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Golden Triangle

The golden triangle India under 30 USD the fastest trip

How to complete the famous the golden triangle in India in less than $30?

There are many ways to travel and complete this famous triangle of India.

Here I have shared the fastest and cheapest way to the golden triangle.

You will cover a distance of 750 km(470 miles) in this circuit.

Accommodation, food, and visiting costs to tourist places are not included, only transport fare to the golden triangle.

The Taj Mahal is one of the Seven wonders of the world, located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh which is in the northern region of India.

That’s why it’s one of the famous tourist destinations in India and easily accessible from New Delhi.

India is a tourist-friendly as well as a budget-friendly country.

Most tourist comes in winter because in summer the temperature really hot and unbearable sometimes.

Before learning this, you will need to know 4 things

  • Start your trip early, before 10 am
  • Travel in winters, no need for AC bus
  • Budget traveling is sometimes difficult, and
  • This is a bus traveling itinerary

In winter, morning is not advisable to get a clear view due to fog, try going after at 12 in the noon.

In summer, you get a clear view from the first sunray, either you complete your visit before 10 am or the temperature will rise quickly to 40-45 degrees Celsius.

That won’t be comfortable.

For a budget tour, travel in winter and visit them in day time afternoon for a comfortable and clear view.

From September to mid-March, India is in the winter season, and from the end of March to July mid is summer.

And remaining months are for the monsoon.

However, winter is the main season, so you may find things like food, hotel, tour guide, etc expensive.

That completely depends on you, summer or winter but if you don’t bother about tour guide then winter is a perfect time for you.

Also, avoid eating and staying near tourist places as you can save a lot of money by using this simple trick. #Budgettravel

This triangle is divided into 3 sections

  • Delhi to Agra
  • Agra to Jaipur
  • Jaipur to Delhi

You can start your trip from any city that is Delhi, Agra, or Jaipur.

However, if you’re a foreigner then you would most probably land in Delhi International airport that is IGI(Indira Gandhi International).

Also, if you are starting from Delhi, you can cover all the places in Delhi first then move to the next cities or when you come back after completing the Agra and Jaipur tour.

Incredibly Reliable Flight Booking Websites

Bus from Delhi to Agra

Delhi to Agra is 270 km(140 miles) distance and usually, it takes 4-5 hrs to cover.

There are many online apps you can use to book private bus tickets.

Also, you can directly go to the bus terminal where you can get cheap roadways buses, but they are not comfortable.

I would recommend you book online or you can find private booths near bus terminals as well.

Both ways are doable but going to the booth can be tiring and you may have to bargain for better deals on a private bus.

There are many tours and travel agents in Delhi, avoid them if you have no intention of buying any plan.

Most scams occur due to fake travel agents.

However, you may not find fake agents in Delhi but you’ll definitely see them in Agra and Jaipur.

Always keep your scam alert switch on even in Delhi or any place tourist place.

Delhi to Agra

You will get a bus to Agra from the ISBT terminal, Delhi located in north Delhi.

Bus fares range from Rs 450-700 for a simple bus.

For a comfortable journey, opt for Rs 700 bus. This way you can travel on a budget and be comfortable as well.

The ISBT terminal is connected to the Delhi Metro service that starts at 5:30 am to late 11:30 pm.

So, you can reach the bus terminal in no time from any part of Delhi and it’s the cheapest transport.

However, you can use Uber or Ola (similar to Uber) if you have heavy luggage.

Both have reasonable taxi fares and you can pay by cash or card as well.

Travel time

Travel time from Delhi to Agra is 4-5 hrs, so you can take a nap as you won’t be getting much time to rest.

Shortlist important places you’ll be visiting and skip some non-important places as well.

You will get a maximum of 8 hrs in Agra totally.

Although, you can stay more if you start your trip early from Delhi.

Agra is majorly famous for the Taj Mahal, so make a list of places you can visit whit it in 4-5 hrs.

Because you’ll be spending 2-3 hrs on local transportation and eating.

Keep 2-3 hrs buffer for any place you may add or wanna stay more.

From Agra bus terminal to the Taj Mahal is 6 km approx.

