For Friends

“Sleep your worries away tonight, for tomorrow will be better. Have a good night.”

“Just know that it is possible for all your dreams to come true if you take action to grab them. Never give up. Good night.”

“You’re a shining star. Don’t ever give anyone the opportunity to dull your shine! Good night!”

“Tomorrow is a new day and a brand new opportunity to turn things around. Good night and sleep tight.”

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“As you lay your head tonight to sleep, know that the good Lord has the solution to all your problems. Good night.”

“Good night, my friend. I hope you have a restful night, and may tomorrow bring you nothing but happiness.”

“Sleep in peace tonight with the knowledge that God is awake and watching over you. Sweet dreams, my friend.”

“Sweet friend, as you retire to bed, know that I believe in you. Please don’t ever give up in life. Good night and have pleasant dreams.”

“Good Night. May your dreams are sweet and peaceful and tomorrow full of pleasant surprises.”

“This night, friend, is for promoting wellness! Do not focus on the events of the day! Let go and be at peace! Have a Good Night!”

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“Good Night, friend! May the thoughts you possess to be so calming, that you easily fall asleep! May that kind of tranquility stay with you!”

Epic Good Night Quotes For A Special Darling Friend

When you have a special darling friend, you can count on any time of the day, sending a heart touching good night text messages can make him or her feel loved and emotional tonight.

Good Night Message For A Darling friend

“I always wished you were here each time it’s raining so heavily to keep me company while I fall asleep. Goodnight my dearest friend, I miss you.”

“I wouldn’t mind a good and tender massage from my sweet friend tonight. Can I have it? Goodnight my sweet friend, I cherish you forever.”

“After the day’s work when my body aches so badly, all I long for is just your presence because being with you I’m rejuvenated. Goodnight my friend, I miss you.”

“I desire to fall asleep very early whenever you were around so that you can stay the night, while I get to see your cute smiling face when I’m awake. Goodnight my sweet friend.”

“I adore watching you while you sleep and I hope you will fall asleep on my sofa tonight. Goodnight my lovely friend, I miss you.”

“Tonight, I won’t just dream a dream; my dreams will be dreamier because it will be about you and I. Goodnight my sweet friend, I cherish you forever.”

“I will be that guardian angel who will battle all your nightmares and leave you with sweet dreams. Goodnight my lovely friend.”

“While I quietly fall asleep from the rest of the world, my heart is pleased to have a wonderful friend like you. Goodnight my sweet friend, I cherish you.”

“Let me quickly wish my good friend; a good night sleep and beautiful dreams as the night calls me to sleep. Goodnight my lovely friend.”

“No two places where I can be myself and at the same time happier than being with you and that’s what I need tonight. Goodnight my dearest friend, I miss you.”

Good Night Message For A Special friend

“I’m scared that I might lose you if I closed my eyes to sleep tonight. Please stay with me tonight. Goodnight my sweet friend.”

“All I want to do tonight is being with you and talk about our journey together so far. Goodnight my lovely friend, I cherish you forever.”

“I’m always relieved by your company as your presence gives me the solace I craved for each and every night. Goodnight my dearest friend.”

“You’ve got an angelic voice and I just have one request to make tonight; Can you sing a lullaby for me? Goodnight my lovely friend, I cherish you forever.”

“There is nothing yet that I can compare the awesome and amazing moments we’ve shared together with, I’m glad to be your friend. Goodnight my dearest friend, I cherish you forever.”

“Be certain to have a good night sleep and wonderful dreams as I will be here whenever you wake up. Goodnight beautiful.”

“My dreams are always pleasant because ever since you came into my life, you are all I dream of. Goodnight my sweet friend, I cherish you forever.”

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“There is no reason to be terrified tonight because God has already sent His angels to watch over you. Do have a peaceful night rest and sweet dreams. Goodnight my lovely friend.”

“Here is my prayer for you tonight and always; may the hands of the Almighty God protect and keep you today and forever. Goodnight my dearest friend, I miss you.”

“I have a small request to ask of you my sweet friend; Can you hug me tightly before leaving? Goodnight my dearest friend, I cherish you forever.”

Good Night Quotes For Darling friends

“I want all of you tonight – your caring heart, your company, your listening ears, and your courageous words. Goodnight my sweet friend, I miss you.”

“Every time you were around I don’t feel like leaving your presence as each moment spent with you is always awesome and priceless. Goodnight my lovely friend.”

“I always admire it when you read bedtime stories to me before sleep takes me away from the world around me. Goodnight my dearest friend, I miss you.”

“My desire tonight is that we play and run around the house as little kids do while the moon glows so bright outside. Goodnight my sweet friend.”

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“Each time that I’m in your company, I always wish I could be there forever, as there’s no dull moment with you. Goodnight my lovely friend, I miss you.”

“God will keep you safe through the night and direct your steps during the day always and forevermore. Goodnight beautiful, I cherish you forever.”

“I don’t have any reason to be worried about tomorrow because as long as I have you, my tomorrow is certainly going to be awesome. Goodnight my dearest friend.”

“Today was so special because I woke up to the thought of my beautiful friend. Do have a good night sleep and sweet dreams. Goodnight my beautiful friend.”

“I enjoyed every moment with you today, and as you go to bed, I wish you have a peaceful night rest and pleasant dreams. Goodnight my dearest friend.”

“Here’s that time of the day we rest our body, mind, and soul. Do have a good night sleep and sweet dreams. Goodnight my buddy.”