You can take an auto-rickshaw(three-wheelers) or taxi. Usually, the taxi costs Rs 150-300 due to the touristy area.

Uber service is not available till now and you can bargain as well.

You will get the bus to Jaipur from the same bus terminal in Agra.

Take the sleeper bus so you can sleep while traveling. This way your body will be ready to explore some amazing Royal Palaces, Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, etc in Jaipur.

Agra to Jaipur

Follow the same points as above Delhi to Agra trip.

However, get some food packed for the journey ahead as you may get sick if you eat at the mid-way bus stop and food is expensive as well.

Food will survive 4-5 hrs if you are traveling in winter.

Sindhi Camp, Jaipur is the bus stand where your journey from Agra will end.

You can easily find shops for a snack if you are hungry.

If you reach after 8 am then you must visit Rawat Kachori for some unique and tasty Rajasthani snacks.

Travel time

There you will get an Uber or Ola taxi and bike(ola) as well.

Start your trip for far places first then again complete your travel itinerary as per your plan.

You will get 12-16 hrs in total. Utilize it properly and keep 2-3 hrs buffer as I told you before.

Next, again you’ll take a sleeper night bus and get food packed for the journey to Delhi as mentioned before.

Pre-book a hotel/hostel in Delhi as per budget so you can directly go thereafter reaching Delhi for getting fresh and taking 4-5 hrs of sleep.

Otherwise, your body will exhaust and you won’t be able to tour Delhi properly.

You won’t miss anything if you sleep for 4-5 hrs in Delhi but your body will need it for sure.

Jaipur to Delhi

Bus from Jaipur to Delhi, you will get from Sindhi Camp terminal.

Take a sleeper bus to sleep while traveling.

Although, sleeping on the bus is not relaxing as it generally does but something is better than nothing.

Usually, the bus takes 4-5 hrs but sometimes more due to traffic at the Delhi border.

Take that into count if you are flying out the same day from Delhi.

After reaching Delhi and sleeping for 4-5 hrs, you can take a tour of Delhi to some amazing ancient places.

Book a hotel/hostel in a non-touristy place but near to Delhi metro.

Therefore, you will save money and time on local transport. And also, you can reach Delhi IGI airport easily.

Staying near the airport can be useful for you and also Delhi is a small city so you can come from anywhere using the metro.

If you have to go to the airport in a taxi then stay in a 5-10 km range otherwise you may get late due to traffic.

How much Golden Triangle transport cost?

You will get a cheaper bus ticket but I have taken a 5 USD buffer in total cost if you are unable to find them cheaper.

You can do it even cheaper than 30 USD but that won’t be comfortable.

Decide yourself, if you want to reduce the trip cost then you can opt for govt. bus, cheap but not comfortable.

Seats are very hard and back support(no recline) is straight which makes sitting very painful.

For any reason, if you want to travel on a roadways bus, then buy a ticket on the Haryana Roadways bus.

They are fast, you will reach Delhi from Jaipur in less than 4 hrs.

  • Delhi to Agra:- Rs 500 (7 USD)
  • Agra to Jaipur:- Rs 800 (11 USD)
  • Jaipur to Delhi:- Rs 800 (11 USD)

Total transport cost Rs 2100 (29 USD) which is the cheapest and fastest golden triangle route under 30 USD or Rs 2000.

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Completing this circuit in 48 hrs is a little tiring but fun as well.

However, the train is also an option you can choose but that won’t be budget-friendly.

Also, you won’t get the option of traveling anytime because trains run on a fixed time.

By train, travel can be comfortable than a bus but you’ll need 3 days because sometimes trains get late due to fog in winter.

Use mobile apps like Goibibo and Paytm to book bus tickets.

But you won’t need to use any app for traveling on the roadways bus, you can directly book tickets at bus terminals itself.

You can easily locate a help desk for any information on all the bus terminals in India.

Roadways buses are usually fast as they don’t stop in mid-way except for one stop for snack and washroom break.

Important note

Always carry food and water bottle on the bus to avoid any sickness from eating or drinking midway.

Also, it will be cheaper for you to avoid midway snacks/food.