Good Night Text For Darling friends

“It is my desire that you have a peaceful night rest so as to replenish your energy because tomorrow is going to be an awesome and amazing day. Goodnight my sweet friend.”

“I cherish our friendship as you’re an awesome and great person and I’m happy to have someone special like you. Goodnight my darling friend.”

“For everything you did yesterday; the ones for today and those yet to come in the future, I’m saying a big thank you. Goodnight my beautiful friend.”

“I just want to wish my best friend a good night sleep and pleasant dreams before I fall asleep. Goodnight my lovely friend.”

“Your friendship is irreplaceable and I will always cherish it so much. Do have a peaceful night rest and sweet dreams. Goodnight handsome.”

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“You’re the one who always inspires me to give the best I can, I’m blessed to have you in my life. I miss you. Goodnight my dearest friend.”

“May your night be as beautiful and amazing as the moment we shared today. I cherish you forever. Goodnight my beautiful friend.”

“Bit by bit, you’ve become a very special and amazing person for me as I never thought it would turn out this way. Goodnight my darling friend.”

“I appreciate you so much as you always listen, understand and advise me. Do have a good night sleep and sweet dreams. Goodnight my sweet friend.”

“You turned out to be the sister that I never got to have by my biological parents. You’re understanding and patient as you’re my confidant. Goodnight my darling friend.”

Goodnight Darling Friend Quotes

“Thank you for being there, real and my true friend. May all your dreams come true. Goodnight my dearest friend.”

“Fate indeed brought me to you, as you’re the one who listens, understands, and motivates me during my darkest hour. I’m grateful that you’re mine. Goodnight my sweet friend.”

“During difficult moments, you light up my heart with your courageous words just as the stars light up the night sky. Do have a good night sleep. Goodnight my lovely friend.”

“As the moon brightens up the sky when it’s dark, you’ve also brightened up my life with your care and love. I cherish you forever. Goodnight my darling friend.”

“Before I go to bed, I just wanted to let you know that you’re an awesome, unique, and beautiful friend. I miss you so much. Goodnight my buddy.”

“You’re my best friend forever and ever and I really appreciate you so much more than ever. Goodnight handsome.”

“Tomorrow is going to be much better, beautiful, and blessed than today as we will have awesome and amazing moments together. Goodnight sweetheart.”

“I couldn’t imagine what I would have done with you in my life and I just want you to know that I appreciate your friendship. Goodnight my buddy.”

“It’s my wish that your night be peaceful and your dreams be sweet and wake up with a big smile on your face as ever. Goodnight beautiful.”

“You’re loving, caring and understanding. I cherish you forever and thanks for being nice and kind to me. Goodnight my buddy.”

Darling Good Night Quotes For Friends

“Today was a beautiful day with you, my beautiful friend around, and I wish you a good night’s sleep and beautiful dreams. Goodnight beautiful.”

“Promise me that you will forget about today’s worries so as to enjoy your night. Do have a peaceful night’s rest. Goodnight my dearest friend.”

“Let’s go to bed now as we have a great and beautiful day waiting on us tomorrow. Goodnight my lovely friend.”

“Our body, mind, and soul deserve some rest too. So as you go to sleep, I wish you a peaceful night’s rest. Goodnight my buddy.”

“It is not easy spending the day without you my awesome friend, I miss you so much and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Goodnight handsome.”

“You deserve a good and peaceful night’s rest and I hope that you have it tonight and always. Goodnight my sweet friend.”

“Ever since I met you, you’ve gladdened my heart as no one could with your time, care and love. I’m glad to have you. Goodnight my lovely friend.”

“May your thoughts be filled with beautiful memories of our friendship as you go to sleep tonight. Goodnight my dearest friend.”

“Let us take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the day and have a good night’s sleep. Goodnight my sweet friend.”

“Do have a peaceful and relaxing night’s rest and sweetest dreams after having an exhausting day. Goodnight my buddy.”

Goodnight Darling Text Messages

“Allow your soul, mind, body, eyes, get some rest as the moon glows in the night sky. Do have a good night’s sleep. Goodnight my dearest friend.”

“While lovers send kisses to each other, I’m sending wishes to my best friend and I hope all your dreams come true. Goodnight my darling friend.”

“As you hit the bed tonight, I wish you a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams. Goodnight beautiful.”

“I will always be there for you and with you, so you have no reason to be anxious about tomorrow as tomorrow will take care of itself. Goodnight my sweet friend.”

“Tomorrow is going to be more awesome and beautiful than today, so save some excitement and energy. Goodnight my lovely friend.”

“Though you’re sleeping on a small size bed, I hope your dreams would be king size. Do have pleasant dreams. Goodnight, handsome.”

“Just like you feel refreshed after having a cold shower, I wish you start afresh the next day with fresh zeal and goals. Goodnight my beautiful friend.”

“No matter how bright the stars glitter in the night sky, it can never be as bright as your glowing smiling face. Goodnight my sweet friend.”

“I’m happy that nights exist because that is the only time when I can always dream about my special and beautiful friend. Goodnight beautiful.”

“May tonight end your worries and pains and usher you to an amazing and beautiful day tomorrow. Do have a good night’s sleep. Goodnight handsome.”

Hopefully, you liked these special heart touching good night quotes for friends to let him/her know you care.

Whether you are busy in your life or not in talk with your friend, good morning or a special good night message is always better.

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