India is one of the cheapest countries to travel to if you want.

The more you budget your trip here in India, the less comfortable it’ll be.

Therefore, traveling on mid-budget can get you a little comfort and hassle-free experience as well.

Golden triangle scam alert

Golden Triangle Scam

Avoid any help from the strangers you suspect even 1% and smile and simply ignore them.

Touristy places are not different in India from any other place in the world.

You need to learn the art of avoiding people you don’t trust to avoid any scam.

If you find any difficulty, you can [email protected] for any assistance related to budget travel in India.

We’ll be happy to help you and reply to you as soon as possible.

Also, you can call on toll-free tourist helpline no 1800-11-1363 that is 24×7 available.

Quick summary

  • Start your trip early from Delhi before 10 am
  • Travel in winter for comfortable transit between cities
  • Due to fog, I would suggest you visit tourist places in day time after 12 noon to get clear view otherwise you won’t get good photos in all 3 cities.
  • Carry not more than Rs 5000 (70-80 USD) while traveling as you’ll get an ATM easily.
  • You can use public toilets at the bus terminal to get ready for photos.
  • Take proper rest before starting this triangle otherwise, you’ll exhaust.

So, this is the way where you save a lot of money on transport and travel the fastest golden triangle under 30 USD.

Most travelers are doing this circuit using hitchhiking, which is not for everyone but try if you want some thrill.

Always try to keep your trip spendings low and travel smartly.

For any query or suggestion, please write in the comment section down below.

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Frequently Asked Question

How many days golden triangle India?

Usually, it takes 5-8 days to visit every tourist place but this circuit can be done in 48 hrs that is 2 days. However, it’ll be a little tiring and cheaper as well. The more time you take more will be your expenses. If you cover the golden triangle in 48 hrs which is the fastest under 30 USD then read this.

How to travel the golden triangle of India?

All 4 ways are possible to cover this triangle that is by bus, by train, taxi, and airplane. Also, rickshaws can be used for travel to tourist places in Agra and from the railway station, Airport, and Idgah bus terminal as well.
Apart from this, you can book a taxi, Uber or Ola(similar to Uber) to Agra but on the expensive side. Use this way(Uber/Ola) if you are in a group of more than 3 people.
Nearest Railway station:- Agra Cantt. 5-6km away

Bus stand:- Idgah bus stand 5-6 km away

*Direct flights are not available(min 17-20 hrs travel time) between New Delhi & Agra.

When to visit the golden triangle India?

Winter is the most comfortable and cheapest time to travel. North India gets very hot 40-45 degrees Celsius in summer. Avoid summer if possible but you’ll get some amazing photos due to the clear view of places like the Taj Mahal.

Where is the golden triangle India?

It’s located in the northern part of India.

The golden triangle of India tour?

You can book a tour package or travel on your own. You can easily get a guide at all the places. It’ll be cheaper and you’ll definitely get different experiences. Indians are welcoming and helpful people, so ask them whenever stuck. Most young generation here speaks English that is easy to communicate if you are a foreigner.

The golden triangle of India map?

All possible triangles in India here

How long golden triangle India?

750 km(470 miles) approx.

Vaccinations for golden triangle India?

Travel vaccines and advice for India here

30 USD to INR or Rupees?

Rs 2100(approx), subject to the exchange rate.

When was the Taj Mahal listed as a World Heritage Site?

The Taj Mahal besides the Yamuna river was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 for being “the jewel of Muslim(Mughal architecture) art in India. Also, entirely made from white marble imported from Rajasthan.

Entry fee to visit the Taj Mahal?

Foreigners:- 1300 Rupees, water bottle & coffee included.
Indians:- 50 Rupees, entry into Taj Mahal not allowed.
Indians:- 250 Rupees, entry into the Taj Mahal allowed.

Agra fort entry fee?

Forts fee as per nationality and age
a) Domestic/Indian Tourist:- Rs. 40/person
b) Foreign Tourist:- 550/person
c) Free entry for children below the age of 15 years

Where can you travel under 30?

You can easily travel the golden triangle in India for 30 USD/ 2000 INR,

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